Top 100 Male and Female names of golden retrievers

Golden Retrievers have often been thought of as America’s dog. With their sunny disposition, loyalty, and friendliness they are some of the most sought after dogs, and a dog as good as a Golden Retriever deserves a name just as good. 

What’s in a name?

Names are something we’re given at birth and in many ways seems to have become synonymous with our character.


A dog’s name should do the same, and it’s important to have a name picked out for your dog in order to acclimate it to that name early on, but you don’t want to use just any overused dog name like “Max” or “Lucy” a good name is unique, creative, and reflects who you are. 

How to Choose a Name for your Golden Retriever

Before you see the lists of Golden Retriever Names, it can seem very daunting to choose a name for your new dog. So I have put together a handy list of five quick tips to choose the best name for your Golden Retriever.

Use Personal Names

Maybe you wanted to name your next baby something or a past baby too, Well here’s your chance! 

Look Online

Check out the rest of this post for many names to choose from male or female. 

Ask your Friends

You never know what a good friend can pop out with when prompted to do so. Make use of those around you and see what they can dig up. 

Observe your Puppy

Choosing a name for your dog should not be a challenge – if you know their personality inside and out. Golden Retrievers are full of cheer and friendliness, so why not use this as a source of inspiration?

Go with your Heart

Some names will just feel right. If you find a name that clicks straight away then it probably is the perfect one for your new canine.

So here are our top 100 names for Golden Retrievers and what they mean.


50 Unique Female Golden Retriever Names

We’re going to kick things off the gentlemen’s way by letting the ladies go first.

1. Minerva

This name comes from Roman mythology and is the name for the goddess of wisdom. This name characterizes older Golden Retrievers very well, as they are known for their intelligence and always seem to have a wise look in their eyes when they are adults.

2. Lucy

I especially love this name for a red Golden Retriever because it reminds me of the television series I Love Lucy, and Golden Retrievers can be just as goofy and silly as Lucille Ball. The name itself means “light.”

3. Autumn

This is another great name for red Golden Retrievers because who doesn’t think of fall leaves when they hear the name Autumn. It, of course, gains its meaning from the fall season.

4. Kaya 

This is another beautiful name that implies wisdom. 

5. Luna 

Luna comes from the Latin for “moon”, and has an air of mystery to it.

6. Aspen

This is another incredibly beautiful name. While it certainly calls to my mind the image of skiing on snowy mountain landscapes, it’s meaning is “nature.”

7. Verena

Verena is also a Latin name. It means “integrity,” which Golden retrievers undoubtedly have.

8. Bailey

Bailey means “law enforcer” and brings out the more stern and serious side of your Golden Retriever.

9. Camilla

Camilla means young “ceremonial attendant.” This name is just beginning to gain popularity and also has roots in Latin.

10. Honey

Another great name, to bring out the color of your Golden Retriever’s coat, and to make an instant connection. This name also brings out your dog’s naturally sweet disposition.

11. Dakota 

Meaning “friendly one,” Dakota is such a great name for quite possibly the happiest looking dog on earth. 

12. Peaches

A sweet Southern sounding name, Peaches, obviously, comes from the sweet and soft fruit and makes a great Golden Retriever name.

13. Daphne 

Daphne is a Greek name from a myth, although many associates it with Britain. Daphne means “laurel tree and bay tree.”

14. Vicki

This name means “conqueror” and is a variation of the name Victoria. 

15. Phoebe

This name comes from Greek mythology as well. Phoebe was another name for Artemis, the goddess of the moon and hunting. This name means “radiant, shining one.” It also brings to mind a certain TV sitcom character known for her outlandish personality and guitar playing skills.

16. Dixie

Another southern style name, Dixie actually comes from the Latin word for “tenth.”

17. Gemma

This name is Italian and means “precious stone.”

18. Rose or Rosie

Nothing is more classic than a rose and a Golden Retriever is a classically beautiful and popular dog. This name, of course, means “rose” or “flower,” and is Latin in etymology. 

19. Paisley

This beautiful name is unique, but perfect for a Golden Retriever girl, and imagine how cute she would look in a paisley bandanna.

20. Willow

Willow, of course, brings to mind the willow tree. These trees are often associated with magic.

21. Pixie

A Celtic name, Pixie means “fairy” and is the perfect name for a beautiful magical puppy.

22. Eva

This name is Hebrew in origin and means “life.”

23. Scarlet

This bright red color is the perfect name for a bright personality and red-furred Golden Retriever.

24. Olivia

Latin for “olive tree,” this name often invokes the idea of peace.

25. Grace or Gracie

A classic American name for a classic American dog, this name is, of course, referring to the virtue of grace.

26. Emma 

German in origin, Emma means “universal” and is another classically beautiful female name.

27. Millie

Millie means “strong in work” and is a German and English name. 


28. Lily

Another flower name, Lily is a great name for a Golden Retriever and reminds me of Lily Potter from the Harry Potter series.

29. Hazel

Hazel brings to mind the hazelnut tree and those big beautiful brown eyes that Golden Retrievers are known for.

30. Josie

A variation of Josephine, Josie means “Jehovah increases.” 

31. Chloe

This name means “young green shoot,” and brings to mind regrowth and spring time. What a great name for an eternally youthful dog.

32. Heidi

Heidi often brings to mind the spunky character Shirley Temple played in the movie Heidi. Heidi also means “of noble birth.”

33. Lexie

A variation of the name Alex, Lexie has recently become a popular name thanks to the character Lexie Grey from Grey’s Anatomy.

34. Ginger

Red hair is often called ginger in Britain, making it the perfect name for a red haired dog.

35. Missy

Missy is a variation of Melissa and means “honey bee.”

36. Zoey 

Zoey like Eva also means “life.” Zoey is a variation of Zoe and is Greek in origin.

37. Stella

Latin in origin, Stella means “star.” The name is remembered for being yelled bY Marlon Brando in A Streetcar Named Desire.

38. Sierra

Another nature name, Sierra is Spanish and means “saw.”

39. Ruby

Another red name, ruby refers to the precious stone and is Latin.

40. Lady

Lady is a beautiful dog name and reminiscent of the 1950’s Disney character.

41. Penny

Deriving from the name Penelope, Penny means “weaver.”

42. Nala

 Another Disney name, Nala is African in origin, but the meaning remains unknown.

43. Katie

Katie is English and Greek and means “pure.” It is a shortened form of Katherine.

44. Gigi

Gigi is French in origin and has often been used as a shortened version of Georgia.

45. Callie

Meaning “beautiful,” Callie is the perfect name for such a beautiful dog.

46. Hannah 

Hannah is a Hebrew name and means “grace.”

47. Minnie

While this name may bring to mind images of a mouse, Minnie is a great name for a smart dog like a Golden Retriever. It means “of the mind or intellect.”

48. Sydney

This angelic name means “Saint Denis,” and is French in origin.

49. Charlie

This cute universal name means “free man” and is actually derived from Charlotte or Charles.

50. Pearl

Pearl is a Latin name that brings to mind the white gems that are so classically beautiful, just like Golden Retrievers.

golden retriever puppy and mom

Male Golden Retriever Names

Now that we’ve given they ladies their due, it’s time to look at male Golden Retriever names.

1. Basil

Basil is more than just a spice. It’s a name and it means “regal.”

2. Jackson

Meaning “son of Jack,” Jackson is one of the most popular boy names for humans, but it can also make a great Golden Retriever name.

3. Milo

A German name, Milo means “soldier or merciful.” 

4. Tucker

Is a working man’s name from England. It’s a great name for a hard-working and energetic dog.

5. Asa

Asa means “healer”, and fits perfectly for the name of some of the best therapy dogs in the world,

6. Jasper

Jasper in addition to being a stone means “bringer of treasure.” It is Persian in origin.

7. Andre 

A variation of Andrew, Andre simply means “man.”

8. Loki

Loki is a Norse name for the god of mischief and has been popularized by Tom Hiddleston’s character in The Avengers. Loki is a great name for your favorite mischievous rascal.

9. Jax

Jax is a great name for a dog and doesn’t have a specific meaning. It is actually a more modern name. 

10. Beau

An old southern name, Beau means “charming”.

11. Winston 

Winston means a “joy stone”, and is perfect for the dog who is the source of your joy.

12. Mandel

Meaning “almond”, Mandel is a great name for the dog with an almond color coat or almond-shaped eyes.

13. Maverick

American in origin, Maverick means “independent” or “nonconformist.” It became popular after Top Gun was released.

14. Felix

Felix means “happy”, and that makes it a perfect name for any dog.

15. Noah

A Hebrew name, Noah means “rest” or “wandering.”

16. Pluto

The classic dog deserves a classic all American cartoon name. Pluto means “wealth” or “riches.”

17. Shiloh

Shiloh means “gift” and that’s exactly what your Golden Retriever is to you.

18. Rusty

Evoking the picture of red rust, Rusty is a popular male Golden Retriever name.

19. Parker

Parker means “park-keeper”, which is probably every Golden Retriever’s dream.

20. Quincy

Quincy means “the fifth son.” This is a great name for a Golden who is a member of a large family.

21. Reggie

A variation of Reginald, Reggie means “counsel power.”

22. Ace

Another Top Gun name, Ace means “one” or “unity.”

23. Rocky

Rocky is Italian. The name means “rest,” and also conjures up the image of a tough boxer.

24. Otis

German in origin, Otis means “wealthy.”

25. Apollo

Apollo comes from Greek Mythology. Apollo was the god of medicine, music, and poetry.

26. Harley

This is definitely a tough guy name, which brings to mind motorcycles and a drifters soul.

27. Leo

German in origin, Leo means “lion.” Courageous and friendly are ways to describe this animal and the lovable Golden Retriever.

28. Duke

Duke comes from English rank and nobility and is the perfect way to describe the noble nature of the Golden Retriever.

29. Chase

Why not name your dog after one of the things he loves to do most? Chase means “to hunt.”

30. Zeus

Another Greek god name, Zeus was the god of the sky, thunder, and lightning.

31. Winston

Winston is an English name that has been associated with Winston Churchill. It is a very noble and proper name and means “wine’s town.”

32. Moose

Moose is a great name for a big and silly Golden Retriever.

33. Thor

If you don’t like the idea of naming your dog after Loki, why not try the name, Thor? This name is for the god of thunder and for the dog with a thunderous bark.

34. Teddy

This name comes from the name Theodore and reminds me of Theodore Roosevelt. It also reminds me of teddy bears, which are essentially what Golden Retrievers are at heart.

35. Ringo

Ringo is English in origin, but the meaning remains unknown.

36. Sparky

If your Golden has a lot of spunk. Sparky may just be the perfect way to describe and name him.

37. Samson 

Hebrew for “the sun,” Samson is a great name for Golden Retrievers with sunny dispositions.

38. Gunner

Gunner means “bold warrior” and is of Scandinavian origin.

39. Luke

A biblical and popular name, Luke means “man from Lucania.” 

40. Spencer

An English name, Spencer means “house steward, dispenser of provisions.” A good name for the dog that serves loyally.

41. Rufus

A great name to match the great color of a Golden Retriever, Rufus means “red-haired.”

42. Joey

Coming from the name Joseph, a Hebrew, and biblical name, Joey is a fun way to remind yourself of this Bible character.

43. Solomon

Solomon is Hebrew and means “peace.” It was also the name of the wisest king in the Bible and makes a great name for a wise dog.

44. TJ

A fun and playful name, TJ means “gift of God.”

45. Watson

This name is great for a loyal and faithful companion like Golden Retrievers or John Watson, from the Sherlock Holmes books. 

46. Storm

Storm is a powerful name and invokes images of amazing weather that can be both frightening and awe inspiring.

47. Zane

Zane is another Hebrew name, meaning “gift of God.”

48. Wrigley

A unique and silly name. Wrigley is perfect for an enthusiastic pup.

49. Toby

Another name from the Sherlock Holmes novels, Toby is the dog that Sherlock uses to hunt down criminals and is a great name for a hunting dog.

50. Stanley

Stanley means “dweller near a stony clearing.”


Get a custom name tag and dog collar

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All of these names are unique and fit the enthusiastic and lovable nature of a Golden Retriever. While this is not an exhaustive list of Golden Retriever names it includes some of my personal favorites.

Every dog deserves a good name that has had thought put into it. I hope if you’re reading this and haven’t found the perfect name that you will use this list as a jumping-off point and continue to look until you find a name that is uniquely suited to your new companion.

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Rachael Summers

Rachael Summers

Rachael Summers is the Founder and Senior Editor at Dig Doggy. She is a lifelong canine enthusiast and adores dogs of all shapes and sizes! Rachael also loves iced coffee, hammocks, and puppy-cuddling!

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Rachael Summers

Rachael Summers

Rachael Summers is the Founder and Senior Editor at Dig Doggy. She is a lifelong canine enthusiast and adores dogs of all shapes and sizes! Rachael also loves iced coffee, hammocks, and puppy-cuddling!

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