Let me introduce myself,

My name is Rachael, I am 32 years old and maybe the most important and relevant characteristic of mine is the fact that I am a convinced dog lover.

Other than my agreeable identity which includes my human companions, I am sincerely joined to every one of my pets, as I have two canines, one feline, and a cute hamster.

From the soonest long stretches of my life, I was hypnotized by the manner in which we can communicate with creatures and I was contacted by their fantastically steadfast reaction to our friendship and mind.

I was constantly encompassed by creatures, as I always included myself in volunteering at different creature sanctuaries and neighborhood protect focuses.

Regardless of the astonishing knowledge I picked up from these exercises, I learned numerous critical exercises in pets preparing and I likewise took in an important exercise about creatures when all is said in done their actual companionship is worth substantially more than the greater part of us can envision.

This being said about me, I am here to underscore the significance of cherishing a pet/creature, as well as dealing with it and preparing it appropriately, and in particular, taking in the right method to do it.

Despite the fact that creatures can be our dearest companions, we ought to know that there is much information to be obtained about how to interface with them, how to prepare them, or even how to prep them.

This is exactly this blog’s aim- to present different experiences and valuable lessons that a dog lover needs to know.

Here at Digdoggy.com, you will be able to find important answers to your questions and you will also find a community that shares your love for dogs.

Don’t forget that having a pet is not as easy as some may think, and learning al the essential info is important for taking the best care of them.

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