What is the best shock collar for golden retriever bad behavior?

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You may have recently come to the decision that your dogs barking or running out the yard has gotten to the point where you need to take action.

Because of this behavior, you are now considering a shock collar to see if this will help to control your pup. Well, it certainly isn’t a bad idea but there are a few things that you may want to consider looking at before buying.

Ultimately, it’s totally up to you on what you decide will be best for your pup, so I am purely here to just lay out the option for you. So that way, you can make a clear decision on what you think is best and whether you still feel its the route you would like to go down.

Some of you reading this may be just curious to know more about what this is whilst others maybe just looking to buy. If you already know what a shock collar is then continued down to the bottom of the page where I have the best-listed shock collars on Amazon.

But if you’re new to this then continue reading as the next section will cover exactly what shock collars are and how they operate too.

Best Listed Dog Collars This year

What is a dog shock collar?

A shock collar is a dog collar with an electronic device placed inside of a box attached to the collar. This type of collar uses an electric shock of varying intensity to control an animal’s behavior. You will commonly find these used with dogs as this is a highly practiced method used to train dogs too. A shock collar can also be referred to as an (e collar, training collar, zap collar or electronic collar) which essentially all mean the same thing.

How do shock collars work?

Shock collars first came around back in the 1960s of where they were used to train hunting dogs. Nowadays they are used more commonly for household dogs as it can be a great way to control and unwanted behavior from your dog.

Shock collars are by no means used to punish your dog, so you will not have to worry about any long lasting physical damage to them. The idea is more to trigger a certain connection between a bad activity or action with a shock to remind them that it isn’t good.

After a while of using a shock collar, you will notice that your dog will no longer need the shock, as they will have already remembered the result of the intended action.

Every dog collar that is sold across the internet must first be administered to make sure that it is legally within set requirements to avoid any harm to your pup. In other words its totally safe to use a collar if that is what you are deciding to do.

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Operations and adjustments

You will find that every shock collar comes with an adjustable buckle so that you can use it on a small dog to big large dogs too. Most good collars will also come with an option to adjust the intensity to varying levels so that you can make the adjustment accordingly to suit your circumstance.

For example, you may have a certain button that you press for a little shock if you find that they are going through garbage again. But if they are running away to a place that is potentially dangerous then you may use a different button to stop them right in their tracks.

There are many different options that can be adjusted for different actions but I’m sure you get the point.

Similar products to shock collars

You may find similar products that also go by the name of boundary training which is used to set boundaries of how far your dog can go. This would be a suitable method used for a dog that continuously runs out the backyard or down the street and so on.

Depending on your situation will determine what option you tend to look at, but by reading this post you will be able to make a clear decision on what options are best.

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How does the collar shock exactly?

So the way that the shock is passed through to your dog is by electricity (on a small scale) being passed through 2 metal prongs or vibration. This will be the part that is inside the collar and in full contact with your dog’s neck, leg or wherever you place the collar.

Keep in mind that shock collars for the leg are not what we are discussing today in this post. But I will have the best neck collars for you on the market here that I provide you a full review on later in this post.

Another option that you have with shock collars is the option to control excessive barking. So if your out of the house and your dog never seems to stop barking then the collar will respond to the vibration of their bark, which will then give them a small shock to stop.

Some collars come with a remote control whilst others work with 2 options. 1 is a standard remote and the other being an electronic reader that is placed in the yard to ensure if your dog crosses a certain point they are stopped.

baby golden retriever with collar

Why would you need a shock collar for your golden retriever?

If you find that your dog’s behavior has been recently getting to the point of ‘out of control’ then you may want to look at a shock collar as a viable option. For most dogs that use this, they have usually pushed their parents over the edge on several occasions causing more danger and harm than good.

This is not to say that this is just for bad dogs as this can also be used for training purposes too. Some of the most common problems that parents experience that cause them to look at this kind of options include:

  • Barking
  • Growling
  • Fighting
  • Running away
  • not listening to instructions
  • Going through the trash
  • Digging
  • Chasing others or dog
  • Biting
  • Jumping up on people
  • Training purposes

The list could go on forever, but I’m sure you get the idea. So if you are finding that you are experiencing any of the above, then you may want to look into buying a collar.

Next, we will go through some of the pros of having a shock collar as I’m sure you have already heard a lot of negative stuff about them before. But its good to look at both sides of the coin to get a truly honest view and decide what is best from there…

things to know about shock collars

6 things you should know about shock collars

1. Adjustable: If you find yourself a good shock collar or go for any of the ones I have listed below, then you will see that they are easily adjustable. This means that you can adjust the level of intensity that is given out and connected to different actions.

That means if its something like just going through the trash, then you might have a little shock. But running down the street might have a little more kickback in order to really get your pup to hold their horses.

2. Hands-off or hands-on: the great part about collars is that you can set them to respond automatically too in the event of a certain activity. Or you can set them up with a hub that responds to distance. So if your dog goes wondering of then the trigger will cause them to rethink.


You may want to be really careful about how often you leave your dog alone with a shock collar on though, as its good for you to be a second pair of eyes.

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3. Reasonably priced

Trying to get in a professional trainer could cost you upwards of thousands over time. With this option, you are never spending more than a few hundred dollars and you can be sure that the problem will get fixed.

The usual range for shock collars will go from about $25 to $300, so you are not really breaking the bank by purchasing a new collar like this at all. Some even come within that price with all 3 option of controlling your dog such as (distance, barking & remote control).

4. Fast-acting

Most owners have reported that it doesn’t even take long for shock collars to start working. So you may find that it only takes a few months before you no longer need to use it.

Of course, this will depend totally on how severe your dog’s behavior is and how stubborn they really are. But in most cases, you will find that a few shocks will do the trick and then you can return to not having to use it any time soon.

5. A great investment

Its good to look at this as an investment as if you ever find that you need it again, then you will have it there too use. And if any friends or family have a dog that could use this then you can pass it on after.

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A few cons to a shock collar

Now there is no good in making this one-sided as to every positive there is also, unfortunately, a negative.

It’s just your job to look at how large the downside is so that you can be sure you are still making the right choice. So here I will go through a few things that may be negative for using a collar and how to overcome them if need be.

Electrical shock

Knowing that you have to command an electrical shock through your dog’s body can be a very uncomfortable thought. But one thing you need to really bear in mind is that the collar has been tested and manufactured to do this job with minimal discomfort to your dog.

That means that when you are shocking them it is only enough to deter them away from a certain type of action. So you can rest assured that they are in good hands when you use this type of correction for their behavior.


If you are ever out of the house and your dog is experiencing overcorrecting in the device, then you may not be there to stop it. This Means they may be receiving excessive shocking or discomfort that could cause them to become distressed.

This is something I highly look out for when reviewing this type of product. And with both of the 2 I have listed below, you can be sure that you will not get this problem.

A way to completely make sure that your dog never has to experience such things is to simply make sure that you are always there when they have on the collar. That means that if you are out then you should remove the collar and find a suitable environment for them to stay in.

But again this will be totally down to you as most people leave them with no problems, so you will have to decide on that for yourself.

3 dogs including a golden

How to make it a good experience

One thing that collars cannot do, reward your dog for their good behavior. So this is where you can come in and make sure that you give them a treat for each time they do something good.

For example, if you find that every time you go to the park your dog tends to run off chasing the foxes. And then with the collar, they have recently seems to stop doing that action.  Then every time you go to the park and they don’t do it. You should give him/her a treat to let them know that they did something good.

This will not only make the collar a good experience for their training, but it will also allow them to make a positive connection with certain actions and rewards. So let’s get into where you can buy a shock collar and what collar you should buy.

Where can you buy a shock collar?

A great place to find collars that have this option is Amazon. There, you will find some of the most reputable companies listing their collars on this site. And you will also be able to see the most important thing, which is the reviews from others.

This is how you can be sure that the product your buying is a good fit for your dog. As more often than not, somebody else with the same breed will have already purchased the same product you are looking at.

And that way you can get an honest opinion on how it worked out for them. Whilst this does not mean it will go the same way for you, it’s still important to get a good view of how it’s performing with others.

Here’s a link to the best-listed shock collars on Amazon now.

The best shock collar for golden retriever control

The 2 shock collars that I have listed below are the 2 best shock collar for golden retriever behavior that I have found on the market. They both have varying functionalities but the biggest difference between the 2 is the fact that they are completely different in price.

But I always love to say in life that ‘you get what you pay for’ and that’s true for the most part as cheaper products usually don’t end up lasting long or working as well. However, for the purpose of this post, you can be sure that both products are good for their prices.

1. D.T. Systems – R.A.P.T 1400 Series Remote Control Dog Training Electric Shock Collar

shock collar kit image


  • This comes with a remote transmitter and a receiver collar that works in conjunctions with one another. So when you press the button, the collar will send out a small vibration or shock to your dog in order to prevent them from doing the action.
  • There is a 1400 yard reach for the internal antenna so you can be sure they will not get too far away from you without being able to control the collar.
  • 16 intensity levels have been built in so that you can set the right level of intensity for each activity
  • Variable settings for vibrations or shock (so you don’t have to use the shock as you can just send vibrations too)
  • 7” to 22” neck fit with an adjustable collar so you can be sure that this will fit your dog
  • Waterproof and floating transmitter so that it can never get lost in the water
  • Rechargeable with around 10 -12 days of excessive use available
shock collar remote control

The remote

The hand remote will allow you to strap it to your hand so that you can use all the functions available. Overall this is very easy to use and the owner’s manual is just as good to correct any areas where you may be unsure.

There are 3 different options of grips that you can use for this product so that you have the best comfortable position with it at all times. Click here to see more details on this. You can also add 2 or 3 dogs to one remote so that you can have multiple dogs under control at once.

actual shock collar

The collar

This collar is very strong and durable with a nice slick design. You can also get additional collars for multiple dogs over on Amazon. The additional collars come in green and black which are both appealing to the eye.

Both are adjustable for a 7’ to 22’ dog so even if you have the hulk on a leash I’m sure you should be fine.

Summary of the  D.T. Systems shock collar

Overall this is a fantastic product with many varying functionalities to suit your needs. This is why I placed this product at no1 on this review.

2. Bousnic Dog Training Collar

breakdown image of collar

See this product on Amazon

The remote

The remote is the most simple design to use which makes it super easy to understand what each function does. The chock feature has an icon of a thunderbolt and the sound has a bell and the vibrator has a vibration image.

This is definitely for those of you who are not looking for anything fancy but more for something just does the job. The remote is rechargeable which takes about 2 -3 hours to fully charge which should then give you about 10 to 15 days of playtime. That’s a very long time, to be honest.

You can increase the level of intensity by just pressing the up (+) or down (-) buttons on the side of the remote which will then show you the increments on screen.  

2nd dog collar review image


  • 3 training modes are available with this product that allows you to shock, vibrate and sound of the collar. This way you can start low and increase intensity as you need it.
  • There are 16 levels of intensity for shock and 8 levels for vibration so that you can adjust the right shock for each activity.
  • 15 to 20 days of playtime use after the 3-hour charge so you won’t have to worry about taking the collar off and on excessively.
  • This product has a 330-yard range so that you can train in the yard or a local park too with no worry about your dog getting out of reach.
  • A 1-year warranty is also offered by the vendor so if you have any problems then you can return the item with no questions asked.
collar on a golden

The collar

The collar is completely waterproof so you can take your dog out for a swim and still be sure that collar will still work. It has been made from nylon so it has strong durability with a 0 to 27” length. This will definitely fit any golden on the planet.

This product also comes with an instruction manual but I highly doubt you will need it as this is so simple to use. Overall this collar is of great quality with a good fit for all dogs.


This article gives you the best shock collar information on the market today. From what the pros and cons are to having a shock collar to showing you the best products that you can find current online.

Shock collars are a great cheap option to use for dogs that need a little extra training. Make sure to check out a recent post on dog training for more information on managing your dog’s behavior.

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