How To Groom A Boykin Spaniel ( 9-Simple steps)

Want to know how to groom a Boykin Spaniel?

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Not grooming a dog with curly hair like this could result in excessive mats and tangled that prove to be impossible to get out. 

beautiful boykin spaniel with nicely groomed ears

In this guide, you will learn:

  • What materials you will need for grooming your Boykin Spaniel
  • How to prepare for grooming your Boykin Spaniel
  • Precautions to take when grooming

And much more!

What's In This Guide?

      What Do You Need To Know About Grooming A Boykin Spaniel?

      It’s important to brush and comb in the direction that you want the dog’s hair to grow in. 

      That way it will lay flat once you’re done in the way (direction) that you think looks best. Brushing with an undercoat rake is recommended to do when your dog is in the tub to avoid hair getting everywhere. 

      Boykins are supposed to have very angulated and muscular shoulders, so your grooming should aim to emphasize this shape around these particular areas. 

      This is achieved by stripping the hair out more in this area that will reveal more definition of muscle underneath.

      The goal should essentially be to strip out the undercoat and leave the undercoat that is also known as carding and helps to leave Boykins with a nice shiny coat. 

      This process should take you no longer than 30 mins to complete. 

      Consider the type of activity this dog will be undertaking as paw pads on hunting dogs should not be stripped right down as they will need some protection in the field from rocks and sticks. 

      Because, if the pads were totally naked, they would get stuck in the paws that would hurt. 

      How do You ensure a smooth finish? 

      Stripping the undercoat out before you start grooming will give a nice smooth natural-looking finish with no choppy or whiskey surfaces. 

      Unlike a cocker spaniel, Boykins has a really carved out face that in most cases does not need trimming. 

      The hair right on top of their head should also not be removed as it does serve a purpose. But you can take a pair of thinning shears and neaten up unwanted hair under the eye area. 

      If you have a Boykin that doesn’t have the correct head structure (twice the length of their muzzle) then a quick and easy way to build up the head would be to leave hair on the side of the head. 

      Keep in mind that you’re grooming a working dog that you should not use any kind of scent on them as this can affect their ability to perform in the field. 

      If you want the dog to appear wider, then you can leave more hair on the outer sides of the back legs to better shape its appearance.  

      How Often Should You Groom Your Boykin Spaniel?

      Boykins will require bathing once a month, their coats trimmed every two months and their hair brushed once a week.

      Nails should be trimmed when they are noticeably longer and can be heard scratching on hard surfaces. 

      Teeth surprisingly should be brushed daily just like us humans. 

      Ears can be cleaned whenever you see a buildup inside the ear canal. 

      Supplies You’ll Need For Grooming A Boykin Spaniel:

      • Dog Brush
      • Thinning shears 
      • Chunkers (for the body) 
      • Tear-Free Shampoo
      • Dog Conditioner
      • Dog Clippers 
      • Dog Tub (optional) 
      • Wahl 2 (8mm) guard 
      • Ear Cleaning Solution For Dogs
      • Cotton Ball
      • Nail Clipper For Dogs
      • Nail Grinder
      • Dog Toothbrush
      • Scissors
      • Wash Cloth or Sponge

      How to Groom A Boykin Spaniel ( 9-Simple steps)

      Here are the steps for grooming a Boykin Spaniel:

      1. Shampoo and condition
      2. Brush Hair
      3. Dry Fur
      4. Rake out the undercoat 
      5. Trim paw pads
      6. Skim Down The Body 
      7. Clean Ears
      8. Clip Nails
      9. Brush Teeth

      Step 1: Shampoo And Condition 

      Put your Boykin in the tub with a bit of comfortable, lukewarm water. Wet their hair slowly with your hands. 

      Apply tear-free shampoo to the entire body including the tail, paws, legs, and head. Avoid his eyes, nose, and mouth.

      Rinse off and then apply the conditioner. You can also use a shampoo with conditioner in one that will save some time of doing both separately. 

      Because this breed has curly hair, it’s far better to brush out the mats and tangles when their hair is wet. 

      Step 2: Brush Your Boykin Spaniel’s Hair

      Use a brush and slowly go through your Boykin’s fur.

      Avoid areas that are tangled or matted for the moment. You can work on those later. If you are grooming him for the first time, start with a few calm brush strokes and then give him a treat, and repeat.

      Next, use an undercoat rake to remove undercoat hair and leave an outercoat that will help to give the perfect finish. 

      Remove more hair from the areas you want to reveal muscle or definition in. 

      Step 3: Dry Fur

      Towel dry your Boykin and then use the hairdryer on a low heat setting, just to get them dry. Restrain with a leash and harness if needed to keep them in place! 

      Step 4: Rake out the undercoat 

      Use the undercoat rake to go through and strip out any wispy hair. 

      Start with the topline and then go down the sides. 

      Move onto the neck and then keep a tab on any other parts you cant get to with the rake so you can clipper it off later. 

      Finish with behind the ears as this area tends to get very tangled.

      Step 5: Trim Paw Pads 

      Focus on one paw at a time. 

      Brush the hair on the paw up (in the reverse direction) to flare up the hair on the foot.  

      Using a clipper, trim the paw in the reverse direction to remove the excess flared-up hair. Go straight up the foot with it and try to get as much of the toes as possible. 

      This technique works on any type of spaniel. 

      Step 6: Skim down the body 

      Using your clippers, attach the Wahl 2 comb (8mm) guard. 

      It’s about the equivalent of a 4, but it leaves a much nicer/smoother finish. Start at the hip and come down the foreleg. 

      Do not dig in and do not go apply too much pressure. Just let the clippers flow through. This dog does have a pattern but it’s very subtle. 

      Come down the shoulder and open all of that up. do not go down the chest, just stick to coming straight down the shoulder blade. 

      This will ensure you don’t get a choppy finish. 

      You can use the thinning shears to target the topline for finishing. (note: you want their neck and topline to be level with each other). 

      Leave the feathering on the back which can be scissored off later. 

      Trim down any other parts (i.e. neck, chest, behind the ears) that you want to define or has extra longer than ordinary hair. For the chest, you can come down the breast bone and clip in a pattern of a W shape. 

      Clean up the last parts with thinning shears. follow along the natural curves of the body when you do this. 

      Step 7: Clean Ears

      Apply ear cleaner on your Boykin’s ears that your vet recommended.

      Soak a cotton ball and squeeze some into the opening of the ear canal. Pick up wax and debris with the cotton ball and rub the inner part of the ears clean. Trim each ear underside for better airflow.

      Step 8: Clip Nails

      You can use dog nail clippers or a nail grinder depending on your reference for this. 

      Find the area the living tissue extends to (the pink area of the nail) and place your nail clippers a few millimeters away from it. 

      This gives you a clear gauge on how short to cut. 

      Make the cut and move onto the next nail until all paws are done. 

      Step 9: Brush Teeth

      Use dog toothpaste and gently brush his teeth while avoiding his gums. There are also dental chews you can give him for between brushing. 

      Move all around the mouth and try to cover as much of the teeth as possible. 

      20 seconds or more is great! Don’t pressure yourself too much to get all of them done. 

      Anything is better than nothing. 

      Final Thoughts On Grooming a Boykin Spaniel 

      Boykins require regular brushing to keep their undercoat under control. Striping the undercoat is great for grooming to give you a smooth clean finish that naturally follows the shape of the body without any wispy hair sticking out 

      A Boykins head should be around twice the size of the snout which gives you a gauge on where to leave hair or take away more to make up the natural shape you should be aiming for. 

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      Picture of Jennifer Cosculluela

      Jennifer Cosculluela

      Jennifer Cosculluela graduated magna cum laude in Marketing from the State University of New York’s F.I.T and was a Presidential Scholar, specializing in Shakespearean Studies. She also has an AB Psychology Degree from De La Salle University Bacolod and when not writing, loves to spend time with her daughter Margarita and bake cookies and lasagna for her loving husband Sebastian.

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