101 Amazing Facts About A Golden Retriever!

Today you’re going to learn 10 Golden Retriever facts that you probably never knew!

Hopefully, you leave knowing a few things more than you arrived with about my favorite breed of dog.

We all know that Goldens are super smart, but did you know that they are highly used for tracking, hunting, sniffing, and therapy?


Retrievers are super easy to train, loving, and caring too! This is why they also make great dogs for assisting the differently-abled (disabled).

Why Golden Retrievers are my Favourite!

According to AKC the Labrador retriever is the most popular breed dog as of today, with the Golden not far behind.

It seems like I’m not the only one that loves Retrievers! They are very outgoing, super energetic, and love being part fo a loving family. Which makes them a great option for newborn babies or large families with children.

Although I could sit here all day sharing information on why I love Golden Retrievers, there are a few facts that will help you to decide for yourself.

Lets dig in!

1. Golden Retrievers come from an Extinct Breed of Dogs

A Golden Retriever was first created by breeding Tweed Water Spaniel and a Yellow Flat-Coated Retriever. The Tweed Water Spaniel has been extinct since the later part of the 1900s.

Golden retrievers take on a heap of traits from this extinct breed too!

Their characteristics include the featured furs on tails and front legs but absent on back legs, with a wedge-shaped skull.

These traits were genetically developed in the Tweed Water Spaniels and helped them to navigate through the free-flowing waters near the Scottish shores.

The feathered fur on their front legs acted like a paddle that helps them to counter water current and waves.

2. A Golden Retriever is a Soft-Mouthed Pet

Retrievers tend to pick up things in a soft and subtle way and carry them with great care. This was an important skill for them to maintain many years ago, as they would carry their prey very delicately during hunting.

Hunters would be able to shoot down the prey whilst remaining in shooting position, and be sure that the Golden Retriever would fetch it back safe and not so sound!

Which leads me onto the next point here… Did you know that Retrievers up a Raw egg and carry it without breaking it?

Super cool!

3. A Golden Retriever is a Popular Breed of Dog in the US

Much to your astonishment, these yellow-coated dogs are considered among the 3 most popular dog breeds every year.

They have managed to earn the third position after Labrador Retrievers and German Shepherds in the year 2019. The empathy for being loving sweet family dogs least reflects about their notoriety.

However, these aren’t the only reasons that Golden Retrievers made it through the research report, but the informal stories about the pups’ loving and playful nature are truly legendary.

Their “puppyish” behavior really doesn’t fade away regardless of their age. Such a characteristic is perfect for the youngest member in your family for keeping up with an active and playful lifestyle.

4. Golden Retrievers are Super Easy to train

Retrievers are intelligent and obedient hunting companions that are very easily trained.

Similar traits that they serve in the woods or in the water, translates them to the service industry as well. You may have seen German Shepherds often at the backside of a police vehicle.

But, the presence of sensitive nose on Golden Retrievers makes them ideal for sniffing out drugs or other illegal substances at airports, cars, or elsewhere. They are also very helpful in “search and rescue” operations while hunting for the injured persons in a natural disaster.

5. They Are Awesome Swimmers

Although most popular breeds of dogs may have this exception, Golden Retrievers do love the comfort of humans while having a good swim with them.

The Golden Retriever has a natural affinity towards the water and has a strong body for swimming. Even their coat is built for water.

The dual-layer coat acts like a broad undercoat that helps to keep out the chilling temperature if they somehow hit the cold water during the winter months.

Their long outer coat repels water, and as such it doesn’t get absorbed in the skin. Hence, a drying shake-off from your pet will fling water everywhere. Keep plenty of towels in close vicinity at all times.

6. Golden Retrievers Love to Chew

Remember the”soft-mouthed” trait aforementioned that is highly-priced by hunters? Well, on the flip side, the gentle carrier while at work is also an avid chomper during playtime.

That means you should be prepared to give them plenty of approved chewable toys so that your socks, shoes, or other household items are spared.

However, the sweet and trainable nature of the Golden Retriever means that they can be easily diverted to chew treats such as bones, especially when their companion is monitoring them closely.

As with all dog breeds or puppies, in situations of anxiety or separation, they tend to take out their anger on whatever they find close to their hand.

However, with a little supervision, extra caring, and high-quality dog treats, you can get along with your pup in a harmonious way.

7. Golden Retrievers are even Spotted in the White House

Undoubtedly, the remarkable dog house in the whole US, the honored halls of the president have served as a ground for certain dogs.

During their time as presidents, both Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford had Golden Retrievers. Ford’s dog Liberty, used to live in the residence.

Whereas, Reagan’s dog Victory used to live on his ranch along with a stable full of horses. Liberty became such a fan following that a print of her paw was used in a rubber stamp.

The volume of letters and requests for this special signature became a clumsy thing for the puppy and Ford’s daughter.

8. Golden Retriever and Movies go Together

The soft temperament of this particular breed is the main reason why it is cited over and over again and so well-liked. It appears that Golden Retrievers are being loved by Hollywood because they are easy to direct onset and remain calm when they are managed by a professional trainer.

The presence of the agreeable sweet breed has led to the success of dog-centric movies such as Air Bud and classics like Old Yeller, Homeward Bound, A Dog’s Purpose, released in the year 2017.

There are over 12 movies made on them, and still counting. Although special effects are used in every modern movie, the ability to hit the scene with precision is what every director wants.

In a nutshell, these pups are excellent co-stars.

Check out a list of movies that Golden retrievers have been in here.

9. They Need Frequent Grooming

There is no surprise that the long lustrous golden coat a retriever has, needs a little more taking care of. However, if you are the first-time owner of this dog, you may be surprised by the volume of hair.

Golden retrievers unfortunately aren’t hypoallergenic, which means if you have allergies, then this might not be the best breed for you.

Their outer coat sheds naturally and replaces itself, but the hairy undercoat will leave hairs that may stick in the clothes, furniture, and other things. If you have dark-colored furniture or carpeting, the light fluffy furs will form a visible layer.

However, the shedding can be kept to a minimum by following a healthy diet, frequent visits to a professional groomer, and at-home brushing. If you have a specific vacuum especially for pets, it would be better.

10. Golden Retrievers will Need Special Nutrition

The tendency to chew different kinds of dog treats or toys relates to the habit of eating food as well, where they will often overeat without any sort of regulations.

For this dog breed, kibble diets are the best choice for this dog breed because dry foods will allow exact measurement and work fine in bowls with slow feeds.

A specially formulated kibble diet also keeps away your pet from food allergies, keeps them fuller for a prolonged time, and provides a healthy coat that sheds low furs.

When combined with vet wellness checkups, a high-quality balanced kibble diet is the only way to protect your Golden Retriever from common health issues like hip dysplasia.

11. Golden Retrievers are originated from Scotland

Yes, they originated from the United Kingdom originally from Scotland. There is a history behind the golden retrievers that I see today. Earlier, for many decades it was believed that the Golden retrievers came into existence because of Russian circus dogs.

But this story was declared false when the files of Lord Tweedmouth of Inverness, Scotland were aired. Those records do not say that the golden retrievers are on this earth because of Russian circus dogs.

Actually, in 1864 Lord Tweedmouth bought a Yellow colored retriever whose name was Nous. He bred him to a Water Spaniel named Belle which was of liver color.

They both gave birth to a golden retriever. So, the retrievers we see today are a product of a golden retriever named Nous and a water spaniel named Belle, not Russian dogs.

All thanks to Lord Tweedmouth!

12. Golden Retrievers need a lot of exercise as athletic dogs 

Do you know that the golden retrievers are natural athletes? They are active, enthusiastic, and excel at a variety of games and sports. Indeed, golden retrievers are always ready for fun and play. They are always ready for hiking, swimming, running, or any other exercises.

13. Golden Retrievers are hard-working.

Golden Retrievers are versatile and hard working. They are used for the purpose of hunting, home keeping, tracking, guarding, and everything else. You would be surprised to know that they are so hardworking and they have the will to learn.

They can learn anything super quick and can master any skill easily. Golden Retrievers can easily master skills when someone teaches them. The skills include learning techniques on how to find and rescue dogs, how to smell and search for things, and so on.

14. Golden Retrievers are top-grade therapy dogs.

When you have no one by your side, you all look for your dear dog, don’t you? And why do you go to them? Because they bring calm, love, and peace to you.

Golden Retrievers are proved to be therapy for each and everyone who’s stressed and tensed. Actually, they carry lots of empathy, love, and care in their heart. And the best thing about them is that they are caring towards everyone from a kid to an oldie.


15. Golden Retrievers have the heart of a kid

Have you ever seen your puppy or your dog doing childish things? If you have a dog, then you must have seen him. Just like them, Golden Retrievers also stay like a kid by their heart more than a usual dog stays. They are childish and mature slowly with time.

16. They love to swim

The most interesting fact of Golden Retrievers is that they enjoy swimming. They love water and all the water games. Retrievers are the happiest when they are in the water playing some water sports with other pups or their owner. They’re always ready to ride and dive.

17. They have various abilities

Yes, Golden Retrievers have too many inborn abilities. They can smell, spy, and track easily and sincerely. For this reason, only, they are used by certain search and rescue teams. You must have seen the dogs with inspectors and other investigation officers, they are retrievers.

They are most preferred because of their alertness and detective behavior.

18. Fourth Smartest Dog Breed

According to the American Kennel Club, Golden retrievers are considered the fourth smartest dog breed in the world. Other than them, Border Collies, Poodles, and german shepherds are on the list.

19. Water-repugnant double coats

Golden retrievers have water-repugnant double coats. The double coats shed occasionally. To minimize the shedding just brush your golden retrievers once a week.

20. They are around since the 1830s

The golden retriever club breed has been existing since the beginning of the 1830s as stated by the Golden Retrievers Club of America. It’s a long time, isn’t it?

21. Their name has a meaning

Don’t you ever wonder why they’re named as golden retrievers? 

Everyone’s name has a meaning in the same way their name has a meaning, they earned it, they were named as retrievers for bringing back the waterfowl shot out of the water. 

22. How much does a normal Golden retriever weigh?

Most commonly, a healthy and normal golden retriever weighs around 55 to 75 pounds.

23. They are about 2 feet tall

Don’t you think what makes them a great dog? It’s their height. Approximately, their height is between 1 foot 9 inches to 2 feet. Their tall body makes them a great dog.

24. They live for ten to twelve years 

When dogs die, it hurts no less than when a human dies. These Retrievers live for around ten to twelve years. And their lifespan makes them have a family.

25. Females are generally smaller than the males

Generally, female golden retrievers weigh less than the male golden retrievers. The height of female golden retrievers is approximately 21.5 inches to 22.5 inches and their weight is between 55 to 65 pounds.

26. They are of three types

Typically, golden retrievers are of three types namely American Retrievers, British Retrievers, and Canadian Retrievers. And each one of them is different in their own way. 

27. The thinnest of the three is American Retrievers

American Golden Retrievers are the thinnest among the three with thin and dark coats.

28. The tallest among them is Canadian Retrievers

Canadian Retrievers are the tallest golden retrievers in the world. They usually have darker coats.

29. The lightest among them is British Goldens

The British golden retrievers are stocky and muscular. Also, they are lightest in color.

30. All the types have the same head shapes

All three types of Golden Retrievers i.e., American retrievers, British retrievers, and Canadian retrievers have heads of the same size and shape with a well-defined stop.


31. Their head predicts how long they are going to live

Golden retriever’s head can predict how long they’ll live. Isn’t it interesting? Now you must be wondering who lives longer? 

Generally, golden retrievers who have wolf-like features and are pointed shaped they live longer than the flat-faced golden retriever.

32. They are great playmates for their dogs.

The breed of Golden Retrievers have high energy, that is why they make great playmates for their dogs.

33. Thirty minutes of playtime is a must for them

If you want your Golden Retrievers to live healthy and long, then at least give them thirty minutes of playtime per day. Also, to increase their life-span you can plan for more time.

34. They love playing in the air

Golden retrievers love playing in the outdoors, they love being in the air and doing adventures. And why they love playing outdoors is because of their history of hunting.

35. They are kind and loving

Golden Retrievers are said to be the kindest and most loving pets. That is why most of the people love them. Also, their kindness, loving, and caring nature make people buy them.

36. They are the best Guard

If you are looking for a loyal and the most friendly guard, then golden retrievers are surely the best option. They are the most loyal dogs and the best secret guards on the earth. Most importantly, they are so ready to attack as soon as they sense some danger.

Try dropping something and see what your Golden Retriever can do!

37. They need something to check on

They are the happiest when they have some work that means they must have something to check on. It can be anything from a toy or a kid to anything else.

38. They are always ready to attack

Look! You surely would not want your dog to be called a murderer or a killer, would you? So if you’re playing or roaming with your retriever in an open area, make sure to take him out on a leash for better safety.

39. Oh! They are social animals too

Yess! Just like you, retrievers are also social animals. So, if you are a social animal too, then you guys would go well. Just like you need to socialize with your friends and other people, in the same way, golden retriever needs to socialize with other dogs and pups.

Isn’t it fun? You socialize, your pet socializes, too much fun!!

40. They get jealous too often

What are your emotional needs as a human? To love and be loved, to spend time with your loved one, and to give your time to those who love you, right? Animals are also just like us, they too have such emotional needs.

In the same way, golden retrievers get jealous too often when their owner or the one who they love doesn’t give them enough time. They get jealous when their owner whom they see as a friend doesn’t spend enough time with him.

41. They too suffer from depression and anxiety

Aren’t they the same as us? Just in case, if you think that dogs or animals don’t have emotions, feelings, and a heart. Then you got it all wrong because they do feel, they do have a heart and they do get hurt and they do feel alone. They are only human just like us. 

If they are left alone for too long, if they are not treated the way they need to be treated and if they feel hurt then chances are they might get depressed.

So, if you don’t want your pet to get caught in the hands of depression and anxiety then make sure to give him/her proper time. Do not ever dare to leave your retriever alone for a long time. Just in case you did so, then please go and take him to a doctor.

42. Golden retrievers ask for attention, they wish to feel belonged

A sense of belongingness, a touch, or belonging can make us feel that they are near and closer to us. Just like you would have read before, they are like us.

To make them feel belonged and to give them relief from the pain and agony of separation, give them your belonging, anything that belongs to you.

Be it a pen, a scent, or a cloth. The best would be to give them your handkerchief or any other cloth with your scent or perfume on it. They sense and smell way too much.

43. They eat too much, their appetite is healthy

Yess, golden retrievers have a healthy diet, they eat a lot without any boundaries. Because of their habit of eating too much, they might also get attacked by obesity.

So, to save your dog from various diseases including obesity, consult a dietician, make a proper plan and give him a planned and balanced diet.

44. Chubby is cute but chubby might be unhealthy

If your pet is getting too fat and chubby then it’s not cute it’s unhealthy. Yes, golden retrievers can get too fat and that’s not funny. You seriously need to go and take him to a doctor.


45. They can suffer from plenty of diseases

Dogs too can get caught by some deadly diseases like hip dysplasia, skin infections, elbow dysplasia, numerous eye infections, hypothyroidism, and many more such diseases.

Taking proper care of them is a must to keep them safe and healthy.

46. Dogs with folded ears are prone to ear infections

If your golden retriever has folded ears, then they might get severe ear infections. So, to prevent them from such infection, keep an eye on them, and take proper care of their ears by cleaning them properly and routinely.

47. They can get caught by cancer

As stated by Golden Retrievers Club of America Study, 61% of them die from any type of cancer. That is why it is advised to take your retriever to a dog too often, monthly, or in two months.

48. They do not like chocolates

Okay! Now here’s a difference! Unlike us humans, they don’t like chocolates and even when they like it then too it’s toxic for their health. Chocolates and any other dairy food can cause serious health problems to them.

49. Grapes can cause Renal failure

They do not understand what is good for them and what is not, you are their owner and you are their caretaker. So, it’s your duty to keep them safe. Make sure to keep some food items like raisins or grapes away from them. Because eating them might cause renal failure in them.

50. Spices can give them anemia

Yes, you read it right. Onion, garlic, chili, chives, or any other such thing can give them anemia. So, make sure to keep such things away from them. 

51. Bones are not for golden retrievers

If your dog is drooling over cooked bones of any type, then don’t you dare to give him those. Actually, cooked bones are hard to digest. That is why they can choke or even infect their guts and can cause severe damage to their health.

52. They can take 300 to 400 breaths per minute

Shocked? But it’s normal in such larger breeds. They can take up to 400 breaths per minute.

53. Golden retrievers are most active in the morning

Morning is the best time for everyone, it makes us all feel refreshed, relaxed, and active for any work. In the same way, golden retrievers are also on their peak of activeness in the morning. Maybe because of their history of waking up early for hunting.

54. They do dream!!

How dreamy, no? Golden retrievers do see dreams just like us. So, when you see your retriever twitching, turning, or smiling in their sleep, assume that they must be seeing a beautiful dream.

55. Their heartbeat is so fast

The heartrate of a retriever is so fast and quick just like other animals. Approximately, the heart of a golden retriever beats at the speed of 60 to 100 beats per minute.

56. They have around 1700 taste buds

Surprised or not? You must be! Change your views if you think that they do not have taste buds and they do not understand taste. Because they can, even more than us.

A normal golden retriever has around 1700 taste buds in all whereas humans have only around 9000 taste buds. Such a Woah Woah fact, no?

57. They can give birth to 6-7 puppies at once

Who loves puppies no who doesn’t love puppies? Everyone does! Afterall who can dislike such a lovely, cute, and fluffy creature? So imagine if you get 6-7 all at once, how would you feel? Your happiness will be on peak surely. 

If you want all these puppies in your house, then pet a golden retriever and do take proper care. A retriever can give birth to a lot of puppies at a time and so much happiness to you. Pups all around, how lovely! What say?

58. Their sense of smell is stronger than ours

Dogs are most specifically known for their sense of smell and they excel in that. Their sense of smell is 100,000 times stronger than yours.

59. They can differentiate between colors

Despite all the myths, your retriever can differentiate between colors and can clearly see them.

60. Have you ever seen them curled up like a ball?

They have tips and techniques to keep their body safe. That is why they curl up their whole body just like a ball. They do this, to protect their stomach and to keep themselves warm and cozy.

Aww they are adorable, aren’t they?

61. They have three eyelids

Golden retrievers have three separate eyelids, believe me! They have an upper eyelid, a lower eyelid, and a separate membrane which is called a haw.

62. They are not aggressive

According to various studies, golden retrievers are the sixth least aggressive breed of dogs.

63. Retrievers are the second most popular dogs

Of Course, they are the most popular dogs in the world. According to the AKC charts of 1999, golden retrievers are the second most popular breed of dogs.

64. Oh! They are preferred by celebrities

Golden retrievers are the choice of many. They are most popular among many actors, actresses, and politicians.

65. They are the most perfect choice for movies/ acting

When it comes to acting and movies, golden retrievers are most preferred and valued. Why? Because they are so easy to train and they possess all the qualities.

66. Eh! They are the best dogs for impressing your date

Everyone wants their date to be successful and happy. So they do each and everything that is possible to attract and impress the other one. One such idea is to impress your date with a golden retriever as they are the best. Please note not to take Pitbull with you, because they are the worst.

67. Ancient Egyptian just treat their retriever like a human

Almost all the ancient Egyptians loved their dogs too much. They would do everything for them from their makeup to their safety, they took care of everything.

They would cut their hair, make their eyebrows, trim their nails, make them wear designer clothes and even mourn for them when they died.

68. Golden retrievers work as a support system for disabled

You heard it, they are so helpful and supportive. They work as a great support system and a caretaker of disabled children, adults, and old people.

Isn’t it so beautiful and pure?

69. They are a great fit for partly small spaces

Golden retrievers are best preferred for apartments and small-sized spaces.

70. They are super quick

Call them a mini version of cheetah, it would be fine! They are said to be super quick and the most adventurous and athletic breed. They can run at a speed of 30 miles per hour.

71. Ever wondered why they run at such high speed? 

Golden retrievers run at such a high speed but how? Actually, their shoulder blades are not attached to the rest of the skeleton. This is what makes them run faster and quicker.

72. Persin is not good for their health

Persin is toxic for their life and health. That is why you should not let them eat avocados. Actually, avocados are rich in persin. And persin is a fungicidal toxin present in them. So, avoid giving your avocados even when they want.

73. They grow quickly when they’re young

Golden retrievers grow at a fast pace when they are at a young age. That is why it is recommended to take them to the vet frequently to ensure if their bones are healthy or not.

74. Golden retrievers need a company

If you’re going to your office, market, or for some work then either take your dog with yourself or leave someone with him. They do not like being alone at all. Also, if they feel alone too much they might get depressed.

Golden Retrievers Need A Company

75. They need caretakers and therapists too

They are everyone’s caretaker but who cares for them? And they are everyone’s therapist but who is theirs? Have you ever given a thought to these questions? If not, then do stress over this now because they also need caretakers and therapists.

Also, they need people to hang out with.

76. They are so pure and extremely loyal

You can trust your golden retriever as they are trustworthy. They are inborn loyal and pure. Loyalty runs in their blood. That is why they are said to be our best friend.

77. They are the smartest

Golden Retrievers are the smartest breed of dog. They can understand and grasp anything so quickly and perfectly. Also, they are smart enough to read gestures and hand signals. That is why to train them their master sometimes makes use of signals.

78. They are one of the few dogs that can get a “Snow Nose”

At the time of winter, when the air is cold and the weather is too, how does your whole body turn? Cold, yes? 

Golden retrievers are one among the few dogs that can get a ” Snow Nose” at the time of winters. Actually, in the coldest months of winter, what happens is that some pink dots form bit by bit on the skin of a retriever.

79. He is considered full-grown just at a year’s age 

 A golden retriever is said to be fully grown when he turns one year old. And we cannot even talk when we’re at this age. Haww aren’t they smarter than us?

80. Their coats turn darker with their age

It is said that the coats of a golden retriever turn darker as they age. Usually, they get their color by the age of one when they are fully grown up.

81. The same happens with their nose

Yes, the same happens with their nose. Their nose also turns darker, specifically, it will turn natural black or brown.

82. They have natural protectors with them

At the time of too much cold and too much heat, they use their special waterproof coat. Their waterproof coat works as a savior, it protects them from unnecessary heat and cold. Isn’t it wonderful, to be your own savior?

83. They have a long coat for a reason

You should not cut their coats thinking that they have grown too long. They are there for a reason, to work as a protector.

84. The fur at some regions of a retriever’s body is heavier than the fur at some other regions

Do you know why we have hair on certain parts of the body? We have hair in some regions to protect them from harm. That is why a retriever has fur. And the fur at the back of the neck, at the bottom of their belly and at the back of their legs is much furry than other regions of the body.

85. They come in different shades

Don’t go with the name! They are available in a wide variety. And actually, they come in various bright ranges like richer golden color, yellow color, cream color, and even orange color. If you were thinking that they are limited then know that they are not, they are available in different variants.

86. You can predict what color it got by seeing the color of baby retriever’s ear

They say that you can predict or assume what color your pup is going to get when he’ll grow up. All you need to do is to check whether the pup ear is golden or yellowish or of any other color.

87. Oh! There are white Goldens too

It is officially not recognized by the American Kennel Club but some of the retrievers are also of white golden color. Some of the breeders sell them too.

88. Golden retrievers have officially existed since 1925

As stated by the American Kennel Club, golden retrievers have been in official existence for many decades. More specifically, their breed was officially registered in the American kennel club in 1925.

89. Earlier their breed was called as Golden Flat Coat

Before they were given this name, they were called as a golden flat coat. And they were called as a flat coat because of their most different and unique feature of having coats as a protector. Also, they got this feature from a flat-coated retriever.

Golden Retrievers Need A Company

90. Golden Retrievers are simply amazing and gorgeous!

They are so gorgeous that anyone can build bridges of the words defining their beauty. They are just excellent in everything from their looks to their work. Retrievers are cute, funny, and adventurous.

They work hard and they are extremely loyal, they take care of people and they also act as their therapist. Other than this, they are a perfect family dog, also they love people. They love hunting and also they are adventurous. 

Golden retrievers possess very special and unique features that a normal dog cannot have. They are good at smelling and sensing things and also they are friendly by nature. In addition to this, they are understanding and sensible.

91. They have high tolerating power

Yes, Golden retrievers are highly tolerant to pain, injuries, and wounds. They can tolerate almost every kind of injury from a gunshot to the wound of a knife. So now, you know the reason why they’re preferred by most of these inspecting agents. Because they can tolerate extreme pain.

92. They take care of cats too

Dogs and cats don’t go together, their fights are famous all over the earth. But a golden retriever takes care of all the other animals including cats too.

93. Fetch fetch is their favorite game

The fetching game is most commonly popular among the dogs. It’s their favorite game. Just like the other dogs, golden retrievers too enjoy playing the game of fetching. They just go crazy for that game.

94. They have weblike toes

The toes of golden retrievers are netted and webby. Their toes are connected by fine layers of skin.

95. Even the President own them as a pet

Yes, they are the most bought and most popular pets among everyone, be it a celebrity or a normal person. Reagan and Ford both have golden retrievers as pets.

96. Golden retrievers are smarter than cats

Indeed they are! They have more brains and intelligence than cats. Actually, the neurons of retrievers are much more than neurons of cats.

97. Golden retriever’s picture was first posted on Instagram.

Shocked, surprised, or amazed? Say what? The very first thing that was posted on Instagram was an image of a golden retriever in the year 2010.

98. A golden retriever barks the loudest

Can you believe this? The bark of a golden retriever is the loudest. Even the bark of a retriever has a world record. An Australian golden retriever named Charlie has the loudest bark of around 113 decibels.

99. A healthy and normal golden retriever can handle five balls at once.

A normal golden retriever can handle and pick up about four-five balls at once. Isn’t it amazing?

100. Golden retrievers are featured in the Guinness book of records

The name of golden retrievers comes in the title of the longest book ever written.

101. Golden retrievers were a winner at the American Kennel Club

The American Kennel Club organizes certain tests and games for them. And the first three winners in the AKC were golden retrievers. How amazing they are!

More about Golden Retrievers:


One of the distinguishing characters of this breed is their calm and sweet nature. They are bred to work with different kinds of people and eager to please their owners.

However, just like with other dogs, a Golden Retriever should be well-raised and trained properly to make the best out of them.

Quite similar to another breed of dogs, a Golden Retriever will need socialization such as exposure to different kinds of people, sounds, sights, and experiences.

All these things need to be done from a tender age, which means when they are young. Socialization will ensure that the puppy will grow into an all-rounder dog.


Golden Retrievers are known for their action and their love for outdoor activities. When you feel like jogging or hiking, your best companion will always be happy to join you.

Furthermore, if you toss a ball in your backyard, they will be happy to play with you.

Take them out for 20 to 30 minutes for vigorous exercise twice daily.

However, slacking on it could lead to behavioral problems. Golden Retrievers are “mouthy”, and hence they are the happiest when they need to carry something in their mouths, which may include a soft toy, ball, newspaper, or a smelly sock.

You will have to take special supervision if you want to raise a Golden Retriever puppy. During 4 to 7 months, they tend to grow rapidly.

As such, there may be chances of having bone disorders. Don’t allow them to play on hard surfaces like pavement until the age of 2 years when the joint bones will be fully developed. Playing on normal grass is perfectly fine.


It is recommended that you should give 2 – 3 cups of dry foods of the highest quality every day, and divided into 2 meals.

However, keep in mind that the food of an adult dog will depend upon the size, build, age, activity level, and metabolism. It is common that highly active dogs will need more food than a potato dog spending time on a couch.

The quality of food plays a crucial role. That’s because better quality food will nourish your dog. It is important to keep your Golden Retriever in great shape by giving him accurate food rather than leaving food all the time.

When you are raising a retriever puppy, you need to take care and attention. This breed of dog does well when you give them a low-calorie diet of the highest quality.

Maintenance and Coat Color:

A Golden Retriever will have an outer coat that repels water along with a thick undercoat. The furs are stretched on almost every part of the body that includes front legs and underbody.

There is a heavy fur on the back of things like tail, and chest.

This dog breed comes with different shades of gold that range from dark to light golden color. The Golden will shed furs during the summers and winters, and heavily during the spring and then afterward.

If you live with them or intend to buy one, to may need to adapt to dealing with a significant amount of dog hair in your clothes and house.

If you want to get rid of tangling, you should brush them daily, or once in a week, which is a minimum.

Your pup needs a bath at least once in a month, or often frequently so that he can smell good and look clean.

You need to brush their teeth as well, at least a couple of times in a week for removing the buildup of tartar, or any kind of bacteria that is dwelling inside.

It is even better if you do a daily brushing for your pup, as it will prevent bad breath and gum diseases. You have to trim nails a couple of times in a month if they don’t wear them naturally.


If you can hear their nails make a clicking sound on the floor, they are too long. Short trimmed nails help in keeping their feet in a good condition.

The blood vessels found on their toenails tend to bleed if you cut too far. At such, your dog won’t cooperate whenever he will see a nail cutter. Hence, if you are inexperienced in trimming nails, take assistance from a groomer or vet.

The folded ears serve as a dark and warm environment for fungus and bacteria to grow in.

Therefore, breed of dogs that have long folded ears such as Golden Retriever, may suffer from ear infections. Their ears must be checked once in a week for bad odor or redness, which will indicate an infection.

Whenever he gets wet, it is wise for you to check their ears. When you check them soon after getting wet, use a cotton ball and gently wipe them out. Clean the outer ear carefully so that nothing gets inside the ear canal.

Make regular brushing a habit for your Golden Retriever when he is a puppy. Taking care of your pet dog should be a fun-filled experience with rewards and praises.

Always check for rashes, sores, or other indications of infection such as tenderness, redness, and inflammation in the mouth, eyes, nose, or feet. Make sure to keep their eyes clean and free from discharge or redness.

Other Pets and Children:

The attitude of a Golden Retriever toward other pets is merrier. He will enjoy the company of other dogs. With proper training and instructions, your pet can be trusted with other animals.

The best thing about Golden Retrievers is that they aren’t bothered by the commotion of kids.

However, you should teach your children some basic things that include approaching and touching them. Don’t forget to teach them never to go nearer a dog while he is sleeping or eating, or try to take the food away from them.


Now you know a heap of Golden Retriever facts that I can almost guarantee you never knew (especially the egg one).

There are many factors of why this dog is amazing, but I’ll let you decide from here. If you haven’t already, then be sure to share this article with others on the net! Let them know about some fun facts too!

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