Top 5 Best Dog Brushes For Shedding German Shepherds (2024 Review)

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Below is a quick list of all our top products. Keep scrolling to our in-depth reviews on the best dog brushes for shedding GSDs.

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Updated On January 6, 2022

This Andis de-shedding tool won’t irritate your German Shepherd’s skin. Its custom-made curved teeth are made for safely picking up all the loose fur.

Family operated and owned for almost a century, the well-known Andis brand still lives up to its reputation.

The tool is perfect for using both in a professional or at-home DIY setting and removes dead fur with a noticeable difference. 

Comfortable and effective on double coats this tool is the best option for German shepherds. 

What's In This Guide?

What Are The Different Types of Dog brushes for shedding German Shepherds?

Here are the different types of dog brushes for shedding German Shepherd

  • Rubber Brushes
  • Pin Brushes
  • Bristle Brushes
  • Blade-on-a-Handle
  • Slicker Brushes
  • Wide-Toothed Combs

Rubber Brushes

Rubber brushes for dogs come in all shapes and sizes, but their tines are made of rubber. A rubber brush helps to loosen dirt and hair while increasing circulation.

Pin Brushes

A pin brush looks the same as a human brush but its bristles are made of wood pins or metal pins rather than actual bristles.

Used often on dogs with thick fur, a pin brush helps to release tangles and also gives your dog a nice mini-massage.

Bristle Brushes

Made of natural or synthetic bristles, a bristle brush looks the same as human brushes but is made for dogs.

A great basic, versatile brush, bristle brushes can be used on any part of your GSD’s coat easily.

Blade metal combs

These are new types of de-shedding tools for pets such as the Furminator or the FurBuster.

Blade combs, also known as blade-on-a-handle metal combs have teeth that are extremely narrow. This type of comb is hard to use on thicker coats.

Slicker brushes

These brushes have metal tines. The heads of these brushes are usually rectangular and horizontally set.

Dogs with dense coats do really well with a slicker brush. Other times, owners use a slicker brush for specific areas such as the tail, face, legs, or toes.

These types of brushes also help to remove coat tangles in German Shepherds.

Wide-toothed combs

These are combs with widely-spaced teeth usually made of metal or plastic. Widely-spaced combs gently remove hair compared to a finer-toothed comb.

There is less pressure necessary for using a widely spaced comb compared to when you use a blade comb or a fine-toothed comb.

Most pets may not be able to tolerate fine-toothed combs or blade combs when they have tons of knots and tangles. In these instances, a wide-toothed comb does the job nicely.

image of A German shepherd dog sits on a green lawn near a large pile of fur after grooming. Portrait of a dog

What Should You Look For In A High-Quality Dog brush for shedding German Shepherds?

To get a handle on your shedding German Shepherd, there is no need for you to amass a suite of complicated combs and brushes.

Each type of coat has a different need. You will need to consider your German Shepherd’s fur.

Regardless of what brush you finally decide on, make sure they:

  • Have the Right Type of Bristles
  • Waterproof
  • The Right Size
  • Good handling

Have The Right Type of Bristles

German Shepherds typically have a double coat that consists of a guard coat and undercoat.

Slicker brushes, undercoat rakes, and bristle brushes are all types of brushes that will serve you well when grooming this breed.


Some tangles are easier to brush out with conditioner applied during your GSD’s bath.

Find a brush that can withstand both wet and dry conditions so that you can brush your doggo’s fur even when he is in a bath.

That said, it’s harder to find a brush that isn’t waterproof in this day and age, so you should have no trouble finding one with this property.

The Right Size

A large brush won’t be able to reach all the nooks and crannies of a smaller dog and vice versa.

Find a brush with a bristle-span large enough to help you cover and brush the entire body of your German Shepherd.

Good Handling

Most brushes are ergonomic nowadays which means that are built to fit the shape of the human hand. A brush with a good rubber grip and nice sized handle will save you hours of hand ache in the future.

Not to mention injuries like carpal tunnel which is a common problem that pops up for professional and home groomers.

Our Reviews Of The Best Brushes for Shedding German Shepherds

Pick #1: Andis Premium Deshedding Pet Tool

You’ll noticeably see the difference in shedding with this particular brush.

Not only does this de-shedding tool easily remove loose fur, but it also does a great job of avoiding damage to the topcoat.

The ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold and it’s surprisingly light for how sturdy it feels. You won’t have to worry about brush burn as the curved tips prevent damage to the skin.

Our only gripe is that the blades are great for removing hair but super sharp which can cut hair when used on the wrong hair type.



Pick #2: Safari De-Matting Dog Comb

This product does particularly well in removing mats, tangles, and knots from long-haired and double-coated dogs.

The blades are super sharp (stainless steel) and works like magic when combined with a steel comb.

It has a fantastic grip and the thumb holder helps to give you more control when targeting mated areas.

My only downside to this product is that my husband is a lefty and trying to adjust the comb for him was a nightmare.

Following the manufacturer guidelines, you’re supposed to remove the bolt and switch the blades round. Sounds easy enough!

Not at all, as the bolt is in there so tight, even a power tool would have trouble getting through it. Which is great for durability, but bad if you want to swap the blades.



Pick #3: GoPets Dematting Comb With 2-Sided Grooming Professional Rake

Used as a rake on either side, this dematting comb by GoPets has 2 different uses.

One side with fewer teeth can be used to demat tangles and mats. Whereas the other side is better for undercoats and loose hair.

The teeth have round ends which makes them safe enough to use on a regular basis.

Its handle is gel-filled and made of non-slip silicone to fit comfortably in your palm and allows you to comb with little to no resistance.

It’s safe to say this brush will dramatically cut your grooming time down and quickly show you a noticeable difference in results.

While the gel handle is an awesome feature, it collects hair and gets sticky over time.



Pick #4: Bamboo Groom Double-Sided Dog Grooming Tool

This double-sided brush for grooming is made of durable, eco-friendly bamboo.

One side of the brush is made of boar bristles while the other side is made of stainless steel pins.

Each of the pins has rounded edges which are soothing for the skin and help the circulation of natural skin oils.

The wooden handle feels sturdy but isn’t as comfortable to hold when compared to other ergonomic gel and rubber handles.

You’ll notice the wire side is also great for targeting loose hair when working as the pins start to fall out over time.



Pick #5: Dakpets FURblaster Light Trimming Tool And Deshedder

This brush amazed me with how much hair it removes and how much my dog liked it.

Be prepared for long grooming sessions as the teeth somewhat massage their skin and cause them to want a never-ending grooming session.

The brush leaves your dog feeling airy and light with all the hair it removes and the handle is sturdy and well designed.

Overall, it’s pretty lightweight and there is a nice cover you can put over the blades to protect against unwanted accidents.

I found this brush works great on both double and single-coated dogs and has held up for over 3 years so far with no problems on my end.

It has a removable blade but while the protector is a great idea it’s far too weak and can easily be damaged compared to one you’ll find on a Furminator.

I find the Furminator takes a little less tie to groom and is a little better, but this one is cheaper. to buy.



Frequently Asked Questions

Does brushing a German Shepherd help with shedding?

Brushing a German Shepherd for around 5 to 10 minutes around 3 to 4 times per week will most certainly help to reduce shedding.

Note, you cannot bathe this dog too much as this will damage their skin, so brushing is essential for maintaining a healthy coat.

Can you brush a German Shepherd too much?

Yes, in the event that you brushed to the point your dog’s skin was becoming inflamed, then you’re doing it too much.

Note, you can brush a German shepherd as often as daily providing you are using the right tools that will prevent damaging the skin.

You can check the manufacturer’s recommended usage guidelines to ensure you don’t overdo it with your dog.

Our Top Pick: Andis Premium Deshedding Pet Tool

Our Top Pick is Andis Deshedding Pet Tool for German Shepherds.

With its ergonomically-designed handle, this quality pet deshedder is built with a sturdy simple design that removes hair without damaging a dog’s skin.

As the teeth are curved, you can use this rake more often than expected as I go at least twice per week with this and have no issues.

The product removes a ton of hair and leaves your dog feeling fresh and light after sessions. A great pick for GSDs over any other product we tested.

Final Thoughts On Dog brushes For Shedding german Shepherds

A go brush should have a good grip, strong sharp teeth, and reduce grooming time. It must also remove hair without damaging the skin and stand the test of time.

You’ll be grooming a German Shepherd at least 3 to 4 times per week as they tend to shed a lot with a double coat and are not supposed to be bathed too often.

Ergonomic handles are better in my opinion to go for and will make grooming fun for both of you.

Lucky for you, the products we reviewed have all of the above and then some!

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Picture of Jennifer Cosculluela

Jennifer Cosculluela

Jennifer Cosculluela graduated magna cum laude in Marketing from the State University of New York’s F.I.T and was a Presidential Scholar, specializing in Shakespearean Studies. She also has an AB Psychology Degree from De La Salle University Bacolod and when not writing, loves to spend time with her daughter Margarita and bake cookies and lasagna for her loving husband Sebastian.

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