10 Tips to get rid of golden retriever odor

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Its something that we all hate to admit but our lovely little or big friends can sometimes wind up really smelly. The good news is that it’s not always your fault if you find that your retriever is stinky, as they naturally have more of an odor than other breeds.

But not all is lost as you can still maintain this odor by implementing just a few of the tips mentioned below in this post. It’s highly important that you maintain your dog’s odor as this can sometimes lead to the build-up of other problems and it just happens to be unfortunate that golden suffer this bad.

Hey, I’m Rachael, and the owner of a 2-year Golden retriever (Bella) and she certainly can build up a little smell from time to time. She isn’t allowed on the couch but when left untreated I will always seem to find her hair all around the couch and around the rest of the house too.

That’s why I decided to set out and fix the problem in the first place. And not just that, but over the years I have now managed to find a few things that work well and I’ll be sharing everything with you right here.

Now you may know that there are many types of treatments to this problem, and so I thought I would clear up your understanding of what options will be best for your situation.

Home remedies vs a trip to the vets

There are a few times when a trip t the vets is almost inevitable and that’s just because the control is out of your hands. This is not the case with when it comes to your dog’s odor, but there are a few things you need to look out for in order to confirm this.

First things first, and that means searching for where the odor is coming from. You may notice that it is from your dog’s breath, ears or gas from his/her bottom end. Any of the 3 mentioned areas would require a further look as this could be health-related and may need to be inspected by an expert.

There is a great post that I have found that explains how to spot these problems too. The idea is that you do not want to be using home remedies on a problem that is far too severe for that type of solution.

Its kinda like putting a bandaid on a broken leg. Once you can rule this out then you can be sure that a trip to the vets will be avoided and you will still be able to afford that second vacation this year.

If you want to be sure then all you need to do is give your dog a once over and make sure that the smell is actually coming from his/her coat. If that’s the case then I got some great tips on how you can treat this below.


A 10 tip guide to getting rid of your dog’s bad odor

I always like to be the best and when I researched this topic before writing this post I could only find a few vague answers on how to get rid of golden retriever odor. I set out to create the best resource on the internet for this particular topic where I would share everything you need to know about it from start to finish.

Now by no means is this a masterpiece, but if you’re looking to solve this problem then this is what you need. So without further ado, let us get into the 10 tips for getting rid of golden retriever odor.

Tip 1 – Targeting the source of the problem first

Go straight to the source and find the area of your dog that smells. Next, you will want to get them in for bath time with some oatmeal shampoo. This will help to get out any muck or dirt that has gotten tangled up in his/her coat over the past few weeks.

The truth is you will find that a lot of posts online will tell you that you need to vacuum and clean your home in order to solve this problem. Whilst that is good advice, I am here to tell you that it is only partially helpful.

Why? Because if you go around cleaning up and your pup still smells, you will still end up in the same position, again! So my approach instead is the reverse to that of where I advise that you target the source of the problem first and then clean up everything after.

Now, I may be wording this in a way that implies this problem can be fixed in one day. If I did then I’m sorry to tell you that this will not be a 1-day fix or a quick fix. Instead, you will need to take this on as a new way of moving forward and over the course of a week or so you will start to notice everything becoming easier to maintain.

Essentially, it’s not a set it and forget it type of method but more a way that you need to live from here on. Of course, that is if you want an odor free home. Let’s move onto tip number 2.


Tip 2 – Test out a new shampoo for your pup

Sometimes you may find that you are sticking to using certain products either because they used to work before or they are what you’re familiar with. This can be great sometimes when you are doing certain things but when it comes to your dog’s odor, then you could be really doing more harm than good. For this reason, it is really important that you try a different shampoo.

Some shampoos can cause your dog’s skin to really dry up, resulting in a dry flaky skin that starts to smell over time. A great shampoo is Organics Pet Skin Treatment, as its a really good solution made up of natural products to help with dry itchy skin.

You may also want to try out a new shampoo. And the ones I recommend are a few that I have personally tested and believe to be good for the purpose of this post.

All of them are good for double coats and golden so just pick the one that you feel is best suitable and then see if anything changes in your dog’s odor over the course of a month or so.

Tip  3 – Groom you’re golden more often

If you have already exercised the option of bathing your dog and your still getting the odor to come back sooner rather than later. Then you may need to look at the option of grooming your golden more often than you already have been.

This will involve you brushing them down every 1 to 2 days and raking out any loose hairs in his/her coat to avoid dirt and debris sitting inside of you Goldens fur. This is one that used to be a big problem for me until I got hold of a few tools that have been priceless in value to me over the longer period.

It’s so nice to be able to attack the problem and prevent it beforehand with the right utensils. I have a post explaining how to grow a golden too. I even have a step by step guide explaining on how to groom your golden there too. So I’m sure it will provide you some useful tips. So now its time for tip number 4.

dog_teeth new

Tip  4 – Brush your Goldens Teeth

If your anything like me then you would probably pay attention to your golden’s coat more than anything else when it comes to stink. That’s a good thing to have in mind and a great place to check, but you also cannot forget about the other places that a Golden builds up stink too.

A dogs breath un-left can get into shockingly bad conditions. So the next time you smell a fart like a stench coming from your dog, then make sure to check out their gums to see if they need a brush.

But no no no, that is not always the case. Maintaining your dog’s teeth is just as important for reducing bad odors. So I suggest that brush your dog’s teeth at least 3 times per week and then slowly over time move up to daily. When doing this, it is important that you set a routine to make it easier on you and your dog in the process.

Tip 5 – Change your retriever’s diet

It’s easy to forget that your dog’s diet goes hand in hand with what comes out of them. It’s like the old saying that what goes in is what comes out. And I make that very true in this case as food can play a huge part in odor.

It’s far too common that the cheapest of foods are usually the ones that cause the most problems. Using a better brand will most certainly improve odors if they are gas related in most cases. But this does not mean that the actual food is always the problem.

As you need to also backtrack and see if you have changed your dog’s food in the last month or so. This is could very easily be the root of the problem and it would be down to the fact that you have changed them over to the new product to fast.

Whats better instead is to make it a more gradual process in order to allow your retriever’s body and digestive system to adjust accordingly. Make sure to avoid any table scraps too as you may think you’re doing good but its more harmful than you think. Tip 6.

cleaning dog bed

Tip 6 – Cleaning your golden retriever’s bedding

This is a great way to ensure that your dog is always in a clean environment at all times. Their bedding can be easily overlooked as it is simply where they sleep. However, you have to that dogs are constantly outside picking up things and eating things that they see on the street.

When they get home, all of that is marched right into the house and then into his/her bed before they take a nap. The best part about all of this is the fact that it can be fixed very easily. All you need to do is wash your dog’s bedding more often and this should sort it out in no time.

I recommend washing it out with some hot water and vinegar or hot water and baking soda to kill any smells or bad odors. Make sure to avoid using any fabric softeners as this may irritate your dog’s skin too. Even make sure to spray down any nonwashable items with a hose out in the backyard as this will ensure that everything is clean. Onto the next section for tip 7.

Tip 7 – Wipe down your dog’s ears

Ears are another area that can build up a lot of bad smell. You may find that you can’t even find the root of the smell after thinking that you have checked their whole body. Ears can very easily in most cases be the culprit of the crime. Make sure you go and check those too. If you find that this is the case, then there are a few steps you can take to fix it.

fresh air with Rachael summers

Firstly, you will need a batch of wipes to wipe down your golden ears to ensure that there are no fungal bacteria building up behind or inside of his/her ears. For the inside of their ears or around the eyes, I recommend you use some warm water and cotton balls to gently wipe away any dirt or debris from the inside.

Be very careful with this and always make sure that your dog is relaxed as this could result in a bad reaction in his/her behavior. Onto tip number 8…

Tip  8 – Get yourself an air deodorizer

When all else fails then you may need to simply get something that will cover up the smell of your pooch.

CAVEAT: you should not use any type of spray on your dog’s coat or try to cover their smell by putting something on them.

Instead, you can get a professional deodorizer that is built for getting rid f bad odors such as shoes, pets & Cooking. This will guarantee to maintain a nice smelling environment even when your sog starts to stink a little from time to time.

machine for air

The product that I recommend is what I believe to be the best on the market which is the Alpine Air Commercial Ozone Generator. This product will quickly remove any bad odors in the air whilst providing a nice cool air to breathe in your home.

Tip 9 – Let there be air!

You may find that your dog is building up a lot of heat because it’s too hot for them depending on what state you’re in. Sometimes a little cool air can be enough to air the place out and irradicate any bad smells.

If you have a few windows and double doors in your home, then open them all up and ‘let there be air’. It can go a long way in reducing the stink and helping your dog to cool down in hot weather conditions. And last but not least is tip number 10.

dog house outdoors

Tip 10 – Buy an outdoor dog house

This tip for the OCD extremist that simply cannot bear the thought of smelling any dog odor for a second longer. And if you find that this is the case, then you may want to either build or buy an outdoor dog house. This can be a great option if your state has good weather conditions.

Also of course if you have a backyard too. Far too often we say that our pets should be in the house but then moan when they are. To solve that problem I suggest that you get an outdoor home and if you want to make it really comfy then get some heating put in with lights and timers.

That way its the same as the house but your golden will have their own little pad to go back to every night. And that will simply make sure to get rid of the smell as the dog will not be in the house. And if you got 2 dogs then even better as they will keep each other occupied when inside their new home.


So there you have my best 10 tips on how to get rid of bad odors on your golden retriever inside of your home. From bathing your dog to building an outside home, this post covers it all. I suggest that you select a few tips and apply them to your situation to see if it works.

Make sure to give yourself at least a month to really know if anything is working and then leave your results as a comment below for me and the rest of the community to know how you got on.

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Rachael Summers

Rachael Summers

Rachael Summers is the Founder and Senior Editor at Dig Doggy. She is a lifelong canine enthusiast and adores dogs of all shapes and sizes! Rachael also loves iced coffee, hammocks, and puppy-cuddling!

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Rachael Summers

Rachael Summers

Rachael Summers is the Founder and Senior Editor at Dig Doggy. She is a lifelong canine enthusiast and adores dogs of all shapes and sizes! Rachael also loves iced coffee, hammocks, and puppy-cuddling!

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