How Fast Can A Chow Chow Run?

Want to know how fast a Chow Chow can run? Great! You’re in the right place.

When it comes down to speed, it seems pretty obvious that these big loafers aren’t the fastest, but did you know Chow Chows were used as hunting dogs back in the day?

Chow chow running in field

In this Dig Doggy article, you’ll learn:

  • The average running speed of the Chow Chow
  • Reasons why the present-day Chow Chow is unfit to run
  • Breeds that are comparable to the Chow Chow in terms of speed

And much more!

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      How Fast Do Chow Chows Run?

      Chow Chows may not win in a racing competition against speed demons like Greyhounds and Whippets, but they are still swift enough to catch a burglar!

      According to the American Kennel Club’s speed records, Chow Chows can run 13 to 20 mph. If it comes down to male versus female, the average speed of a male Chow Chow is 19 mph while the female is 17.8 mph.

      However, according to AKC the fastest-running Chow Chow is a female.

      With a running speed of 23.8 mph, D&M’s Gypsy Whirlwind Baila RM4 RAE3 CAX FCAT2 SWN SCA SIA SEA THDA RATS CZ8B CGCA CGCU TKP set the record of the fastest running Chow Chow.

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      Chow chow playing and running in grass

      What Should You Know About Running Chow Chows?

      Chow Chows resemble bears with a mane of a proud male lion, but don’t let their muscular frame fool you!

      Albeit possessing incredible physical strength and mass, the Chow Chow is not born to run.

      Chow Chows Often Struggle To Breathe When Running

      These giant teddies are at a disadvantage when it comes to extended vigorous activities, such as running or jogging.

      The Chow Chow is a brachycephalic canine, which is characterized by having a skull shape that is broad and compressed.

      Due to this trait, Chow Chows have smaller airways and narrower nostrils compared to the majority of dogs.

      Short-muzzled canines also have wide tongues and multiple folds in their throats.

      While being push-nosed is perceived as cute and adorable, it interferes with our furry pals’ ability to regulate body heat.

      Brachycephalic breeds speed up panting when the air is wet or humid, thus causing the throat muscles to contract.

      This raises the body temperature and puts our fuzzy friends at a high risk of heat stress.

      Warm Weather Puts Chow Chows In More Danger

      Among the breed’s most distinctive traits is its majestic fur. Modern Chow Chows flaunt longer and thicker fur compared to the Chow Chows of old.

      The upshot is that these fluffies are in danger when running any distance when the temperature hits 80 F or higher.

      Due to their compromised breathing, which is worsened by having a dense coat, even running short distances puts Chow Chows in harm’s way.

      These canines would be better off lounging indoors when the dog days of summer arrive.

      Running May Increase The Risk Of Orthopedic Problems

      The Chow Chow has been bred to develop a straight angulation in the rear, thus accounting for a stilted gait.

      As a result, activities like jumping and running would prove rather difficult since their legs are straight and do not bend like most dogs.

      If you force your Chow Chow to do something he is not built to do, you will only increase his chances of getting elbow and hip dysplasia.

      When Can You Run With Your Chow Chow?

      If you live in an area where the climate is anywhere between 60 to 65 F, you may walk your Chow Chow anytime.

      But ideally, you will want to take your dog out only during the coolest part of the day, especially during the warm summer months.

      Take note; we are not suggesting you take your Chow Chow for a flat-out run but a one-minute sprint should do him good.

      On early mornings, you can let your furbaby run in spurts within the yard to let her blow off steam.

      As explained earlier, it is inadvisable to have your Chow Chow run for a long distance.

      Jogging, however, should be fine if you break it up with walking but always watch for signs of stress.

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      What Affects Chow Chow Running Ability?

      The Chow Chows of old fulfilled several roles for the Chinese elite. These canines were employed as hunting companions and guard dogs for the Chinese Emperor.

      However, selective breeding has led to an exaggeration of certain traits and deviated from what makes the breed a spitz.

      At the beginning of the 20th century, most Chow Chows have lost the sharp fox-like muzzle, visible oriental eyes, and lighter frame.

      Not only has modern breeding altered the appearance of the Chow Chow, but it has also compromised the physical function of the breed and brought an enormous amount of health issues.

      This transformation has given the Chow Chow the appearance of a plump, stodgy teddy bear that is often depicted as lazy and lethargic.

      On the bright side, there are still Chow Chows who have retained the positive character traits of the original working breed.

      Although these Chows may not have a chance in the show ring, they have better physical and mental properties.

      Long-snouted Chow Chows could enjoy a morning jog with you and enjoy short bursts of speed just like most canines.

      Regardless, Chows of this variety are still unfit for running long distances.

      How Does Chow Chows Speed Compare With The Speed Of Other Breeds?

      Let us see how the Chow Chow compares to the speed of other large and medium-sized canines. Listed below are also some of the slowest dog breeds.

      Dog Breed Average Speed
      Saint Bernard 15 mph
      Bernese Mountain Dog 15 mph
      Bullmastiff 15 mph
      Newfoundland 15 mph
      Neapolitan Mastiff 15 mph
      Chow Chow 15 mph
      Sussex Spaniel 14 mph
      Chinese Shar-Pei 13 mph
      Australian Bulldog 12 mph
      English Mastiff 12 mph
      Keeshond 15 mph
      English Bulldog 12 mph
      Basset Bleu de Gascogne 12 mph
      Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 10 mph
      Pembroke Welsh Corgi 10 mph
      Basset Hound 5–10 mph

      Final Thoughts On Th Speed Of A Chow Chow

      Chow Chows run at an average speed of 18.2 mph. While its running speed is not as impressive as others, these protective canines may still outrun a burglar.

      But if you are looking for a running partner, you may have to look elsewhere because Chow Chows are brachycephalic and their legs make it even more difficult to run for an extended period.

      On the other hand, Chow Chows exhibiting a more traditional look complete with a long fox-like snout may fare better when jogging.e

      Lara Writes

      Lara Writes

      Lara, a.k.a Alpha Mama, is a great dancer and belter singer, although the world tells her otherwise. However, her greatest pleasure is working with animals. If the Alpha Mama is not being delusional, she manages to create informative articles and clear-cut buying guides. She also likes to share her personal experiences that may ignite your soul or possibly change your life!

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      Lara Writes

      Lara Writes

      Lara, a.k.a Alpha Mama, is a great dancer and belter singer, although the world tells her otherwise. However, her greatest pleasure is working with animals. If the Alpha Mama is not being delusional, she manages to create informative articles and clear-cut buying guides. She also likes to share her personal experiences that may ignite your soul or possibly change your life!

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