Top 5 Best Raincoats For Golden Retrievers (2024 Review)

Even when it’s cold and miserable outside, we pet owners still have to take daily walks with our dogs or head out back to feed the fish. Luckily, there are a few ways to help our little friends get out and stretch their legs whilst still keeping warm and snug in adverse weather.

Thats why today I’ve put together a list of the best raincoats for Golden Retrievers that you can choose from to ensure your pup stays nice and dry in the rain.


Each of these coats will ensure that they:

  • Fit a golden retriever
  • Keep your completely dry
  • Be visible in dark winter evenings
  • Have some useful features for you & pup

So now you know what to expect, let’s get into the top 5 list of raincoats that you can check out below. If you’re in a hurry then just use the quick navigate chart below, or if your looking for a more in-depth review of each then make sure to continue on reading as I take a deep dive into each of the products on the list.

The Top 5 Raincoats For Golden Retrievers In 2024

Here are the top 5 best raincoats for golden retrievers that I’ll be introducing in this article:

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Things to Consider before buying a Raincoat

Choosing the right raincoat for a Golden Retriever isn’t all that easy. You have to find a coat that is designed for medium to large breeds, while the product also not restricting movement.

In my search for great golden retriever raincoats, I found many that had weak and ineffective fabric that did close to nothing. Certainly not what you want when you’ve decided to spend money on a raincoat for your pet!

Here are a couple of the things that you should be looking out for when picking out a raincoat for your golden retriever:


There are a few different materials that dog raincoats can be made from. These will all have an impact on what is arguably the most important feature of a raincoat: keeping your dog warm!


The first material that you’ll sometimes find dog raincoats to be made from is cotton. Now, this is not something that is ever waterproof so do stay away from it if you’re trying to keep your dog dry! I haven’t included any coat made with cotton on the list below, as I consider it to be largely ineffective in accomplishing the main duty of a raincoat: protection from the rain.

Next, you’ll find raincoats that are made out of cotton. This is the most common option. Generally, polyester raincoats are very good at being waterproof. However, this also depends on the quality of the fabric.

Certain manufacturers make polyester raincoats that have great water resistance levels, while others make some that get soaked after just a few minutes in the rain. On this list, I’ve chosen coats that are made of only good-quality polyester.


Another version of polyester fabric is a fabric that has a waterproof polyester coating. These are usually recognizable by their shiny appearance. These fabrics can be both effective and stylish, but you’ll have to be careful. Some manufacturers are careless, and you may find yourself with a coat that loses its polyester coating to the rain after only a few walks.


The next thing that you might find on a golden retriever raincoat is mesh. Mesh is a great fabric for lining as it gives your typical polyester waterproof fabric more breathability. A coat with a mesh lining will be great for golden retrievers that tend to get hot easily, or for rainy walks in hot weather conditions.


Finally, velcro is used in quite a few models of raincoats, to make it easier to adjust straps. I personally prefer velcro straps over elasticated bands, as I find them faster to secure on your dog.


When you decide to buy a raincoat for your golden retriever, you want it to last for years. And while lots of coats will give you that kind of durability, there are also a couple that can fall apart after only a few weeks of use. The main thing to look out for in terms of durability is a quality fabric and quality stitching.

Poor- quality, flimsy fabric and a sloppy stitching job can take years out of a raincoat’s lifetime. So don’t hesitate to invest in quality, and look out for raincoats that already have great reviews. And to make this a little easier for you, I’ve of course only included raincoats on this list that were proven to be durable.


What I found when looking for raincoats for golden retrievers is that dog raincoats don’t always come in a large enough size to fit a golden retriever. Luckily, manufacturers usually provide a size guide to go with their product, which details how you can measure your dog for a coat.

All the coats on this list are suitable to fit a golden retriever and all but one is also adjustable with straps, meaning that you can make them fit your dog just right. But, whenever you’re buying a coat for a dog, do make sure to double-check for size before you make a purchase.


Raincoats are generally designed to be comfortable for dogs, and most dogs don’t have an issue with wearing them. However, there are a few things that could make coatless comfortable for a dog and here they are:

Non-Breathable Fabric

  • Coats that don’t have a special, breathable fabric or mesh lining can be uncomfortable for dogs in hot weather. They may cause them to overheat, and your dog might start to resent having to wear his raincoat on walks. So whenever you’re buying a coat, ask yourself what kind of weather you usually have at home and whether you need the fabric to be breathable.


Not having a hood on a raincoat can mean that your dog will get his head wet, which can be very unpleasant. On the other hand, hoods are not always well-designed and can sometimes be uncomfortable for dogs.

For example, they may leave your dog’s head at the slightest gust of wind. Whenever possible, my advice is to get a golden retriever raincoat with a hood, and preferably one that straps into place.


  • One problem that is commonly encountered with poncho-style raincoats is that they are not attached underneath the dog’s belly. As a result, the fabric is free to flap away when the wind starts to blow. This can make it more difficult for your dog to walk and is also generally unhelpful in keeping her dry.

So if you live in an area that often has strong winds, you’ll want to make sure that the raincoat you are getting comes under the belly and closes down securely there.

The 5 Best Raincoats For Golden Retrievers

1. Leepets Hooded Dog Raincoat


My top pick for the best raincoat for golden retriever is this practical, lightweight raincoat for dogs of all sizes. For golden retrievers, you’ll probably want to get a size Medium. With a hood, a little pocket and a hole for a leash, this is a raincoat that impresses me with its range of features.

The raincoat is easy to adjust with velcro straps. It also has a reflective strip that can make your dog more visible when heading out for walks in dark, rainy weather.

It comes in 3 colors: a simple black, a deep red, and warm yellow color. Overall, I really like this one because it’s convenient to use and has tons of useful features.


  • Breathable: made with a mesh lining to keep dogs cool.
  • Waterproof: fully waterproof fabric with a hood to keep your dog dry even on very rainy days.
  • Easy to put on and take off: velcro strips make it easy to put on and take off the coat on your golden retriever in a matter of seconds.
  • Adjustable: velcro straps can be adjusted to fit the size of your dog. safe: reflective strips give your dog visibility even in low-light settings.
  • Easy-walking: hole allows you to put on a leash or harness on your dog while wearing the coat. convenient: extra pocket to store treats or plastic bags.
  • Best for: Short, rainy walks.

Durability: 4/5

Price Level: $


  • Easy to adjust to the size of the dog with velcro straps
  • Breathable, waterproof and high-quality fabric
  • Safety strip
  • Leash hole
  • Pocket


  • The hood can’t be fastened so your dog might try to take it off

This is a lightweight raincoat very easy on your dog walking in the rain. It’s easy to adjust with Velcro straps. You can find it in three different lovely colors.

2. HDE Dog Raincoat Hooded Poncho


The HDE dog raincoat is a super-portable coat that is perfect even for heavy rain. With great- quality fabric that has a special waterproof coating, it will keep your golden retriever dry even in heavy rain or long rainy walks.

Aside from quality, my favorite thing about this product is the range of available colors and patterns (my favorites being the adorable duckling one and the plaid options).

For a golden retriever, make sure to order the largest size available, as this product can run a bit small.


Great waterproof fabric: the coat is made of waterproof fabric with an additional waterproof coating to guarantee complete protection from the rain. It also has an adjustable, built-in hood.

  • Adjustable: velcro straps make it easy to adjust the raincoat to the size of your dog.
  • Safe: reflective strip around the waist and on the hood provides additional visibility, even on dark days. convenient: easy to fold and carry around, even in a small handbag.
  • Great color options: comes in a wide range of colors and patterns, including gray, blue, pink, purple, red, yellow, camouflage, red plaid, yellow plaid, duck pattern, and flowery pattern.
  • Best for: Heavy rain and carrying around in case of unexpected downfalls.

Durability: 3/5

Price Level: $


  • Great color options
  • Easy to put on and take off good for heavy rains
  • Very easy to carry around with you


  • Not as breathable as some other options, so it might be better for cold days
  • The hood can come off during walks
  • The coating can come off over time


This is a top-quality raincoat with extra ability to protect your dog from the rain. The fabric quality and strength ensure comfort and protection for your dog. It’s also available in a wide range of colors to offer variety.

3. Okdeals Dog Raincoat Jacket


This is a simple, lightweight raincoat that is perfect for the warmer month. Its thin, polyester fabric keeps your golden retriever cool but also completely dry. Overall, I am impressed at how protective this thin fabric can be.

It also has a couple of convenient features, including a hole for your leash, a pocket, velcro straps, a hood, and some safety reflective strips.


  • Very protective: goes around the front legs as well to provide extra protection from the rain/ Safe: reflective strips increase visibility. Two strips on the body of the coat and the legs. Convenient: extra pocket to store snacks or bags.
  • Leash hole: hole allows you to put the coat on even when the dog is on a leash. adjustable: velcro strips make it easy to fit the coat on your dog.
  • Best for: small budgets and walking dogs in the spring or summer months.

Durability: 4/5

Price Level: $


  • Breathable
  • Clever design that protects legs extra pocket
  • Safety strips velcro straps


  • The hood doesn’t stay in place for a long time and you may have to readjust it
  • May not be long enough to fully cover tall retrievers


This is a perfect raincoat for summer. It is thin and light and keeps the doggie cool though the fabric is strong to last long. It has good features to make a highly practical raincoat for your dog to out in the day or night.

4. OSPet Dog Raincoat for Summer


This is a raincoat for golden retrievers that has a bit of a different design from others on the list. Instead of being put on your dog using velcro straps, you’ll simply have to put it on them and let the elasticated bands do the work for you.

I find the design of this coat useful as the elasticated bands ensure that the coat stays on better, especially around the legs. In terms of coverage, it’s also one of the best raincoats for golden retrievers on the list.

The full hind legs of your golden retriever should be covered, as well as a good part of the front legs. I find this is not something that every raincoat or poncho offers.


  • Light and breathable waterproof fabric: Entirely made out of polyester, the fabric of this raincoat is light and thin yet resistant to water. The inside lining is made out of a fabric designed to create aeration, keeping your dog cool even in hot weather.
  • One-size-fits-all: Unlike many others on this list, this coat is not adjustable with straps. Rather, it has elasticated cuffs that make it fit well on any size of a golden retriever.
  • Safety: The coat has a reflecting back and comes in neon green and orange colors for extra visibility.
  • Convenient: Leash hole for attaching to your dog’s collar when wearing the coat.
  • Good coverage: The cuffs on this coat fully protect the hind legs of your dog, which most other coats don’t.
  • Best for: Maximum coverage

Durability: 4/5

Price Level: $$


  • Very visible colors
  • Breathable and well-made fabric simple, one-size-fits-all design hood
  • Leash hole
  • 5 available colors (neon green, orange, black, red, and yellow)


  • Not really adjustable if one-size-fits-all turns out not to work


This is a very easy-to-wear raincoat with elasticated bands and not velcro straps. It provides more protection and safe coverage to your dog. It also covers the legs properly to save them from rainwater.

5. Okdeals Waterproof Lightweight Rain Jacket Poncho


This dog poncho looks a bit like a cape and I think it makes your golden retriever look like a superhero. The cape-like design is also great for offering more coverage: it covers the chest and legs of your dog well (though this will be dependent on the length of your dog’s legs).

Which makes this an ideal raincoat for a large doggie. It’ss especially good for stormy weather too as it offers full protection with a cape-like hood and additional length around the legs. Made with polyester fabric to be durable and efficient.


  • Waterproof and visible fabric: Made with 100% polyester, this coat offers perfect water resistance and a range of bright colors to keep your dog visible.
  • Stylish: fun, cape-like design, and 5 bright colors available (yellow, cobalt blue, light blue, orange or pink.
  • Safe: very visible, large reflecting strips on the front and body of the poncho for maximum visibility.
  • Smart hood: the hood on this one has a drawstring, making it more difficult for it to get off. Convenient: the poncho has a hole for a leash and a pocket for snacks or bags.
  • Best for: Fashion and visibility

Durability: 5/5

Price Level: $


  • Good coverage stylish cut
  • Several safety reflecting strips drawstring hood
  • Pocket leash slit fun colors


  • The jacket can start blowing in the wind in case of very harsh weather, which could be unpleasant.


In terms of fabric, this is a basic, polyester waterproof coat that is durable and efficient. It also has a couple of nice features such as a drawstring hood, hole for a leash and pocket.

Final Words

Rainy walks are always going to be a little bit dreary, but your dog will certainly enjoy them a whole lot more with a nice raincoat on! With so many options available, it can be hard to find one that has everything you want in a good raincoat like good quality, waterproof fabric, good coverage, comfort, and durability.

I hope that this top 5 best raincoats for golden retrievers list has helped you to understand what you’re looking for, and where you can find it. I’m wishing you the best of luck—may your walks be pleasant and your golden retrievers stay dry!

Picture of Rachael Summers

Rachael Summers

Rachael Summers is the Founder and Senior Editor at Dig Doggy. She is a lifelong canine enthusiast and adores dogs of all shapes and sizes! Rachael also loves iced coffee, hammocks, and puppy-cuddling!

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Picture of Rachael Summers

Rachael Summers

Rachael Summers is the Founder and Senior Editor at Dig Doggy. She is a lifelong canine enthusiast and adores dogs of all shapes and sizes! Rachael also loves iced coffee, hammocks, and puppy-cuddling!

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