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5 Best crates for a Golden Retriever (Sizing & Training guide)

dog in crate

A few weeks back I was on the hunt for a new crate for my 14month old golden retriever. It wasn’t long before I quickly realized that is was so difficult to find the right size & materials to best suit my dog. 

Sure there were lots of forums with information and what else. But I couldn’t seem to get the exact answers, so I set out to find out all of the above and share the answers with you today. 

That leads me to this post. After researching for hours upon end on the internet and making a few calls to other parents that also own golden retrievers too, I was able to narrow down to a few crates the best suit a golden retriever. 

Whether you own a puppy or an adult dog, then your bound to find this resource useful as I’ll be taking you through sizes to choose, materials, pros and cons and crate training your dog too. 

Stick around as there’s a ton of useful tips that I’m sure you’re going to leave with. 

The best crates for golden retrievers this year

If you’re in a hurry then be sure to check out my quick list below of the best crates for your golden retriever. Each of them is available to purchase on Amazon and has been selected specifically for this breed too. 

However, if you’re looking for some in-depth reviews on each, then be sure to keep on reading to find out all the inside details on each of them. 

How to choose the right sized crate

Probably the most important step to buying your dog a new crate is going to be making sure that you’re buying the right size. There are tons of crates available on the market and to say the least, it gets a little confusing when you don’t know what you should be looking out for. 

To give you a better idea I’ve got a few tips that will help you to understand what the right size crate will be for your dog. 

TIP:  A crate should be tall enough that your dog can sit up without bumping their heads on the roof of the crate. On the flip side, a crate should also be wide enough that your dog can lay down with their legs stretched out and still have at least 4 inches of space away from the sidewalls.

A full-grown adult golden retriever will grow up to heights of 22 to 2 inches with a potential weight of 75lbs. 

Here’s a table that goes through crate sizes for golden retrievers of all ages. 

[insert table with age and crate sizes of golden retrievers] 

How to measure your dog for a crate 


There are 2 main ways to measure your dog to determine the right size crate for them. In the above image A, the dog is sitting upright and requires an additional 4 inches above head height for a near-perfect sized crate. 

The second image on the right-hand side illustrates a dog standing on all fours, which is the position you’re going to want your dog to measure length. Your dog should be able to stand inside of the crate with an additional 4 inches to the front in order to have enough room to be comfortable. 

What size fits a puppy retriever? 

For a puppy retriever, you’ll want to do things a slight bit different. To save yourself having to upgrade the carte another 3 or 4 times in the near future, you can instead buy a crate that is fit for an adult dog and then downsize it with a divider. 

For this, I recommend going for a 42” crate and a divider to be on the safe side. This way you’ll be guaranteed to have enough room for your puppy to sleep in now and then grow into as an adult later on. 

However, if you are prepared to buy several crates throughout the time of your dog’s life, then I recommend following the steps above to measure your pup and then buy a crate that is suitably sized. 

How to choose the right crate for you and your dog 

This was a problem that I faced myself. I knew what size I needed but then I was faced with the issue of style and use as I travel at least 3 times a year to other states. 

The best way to determine this is to evaluate: 

  • Where you will place the crate
  • How many dogs you’re going to need it for
  • How long you expect to keep it for 
  • What the weather is like where you live 
  • Any health conditions of your dog 

Once you got that answered you’ll know exactly what type of material and style of the crate that will be best suited for you and your dog. 

To help you with narrowing it down to just a few crates I’ve got a few tips for you to read through in the next section. This will explain what materials are best suited for what uses and pros and cons to each. 

Understanding the different types of crates

Below I have listed 5 of the most common types of crates along with their uses below each subheading. 

Wire Crates 

This type of crate is usually the first that comes to mind when thinking of buying a new carte for a golden retriever or any large breed dog at that. They make a great option for warm climates as the design allows the crate to be breathable for your dog. 

You’ll also find that most wire crates come with a removable tray in the base This can prove to be pretty helpful when attempting to clean out any loose hair caused by your dog shedding.

Plastic crates 

This particular type of crate is great for traveling and keeping your dog warm during cold weather. Because the design is a lot more enclosed you’ll find it to be a little more secure in comparison to a wire crate. 

Being someone that travels a whole heap, I make sure to keep a plastic crate as part of my essential kit. This type has a den crate that has a nice and cozy feel to it for your dog and will ensure that you can take your pup along with you wherever you go. 

Soft crates 

From researching, I found that golden retrievers don’t do well with soft crates. One of the main reasons being that soft crates cannot withstand a golden retriever chewing. 

For the most part, you’ll find that soft crates are best suited for smaller dog breeds that don’t have the capability of chewing through the material. The only time you would even need to consider a soft crate for a golden retriever would be purely based on transportation. 

They are great to travel with and easily stored but definitely not a crate that will stand the test of time with this breed. 

Sturdy crates 

This type of crate is sturdy as it says in the name. They’re super easy to clean and very durable, so you won’t have to worry about your dog escaping. 

Unfortunately, this type of crate does come with a price tag which makes it a crate that sits out of most people’s budget. However, if you are planning on keeping this crate for a long time, then it may be well worth the investment. 

Aesthetic Crates

The kind of crates is pleasing to look at as you’ll find they have the nicest designs and most unique materials that they are made with. 

However, whilst they look great, this is not the type of crate that I would recommend for a golden retriever as they have proven to not hold up against large dogs that can chew. 

Funny enough, this is probably a crate that you will see used with golden retrievers in stock images the most. Not totally sure why that is, but hey, if you’ve got a dog as good looking as a golden retriever then it’s to no surprise why they would use them for advertisement. 

5 Best crates for golden retrievers 

In this section, I’ll be taking you through the top 5 crates that I found to be the best for a golden retriever. Each of them has been researched thoroughly and have made it to the list because they are not only suitable for your dog, but will also provide benefits to specific circumstances too. 

I’ve added a quick tip to each heading that will help you to understand which crate best fits each specific purpose. In doing so, I hope that you’ll be able to make a clear and easy decision as to what crate is best for you. 

So without any further ado, I give you the 5 best crates for a golden retriever. 

1. New World Folding Metal Dog Crate – Best crate for goldens 

new world dog crate

First on the list is the new world folding metal crate. I believe this to be the best carte on the list for a few reasons that stood out to me from the others for a golden retriever. 

It’s a weird crate that can be easily stored away or taken on a trip to anywhere that you go. I love the fact that this crate has such a simple design whilst covering almost every feature you could possibly want in a crate. 

It has a single door and measures 42L x 30W x 28H which makes it the perfect size for a golden retriever. You’ll have no issues with putting it up too, as the majority of customers report that it took them less than 5 minutes to get this up for the first time. 

The bottom also has some cool little rollers that make it easy to move the crate around your home. 

This is a tough crate that does what it says on the tin, which is why I made this the no1 crate that I recommend on this list. 

Here are a few pros and cons to give you a better idea as to what it an offer: 


  • Easy to put up and fold down 
  • Easy to clean (has a removable bottom tray) 
  • Secure 
  • Best suited for most climates 
  • Easy to open and close 
  • Easy to transport 


  • A little weak against strong dogs 

To be honest this crate has far more pros than cons. But there’s a reason that it made it to an amazon choice product. That’s because it’s a good rate for a good price that will do exactly what you need in most cases. But don’t take my word for it, check out what others on amazon are saying too. 

2. MidWest Dog Crate, Dog Crate Cover, 2 Dog Bowls & Pet Bed – Best bundle deal 

 MidWest iCrate Starter Kit

This is another crate that is built to best suit a golden retriever. The difference with this to the first on the list is that it comes with a whole lot more for what you pay. 

As the title says it comes with a large crate, crate cover, 2 dog bowls, and a pet bed too. And no, you don’t get any hidden prices that you pay after, you get all of the above mentioned in the set price on Amazon. 

What makes this crate good is the fact that it comes with a large double door that makes it super easy to get your dog in and out of it. Not to mention that this would be a great bonus when crate training your dog as getting them in and out can be a hassle. 

The cover that comes with the crate is good for helping your dog to sleep at night and the bed will provide a little comfort inside too. 

It’s a strong wire crate that has a simple but effective design and comes with everything you need in one. 


42 L x 30 W x 28 H


36 lbs

Check out a few pros and cons to this crate that I’ve listed below: 


  • Comes with everything you need 
  • Removable tray and bed 
  • Great size 
  • Easy to transport and fold away 
  • Simple to put up 
  • Great value for money 


  • A few sharp edges can be found in some places 

It’s not often that you find a deal like this that actually comes with a bunch of good quality products to back it up. Customers have left amazing reviews on this product and I am a full supporter, to say the least. It’s definitely worth taking a look at if you’re looking for an all in one bundle that will get the job done. 

3. Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Indoor and Outdoor Crate – Best soft crate 

 Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Indoor and Outdoor Crate

This is just about one of the only soft crates I would recommend you consider for a golden retriever.

A few reasons include the fact that this is pretty easy to assemble, can be used indoors and out, comes in multiple sizes and is manufactured by a company with great customer service. 

With most softbox crates you’ll find that they are super hard to install and come with complicated instruction manuals that just never seem to make sense. Not only that but they are usually also made with materials that can easily be chewed through by a large dog like a golden retriever. 

However, I have not found that to be the case with this dog crate. 

There are customers that have shared after owning this crate for a period of 6 years long, that it’s still going strong like the day they bought it. Whilst that might be a stretch of words I certainly think that it has a few great benefits to offer. 


32″ H x 28″ W x 42″ L


11.56 lbs (can hold pets up to 90lbs) 

To help you make an easy decision, here are a few pros and cons to check out: 


  • Great for traveling 
  • Machine washable covers 
  • Durable for this type of crate 
  • Lightweight 


  • Has new plastic smell that can be off-putting 
  • The material can wear over time 

If you’re absolutely sure that your going to buy a soft crate then this will be your best bet. Too often I see soft crates that wind up being a bad choice for a golden retriever, but If I had to recommend any, then it would be this one. 

4. PARPET Heavy Duty Empire Dog Crate – Toughest dog crate 

 PARPET Heavy Duty Empire

In most cases, you are not going to need a crate like this, but if you find yourself needing something that’s almost invisible, then here’s your answer. 

This prison-like crate is built for commercial use or a dog that just seems to escape from every other crate that you’ve tried. It’s made with strengthened steel and powder coated to prevent sharp edges. 

There’s a removable steel pan underneath and the whole crate comes on wheels for easy transportation. Whilst you may be able to get this into the next room, it certainly not the type of crate that you would need if you plan on moving around. 

Instead, its a set it and forget it type crate that will do the job for most probably the rest of the time you have on this planet. 

Whilst it’s a heavy-duty crate, I must say it still has a pretty nice finish. After reading the reviews on amazon I was able to find a few customers that shared some images of this crate in their home “and it actually doesn’t look too bad”. 


41″ H x 30″ W x 42″ L


92 lbs 

I’ve listed out a few pros and cons that you should check out too: 


  • Near impossible to escape from 
  • Will hold up against the toughest chewers 
  • Safe and secure 
  • Crate for life 
  • Lockable wheels to stop movement 


  • Customers have reported a long wait on shipping

What a beast of a crate here you have. If you’ve experienced a dog that seems to escape anything and everything or has managed to damage all previous crates, then here is your savior. You will never have to worry about it again, you can also see what others are saying on Amazon about this tank of a crate. 

5. Gelinzon Heavy Duty Dog Cage Crate – Big and tough crate 

Gelinzon Heavy Duty Dog Cage Crate

Just like the crate listed above, this is another toughened steel extra strong heavy duty dog crate.

It has been recently modified with a roof door that can be used to help your dog getting in and out over the top. 

I believe this was installed because of customers complaining that the main dor being too small. So now you’re presented with the option of 2 doors be it going through the roof or through the side gate as normal. 

It’s a rust and corrosion-resistant design which is good if you intend on using this crate outdoors. And with the powdered finish, you’ll have no problems with cleaning this tank, as there’s enough space to get around it very easily. 


45.3″H x 30.3″W x 45.3″L


103 lbs

To sum it up, here are a few pros and cons: 


  • Easy to clean 
  • Super strong and tough 
  • Easy to roll and move 
  • Spacious design 
  • Good for in and outdoors 
  • Lockable wheels and removable under trays 


  • Small main door 
  • Customers have reported package as coming damaged 

Last but not least is this tough, durable beast of a crate that has been designed to stop any dog from escaping. Whilst I think this is a great option if you’re looking for a tough crate, I do honest;y believe that no4 on this list is a whole lot better for the price. On that note, I’ll leave you to make the decision. 

How to crate train your golden retriever 

I’ve shared a quick video that you can watch that will help with crate training your golden once you’ve got the crate. 

But if you’re looking for an in-depth step by step guide, then I suggest you check out my post that covers everything there is to know about crate training a golden retriever. You can read it here. 


To wrap this up I’ll leave it on a note that if you’re going to buy a crate that will last the test of time for a golden retriever. Then you’re going to need a wire crate that is at least 42”.

This kind of crate is easy to fold down and simple to install whilst covering everything that you’ll need. Just be sure to give your dog the right training once you have the carte so they can use it effectively and get a good night’s sleep. 

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