The Ultimate Dog Lovers Best Accessories List

On the hunt for some new accessories? Great you’re I the right place, as today I’ll be sharing my top picks for every type of item you need in the kit. 

There’s even a little info at the end to help you with choosing the best items too! 

Here is a great list of the best dog accessories that can help make your dog happier and healthier.

dog accessories

Note: I’ll also share some of my personal favorites and give you some perfect reasons why they make a great addition to your dog. In many cases, I’ve given plenty of choices on the top picks that are cost-effective and make sense to have.

Come and see why you should add them to your list today.

The Best Dog Accessories Of 2021

Editor’s PicksBrand
Best Car Seat CoverActive Pets Dog Car Seat Cover
Best Poop bagEarth Rated Dog Poop bags
Best ID TagGo Tags Personalized Pet ID tag
Best pet feederRoffie Automatic food dispenser
Best Dog BlanketBone Dry’s Pet blanket

The best pet car seat covers 

Best Overall: Active Pets Dog Car Seat Cover

Top Pick
Dog Back Seat Cover Protector
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How often do you dread that trip to the vet or taking your dog somewhere and they’re not used to the car? We’ve all been there and sometimes accidents will happen.

No matter how much you try to prevent something like dog pee or something worse, there’s always a possibility. Now here’s a product I really have to say is impressive.

It fits right into your back seat or is used as a trunk liner. Active Pets Dog Car Seat Cover comes in two sizes that include a standard size and extra-large liner matt.

It’s made from waterproof cotton fabric and has a layer inside that keeps anything from soaking through. You can even throw your favorite dog blanket over the top to give it more comfortable for your dog.

If you take your dog anywhere, don’t hesitate to add this item to your trip.

Benefits you should know about

  • Has adjustable straps to fit over headrests
  • There are Velcro openings for pulling seat belts through
  • Can be cleaned with a spray hose outside or with a simple wet wipe towel
  • Made from a waterproof material that doesn’t soak up liquids
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty from the day you purchase this hammock liner

Runner Up: Lantoo dog seat cover

Runner Up
Lantoo Dog Seat Cover
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Not everyone has a grown dog and there is always a little puppy that is getting into trouble. Now, this is especially important if you decide to go on that weekend trip.

Lantoo dog seat cover allows you to convert your backseat into a little hammock safety zone. The side flaps that normally lay over the outside edge of the seats can be supported. These flaps hang from the fold-down hangers in your back seat.

This can further keep young dogs from scratching at the side windows when they jump up to see.

It cleans up in seconds since this material also resists liquids from soaking through and has Velcro slits for seatbelts and attaches to the backrest and headrest posts.

It’s fully adjustable for nearly any backseat. This design also has a built-in pocket for putting dog snacks or personal items.

Extra features you should know about:

  • Hammock design with zipping side flaps that form a basket-like dog rest area
  • Scratch resistant and also has a waterproof layer inside
  • Can be easily cleaned outside with a water hose and left to dry for big cleaning
  • Side flaps keep your dog or puppy from scratching at the side windows
  • Non-slip hammock design that stays put after you set it up in your backseat

Best Poop Bag: Earth Rated extra thick dog poop bags

Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags
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A problem I always seem to have when buying those bargain dog poop bags at the flea market is quality. Where the bottom seam matters most is where it fails the more often than not. There’s nothing like having a good and strong poop bag around.

These bags feature a fully recycled and manufactured with a lavender scent to eliminate nasty smells. Not only does this bag help the environment, but it also does a great job with dog poop too! 

They are strong durable and come in a pack of 120 bags, so they last a longer than most competitor bags of the same price range. 

Both poop and bag can even be composted if you want to go that far.

Earth Rated Dog Poop bags are pretty hefty for any size dog, but if you have big dogs; one bag is all you need. Even on a budget, one pack is enough for a couple of months.

Great features you need to know about:

  • Bags come in a lavender smell or odor-free green colored poop bags
  • Each bag measures 9″ x 13″, which is more than enough for any size dog
  • Bags can be recycled and composted in your home garden or tossed away
  • Each bag is 100% leak-proof and won’t be messy to use during doggy cleanups
  • Each bag is perforated to tear-off easily from the next

Best ID tag: Go Tags Personalized Pet ID tag

Automatic Cat Feeder, Roffie Dog Food Dispenser
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Small house dogs that can be left at home when you go to work will love the Roffie Automatic food dispenser. You set the timer and even record a message for them. It even works on batteries as a back-up if the power goes out.

This dispenser will last up to 4 days and works with a timer that allows you to feed at partiulcar times when you’re out. It has a sleek modern design that takes kibble, treats and anything dry that can fit inside the tank. 

More helpful features you should know:

  • Dispenser can feed your dog up to 4 times per day and you can set the amount too
  • Holds up to an incredible 29 cups of dry dog food (small kibble is best)
  • Allows you to record a 10-second message letting your dog know its chow time
  • Uses 3 D-cell batteries that will work in place of a power outage

Best dog blanket: Bone Dry Microfiber pet blanket

Bone Dry Embossed Bone Print Pet Blanket
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Bone Dry’s Pet blanket is great for keeping your pup snug and cozy during afternoon naps, trips in the car or out in a stroller if you have one. 

Whats more is that’s  its machine washable, 100% polyester and made from a manufacturer that puts the quality of pet products into their highest priority. 

The microfiber design comes in a variety of colors with a dog bone printed design on each of them. This is a great light weight blanket that can be thrown in the crate or taken out and about. 

More great features important to know:

  • Blankets are perfect for reducing any kind of dog scratching in cars or on couches
  • Total of 16 color options to choose from with 12 blue blanket choices too
  • Made from 100% polyester microfiber that is very absorbent for all liquids
  • Each blanket measures 36″ X 48″ in size and is suitable for all dog sizes

Best GPS pet tracker: Link AKC Smart Dog Collar with GPS

Theres nothing worst than thinking about what you “could have done” after its happened. Having a GPS tracker is like car insurance, only this is for your furry friend! 

How about tracking your dog’s fitness results to see how much exercise a day they’re getting? Now you can have that info and much more with the Link AKC Smart Dog Collar.

Here’s the best part, if you ever lose your dog at night, you can activate the LED collar light to spot your dog faster. It’s the ultimate dog collar system that does so much more than just track your dog.

Here are more amazing features this product has:

  • App can be connected to a nationwide database to track your dog anywhere in the US
  • App can also be connected with your vet to include your dog’s medical history
  • You can use this app to aid with training
  • Collar provides temperature alerts and GPS signals for connectivity strengths

Best bath towel: One Dry DII Microfiber Dog Towel

Bone Dry Embroidered Pet Towel
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Just like the dog blanket, Bone dry’s Micfriber Dog towel provides excellent absorbant facilities. This can be used as a blanket since it is very soft, and I know it’s made from soft microfibers.

This towel is designed with a polyester fiber and cotton mixture thats suitable for any occasion. Maybe a trip to the beach? Or after a bath, either way it will never fail to please. 

I like to use these towels on long car trips for accidents and spills. It also makes a great doggy towel for laying and resting.

There are 12 beautiful colors to choose from that are simple, clean and easily washed. 

More helpful feature info about these towels:

  • Towels measure 44 inches long by 27.5 inches wide for a basic beach towel size
  • 12 different colors to select and each color may have a solid or striped pattern
  • Material is a combination of polyester fiber and cotton blend for better absorbing
  • Machine washable 

Best pet camera: Conico Wireless HD Security Camera for Pets

Pet Camera, Security Camera Conico 1080P HD
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I know what you’re thinking, now what do I need a wireless camera for my dog for? Who are you fooling, I’m a dog owner and I can’t always be at home! But my smartphone does have that ability to see what these little monsters are up to.

Not only that, but you also get two-way audio, up and down tilt, and left and right views. Try doing that with your nanny cam? Oh yea, did I forget that this has night vision with an automatic infrared light beam.

To top it all off, the Conico Wireless HD Security Camera also works using Alexa to tell it where to turn and what to look at.

You get peace of mind that your pup is safe and sound by being able to checkup whenever you like. 

Here are more amazing features you get with this camera:

  • Sound detection and motion tracking
  • Built-in noise-canceling mic so you can have direct communication
  • Works from 2.4G WiFi, so connectivity is assured even if you have an older smartphone
  • Video footage can be stored on the Conico cloud storage until you download it

Best dog water bottle: Lesotc Water Bottle for Dogs with 2 travel bowl

Pet Water Bottle for Dogs 2 in 1 Drinking Cup Dispenser
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These food-grade silicone bowls allow you to set-up water and food to the size according to your dog size. How neat is that? Plus you get all the convenience of having your dog bottle to take on hikes, runs, walks or long trips. 

The design features collapsing bowls that can be easily stored with a foldable bottle that is BPA free. Ontop you’ll find a rotatable buckle thats designed to avoid water becoming polluted. Its safe, lightweight and holds up to 18oz of water to equip you for just about nay trip in mind. 

More helpful features that you should hear about:

  • Drinking bowls and top section of the drinking cup are food-grade silicone
  • Bottle is BPE free plastic and comes in 18oz or 20oz bottles
  • Silicone bowls pop-open to become larger bowls for food and water
  • Eeach water bottle comes with a wrist strap and keychain holder
  • Can be attached to a backpack for easier carrying

Best Dog bandana: Unique Style Paws Dog Bandana

Unique style paws Dog Bandana
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A dog always looks funny wearing a bandana, at least around their neck. But what a great way to give some character to your pet!

These bandanas give any pup the X-factor with a great style to jazz up any pup for a pic. 

Some owners like to spray their bandanas with dog pheromones when you take them to the park. It usually does the trick at calming them down. Sometimes they can be useful on hot days and you can wet them down to keep them cool.

Whatever the reason, Unique Style Paws Dog Bandanas come in colorful colors and a variety of colors too!

More features that you should know: 

  • 9 different colors to select from and all have great patterns
  • Made from 100% cotton blend so they hold water very nicely
  • Small is 16″ x 16″, and the large is 21″ x 21″ so these fold up very easily
  • Perfectly suited for machine washing and line drying

Best dog cooling vests: RUFFWEAR Swamp Cooler Evaporating Dog Vest

RUFFWEAR - Swamp Cooler Evaporative Dog Cooling Vest
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Its not always conveneint to find shade, and if you live in a hot climate then a cooling vest may be the solution youve been looking for .

The RUFFWEAR Cooling Vest holds just enough water to evaporate over time and works in response to the motion of your dog. This means, the more thy move around, the more cool the vest will become. Almost like a counter effect to compensate for the additional heat during movement. 

Nigh qalking is made easy too, as theres a reflective trim to help with visibility in the dark. The vest also has quick-release snaps to get your dog in and out quickly. It even has a slot for threading the harness loop through on the upper back.

More great features to know about:

  • Doesn’t need machine washing, just rinse with soap and water and hand dry
  • Total of 6 different sizes to fit all size dogs
  • Safety strip is super visible at night
  • Holds water using 3 different layers of fabric to keep your dog cooler

What to consider


Every product from every retailer is always classed as “the best” in the eyes of their business. But how do you spot the fakes from the real or find the products that will work for years to come? 

A few things I always look for are: 

  • Country of manufacture
  • Customer Reviews 
  • Materials used 

How is it packed, how does it feel? Is the material thick or flimsy?

You should also look for a product that is backed with quality standards. Does it have all the safety approvals and electrical standards covered?

Online retailers like Amazon make this super easy to retrieve this information. So be sure to see hat others say, as its usually the best indicator of a bad item. 


Making sure that what you buy lasts is essential. Whilst you cant forecast how long something will last, there are certainly a few step you can take to anticipate wether it will. 

Always check materials used to manufacture, wether its a credible company and other customers reviews to gauge wether an item will be durable. 

After that, its an educated decision and a buy to see how it works out. Just because it didn’t work for someone else does not mean t wont work for you. 


First thing to do with any new item is assess how your pup takes to it. Give it a few weeks and see how they get on. An effective product will always encourage some level of learning for your dog whilst others are just simply what they’re called “accessories”. 

Some extreme cases can effect your dogs behavior, which means if your pup doesn’t like wearing his new scarf, then let fido be! 

Interactive abilities

Toys and accessories that provide interactive capabilities all help your dog to learn and remain stimulated. If you’re the type that heads of to work for the day or leaves fido at home for a few hours, then taking this into consideration is essential when buying. 

In most cases, you’ll find that pet feeders and cameras will offer this functionality. 


Make your pups accessories fun. It doesn’t have to be boring and nor does it have to be for you. Try to get something that encourages you to take part. Or it could be a great way to get the family involved too.

Clicker training provides opportunity for this type of engagement.  

Be sure to factor in all thoughts when buying your dog a new item to use in the house. 


There you have it! All the top dog equipment that you need whether you’re a new or current pet parent. Thi list provides top items that we believe are best for your dog to have a fun enjoyable yet functional experience with. 

Did we miss anything? Let us know via the contact page and well get it added to the list! to read more guides, check out our supplies page.  

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