English cream golden retriever: Temperament & Care Guide

After writing my last blog post about why we have different colors of a golden retriever. It then sparked my interest to find out the history of the English cream golden retriever. They are unique in their own way whilst very similar in others. This really piqued my curiosity to know the history behind them and if they were real, so I set out to research.


If I gave you the answer right here then there would be no reason for you to read the rest of this post. So instead, I have spread it out into sections on the post of where you can find a specific answer to each question you may have. One thing I can guarantee is that when you leave here. You will know exactly what English cream golden retrievers are, where they came from and how they differ from any other golden. Let’s get into it….

What is an English cream Retriever?

So an English cream golden retriever is essentially a Golden Retriever with a lighter coat. They usually appear almost white in color. The English cream golden is a large breed dog with a long white cream fur coat. I actually found that they were originally bred as gun dogs. As they used to be used for retrieving waterfowl such as ducks and upland birds.

They are great swimmers with a thick long double coat that is built to repel water. It was also interesting to read that English cream golden retrievers also have webbed feet. There is for sure no two ways about it. These dogs were built to swim! And retrieve of course.

dog in hay field

The History behind a Golden Retriever

Originally just like any other European retrievers. The English cream was also founded first in Scotland, England. I also found that an English cream was first bred in the mid 19th century.  It was the wealthy Scottish “elite” at the team who played these water games.

The actual whole reason is that the Golden Retriever was bred. Was purely based on the fact that the Scottish elite at the time needed a dog that could retrieve on land and also in water. The old water spaniel and normal retriever were neither good enough to do both.

How this breed became known

There is a funny story about this topic. The English golden cream retriever came about in 1936. As that was the year when the Scottish permitted the additional colors of the golden retriever. Originally, the creams color that people would use to refer to a Golden Retriever. 

Was unacceptable to use in the UK standards. But in 1936 everything was revised of where it then became acceptable and approved as an official color. That’s when the English cream was born. And since then has been referred to by a selection of individuals around the world.

I found this so interesting in how the English golden retrievers differ from others around the world. But I also found that they typically have a broader scope and them usually a lot more muscular than other breeds.


What are they used for now aside from pets?

Well because they’re so obedient and willing to please their owners. They are used for many various important jobs around the world today. Now, this doesn’t go for just English cream retrievers as it also applies to all other golden retrievers around the world.

In general, these dogs are really really smart and they’re able to follow Instructions very accurately. Very fast learners and love to obey and follow instructions. If you really think about it, that kind of ticks all the boxes for any type of dog used for an important job.

Now if I were to explain every single use that a  cream golden retriever has, I’d simply be here all day. Instead of actually bullet-pointed if you of the following jobs that are found to be quite common for their use today. And those were the following:

  • Rescue dogs for the subject in water
  • Disability dogs for the visually impaired
  • Drug and bomb-sniffing in airports
  • Rescue dogs for earthquakes

There’s no doubt about it that these dogs are pretty impressive. Very functional and efficient for many different jobs. And let’s not forget the best part about it,  they are great pets too. It’s crazy for me to think that my little Bella could be out rescuing people in earthquakes. As a proud owner of a golden retriever, I can definitely rest assured that I’m in safe hands.


Are they really a RARE breed?

The short answer to this question is, no. English cream retrievers with simply just a name that was used for cream golden retrievers as a way of marketing. The rarity was originally built up around these dogs purely to make a profit. The only reason that there are different colors in Golden Retrievers is purely down to two genetic factors.

Just like humans dogs also have melanin. and depending on their genes will depend on and how light or dark they come out. In the next part, I’ll cover all the information I found about the differences between English cream golden’s and normal golden. Keep reading as I’m just getting warmed up…

Is this dog different to a Golden retriever?

Now to my surprise, there are actually quite a few differences in regards to the cream golden retrievers and the Americans.  One of the first being the fact that they have shorter hair. So it is quite noticeable around the house that you have less hair falling off on an English golden retriever then you would if you had a golden American.

Another factor is that English golden retrievers, in general, tend to have a wider and thicker skull. It is also said that  English golden retrievers have a longer lifespan…


Do they live longer?

I do not really see the difference as the normal lifespan for a Golden Retriever is 10 to 12 years. And all I could seem to find on a normal English golden retriever was around 12 years. So whether it is described that 12 years spot on is different from 11 to 12 years. It’s something that I think would be quite personal for someone who’s being quite picky about the information.

However, when I put things into averages I found that on average the American golden retriever will live up to 10 years. Where has on average the English golden can live around 12 years and 3 months.

So that’s where you really start to see the difference in the ide of these two different types of retriever. But are they really different?  I honestly do think that’s something that’s quite subjective. Because all of the experts only look at one thing.

And that’s how healthy the dog is. Here in America, a lot of the expert still refer to the Golden Retriever in three different tones. Those colors are dark golden, golden and lightly golden. But if you do look at the dogs you can see that there are many different shades of them. However, would you really say that they are completely different colors?


Why would you want an English cream retriever?

The only time you would really want it White English or a cream English golden retriever would be purely on preference. Now if you were to say you would like an English golden retriever because of the more muscular turn and shorter hair then that would be for a factor.

But from my research and in my honest opinion, all I can find on cream English golden retrievers is the fact that they’re English. That is mainly the difference because when you break it down into English golden retrievers and American golden retrievers. And that is where you start to see the differences. It’s very far and few between on top of that.

What Factors are there involved?

Maybe the factor of the shorter hair could be justifiable,  but in regards to the rest, I doubt you’ll be putting it to use. Like the English golden retriever having a thicker skull. That simply had no use to a normal person like me or you just have them as a pet. But, as we all know about internet marketers. Or just people trying to sell something in general. Everything is embellished to look much better than it is. My puppy Bella is more of a lighter tone.

Factors to Consider about this breed

Are you prepared to pay an extra $500 just on the fact that the dog is white? I mean I don’t know your financial situation. But I would definitely say you’re being ripped off if you’re paying an extra $500 for a dog based on its color. I wouldn’t use a dog as a new toy as it’s more of a friend or and a family member.

Of course, that doesn’t go for everyone,  as I guess there will be a few Paris Hilton friends here reading this blog…. you know what I mean.

Buying an English Cream Retriever

If you decide to buy one of these white or cream golden retrievers. Then,  I would definitely recommend you do some research and find it for a normal price. Just because it’s white does not increase the cost of the dog. Of course, this is all from my research that I found online. And from my experience of being a proud parent to a beautiful golden retriever.

I personally have never heard anything along the lines of them being more premium apart from reading it online. So it’s down to you if you decide to go out and pay the extra money for a dog that should be honestly should be priced the same as any other.

english-cream-golden-retriever-1 (1)

Why are they cream in color?

The reason that you get two different types of colors when you’re looking at Golden Retrievers. It’s purely based on the fact of genetics.

Some dogs have a darker turn based on their parents whilst others have lighter turns based on their parents and ancestors. Scientifically there are elements inside of a parents genes that prevent melanin from developing in the genetics of the puppy causing it to have a darker tone.

This is because the standard complexion of a genetically engineered puppy is other black any other element. No, I don’t want to get into too much science but if you do want to read more about this then you can go check that out on my last post. So it’s no different from any other dog when we think about colors.

As you would know from looking at the majority of animals in general. There are some that come out lighter whilst others come out darker. But a majority the time it’s all down to their parents and their genes.

Why are they called English retrievers and not somewhere else?

All the term English golden retriever is thrown around as much as you here cream golden retrievers. Again there is nothing that’s specifically tailored to the dog being English apart from the fact that you can say that the Scottish bred them.

So I guess if you want to look at it from that perspective then you can say that they are Scottish bred English retrievers. I personally just tend to stick to the basics and don’t like to over complicate anything too much.

What does this mean to me?

So in my eyes, they are purely just golden retrievers. The main focus of any of the experts is mainly on the health and the bloodline of the dog.

This is usually used to determine the difference between the two or 3 or for etc. Ultimately, I don’t think that golden retrievers would like us referring to them as such different dogs from each other if they could speak to us.

When did the English golden come around?

The original first golden retriever was founded by Lord Tweedmouth in 1865. It was because of him finding the great hunting skills in the yellow retriever.

Which then caused him to breed it with the now extinct Tweed water spaniel. The breeding dead resulted in 4 bitches of where all our Golden retrievers of today are direct descendants from.


Are they better than normal golden retrievers?

If you’re reading this,  then I’m positive you haven’t read the previous part of this post. I don’t think I’ve been by us at any point. But I’ve definitely put things into a very realistic perspective. I personally do not think there is anything better about English golden retrievers quote unquote to a normal golden retriever.

There are very few differences and none of those are even temperament or characteristics.

Color doesn’t Matter!

Both dogs are both caring and loving. and a great family member to have as an addition. Golden retrievers in general love following instructions and listening to commands. A very fun playful dog and family orientated. So for me to sit here and say that one is better than the other. I would be very hypocritical,  and I’m sorry but that’s just not in my nature.

Even when they are selected to be used by special services. There is no real differentiation made in the fact that they may have a different color.

Although I can say one thing. Have you ever realized when you go to the airport they only have black labradors? I’ll have to do some research on that and share it in one of the following upcoming posts.

What is special about an English golden retriever?

This is surely going to depend on what you class as special. Because special means surpassing expectations in my view.  So you have to ask yourself the question. So that would mean one dog surpassed the expectations of the other. Or is there purely just a difference in their colors. Although you will find that European golden retrievers are more muscular with a thicker skull.

Are you really going to see the benefit of those things whilst having them as a pet? Or will it really make a difference when they’re playing with the kids in the garden?. I live the answer down to you,  as I’m sure you’ll be able to figure it out.


Fun Facts

I thought I’d throw in a few fun facts about English golden retrievers. But bear in mind as I said earlier in this post, this is purely subjective as to whether they are English creams or English retrievers.

An English ship Golden Retriever can stand between around 22 to 24 inches tall (56 to 61 cm)What’s the female was standing around an average of 20 to 22 in (51 to 56 cm). Both have a thick, straight moderately wavy coats. Here are the rest in bullets:

  • Personality: Intelligent, friendly, and devoted.
  • Energy Level: Very active
  • Barking Level: Moderate
  • Shedding: Seasonal
  • Grooming: Weekly
  • Good with Children: Yes
  • Good with Other Dogs: Yes
  • Trainability: Very good, eager to please
  • Weight: 55-75 pounds (25 to 24kg)
  • Life Expectancy: 12+ years

There’s No difference!

I can say that my final verdict is that English creams are no different from any other golden on the planet. I haven’t really seen anything significant in temperamental behavior between the two dogs.

The only thing I can say is that there is a difference in regards to appearance. And even so, those differences are very small. The only real differences I had seemed to fan between any type of retrievers with a fact that summer English with biggest skulls.


So English retrievers are just like any other golden retrievers and should be referred to as such. Make sure to not pay any extra money for a dog because it is white or cream and Colour.

The American standard still referred to the Golden Retriever as having three different tones only. Those tones are gold, like gold and dark golden. So it’s down to you if you decide to section them on price based on color.

And it for sure will be ripping yourself off if you decide to pay more money for a dog that is white or cream. There are no such things as premium golden retrievers. But there is such thing as great golden retrievers.

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Rachael Summers

Rachael Summers

Rachael Summers is the Founder and Senior Editor at Dig Doggy. She is a lifelong canine enthusiast and adores dogs of all shapes and sizes! Rachael also loves iced coffee, hammocks, and puppy-cuddling!

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Rachael Summers

Rachael Summers

Rachael Summers is the Founder and Senior Editor at Dig Doggy. She is a lifelong canine enthusiast and adores dogs of all shapes and sizes! Rachael also loves iced coffee, hammocks, and puppy-cuddling!

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