Best golden retriever toys: Treats, Soft toys and more!

Every new year that comes along will bring new goals and new items that need buying AGAIN! And it’s the perfect time to buy just after the new year starts.

That’s when all the sales are on and spending a little cash seems well worth it when you know that you’re getting a great deal. At least that’s what I do…so in this post, I will share all the best golden retriever toys this year.


Where are these toys listed from?

All of the toys inside of this posted have been listed from Amazon. That is where I buy a majority of my best golden retriever toys for Bella and it can be very difficult to find universal sellers that supply these toys elsewhere.

Not only that but a guess that a majority of you will also use Amazon as they are a great genuine company that always delivers on time! If you do find that you need a different place to buy this product then at least you have seen a review first.

Here are the top 10 toys currently to check out now!

10 Best Golden retriever toys

My Top 5 Best golden retriever toys

So here you have the 5 best golden retriever dog toys that I have tried and tested with my Golden Bella. When I decided to make this blog I went out and bought a ton of new toys for her but these 5 stood out to clearly take the spot here.

1. Benebone Bacon Flavored Chew Toy


This toy has a real bacon flavor so your dog will absolutely love the taste of it. Bella can stay with this toy for hours on end just licking away with no care in the world. This toy was manufactured for dogs under 70 pounds so I golden just falls under that category by a margin. It’s also the USA made the product so you can be sure that it is well manufactured to spec.

This toy also goes along with the Benebone Dental Dog Chew Toy that is used to help with aggressive chewers or dental problems. I did buy this too and I have to say that both of them did really well with Bella and I would definitely class her to be an aggressive chewer.

dental chew toy

And the best part is that if you find your dog does not like the bacon flavor then there are 2 other flavors to choose from. They also have a peanut flavor and a chicken flavor. So I am 110% sure that there will be something there that your pup will enjoy.


This toy is really good with the way it has been designed as it has 2 handles like sides that allow your dog to hold it down and really get a good chew. Too many times I will notice that with other toys Bella is left frustrated because she cannot grip the toy.

This, on the other hand, is completely the opposite and so you will not have that problem here. Overall if I had to give this toy a rating then it would be a 9/10 and that is because there was an issue the toy getting stuck around some dog jaws.

But that is purely down to the size of your dog. For Bella, it has been just fine as me and a friend has both never had an issue with this.

2. KONG Xtreme Rubber Dog Chew Toy


This product literally speaks for itself as it has been one of the best sellers on Amazon for the past 2 years. I honestly love this toy and I also use it to give Bella frozen peanut butter and food that she can eat for hours.

It is hands down the best toy that I have owned and I would highly recommend it for any dog breed.

Firstly with this toy, you will get different sizes so you can see what toy will best fit your pooch before buying.


Most dog owners also buy the rubber tire that goes with it as a deal which I found to be really good too. You may see that a few people’s pups have managed to chew through this but the only breed I see his happen with is pit bulls.

Now they are known to have very strong jaws so I’m not sure this toy would be best for them. But I would still say try it out as its worth trying to see how long it will last with your dog specifically.

For golden’s, on the other hand, this is a fantastic product and I would highly recommend that you purchase the 2 as a pair if you decide to get this one. Here’s is a video of 2 pups going at it with the rubber tire, so it can make a good toy for a pair too:


As you can see from the images above, these toys are very well made and Kong has been around for a while delivering the best dog toys time and time again.

The Xtreme chew toy has been designed so that if you fill it with food your dog will only be able to get out a certain amount at a time which can be mentally stimulating for them too.

Then you have the tire which is great for your dog to play with other dogs with and also good for outdoor games. This is round and tough so your dog can grip it with his/her paws and hold it down whilst getting a good chew.

3. Chuckit Ultra Ball

Now, this is a toy that I recently tried out and to my surprise, it was really good. I mean Bella still plays with it daily and it has lasted at least 2 months now with no problems at all. This is like a tennis ball on steroids, it’s 10x better! It has a great bounce to it as it is made out of tough durable rubber and you can take them absolutely anywhere and play.


I recently saw a question that another customer left for this product asking if it was indestructible. Now the response was that for the most part, it is. But the fact that someone is asking that tells you that their dog could not get through it no matter what. If you decide to buy this then it’s safe to say that you will not need to buy those cheap tennis balls again.


There is also a cool little launcher that goes hand in hand with this too so that you can throw the ball a little distance for your dog to fetch it back. Again, I would say that this was good too as I had a bad shoulder for the best part of last year and with this launcher, it helps me to throw further whilst not hurting my arm or shoulder.

This would make a good option for most parents who can’t throw too far! Here is a little video on how it works in action. Here you’ll get a better idea of how this toy works.


Overall this product was well made for you and your pup as the launcher has a good nice grip on it that feels very strong and durable. Whilst the ball itself is something of this planet.

It literally looks really cool with the bright vibrant colors, so it’s super easy to find and it’s also indestructible as it has been referred to many times. Definitely a good buy.

4. Do rope toys for Aggressive Chewers


This is not so much 1 toy but instead a pack of 10 different toys all in one. Now, for the most part, the other toys listed inside of ts post have been all toys that are focused around your dog being left alone to play on their own.

However, if you are buying these ropes then you better be prepared to be outside with them playing. So this would be more ideal for when taking your pup on a long walk to the park or for a day out etc.


See more details on this product on Amazon here.

Inside of the pack you get around 10 ropes that come in all different shapes and sizes. So no matter what breed you have or how big or small your pup is, this will still be a great option.

To be completely honest I think your kind of spoilt for choice when it comes to this toy as there are so many different ropes for different activities. So if you do find that you cannot be outside with them then you can still find a rope that is better suited for them to be left alone.

The only downside to any kind of rope is the fact that it is rope so you need to be careful that your dog does not rip and swallow any of it. No matter how well it has been manufactured and so on.


The most interesting part about the company behind this product is that they are a not for profit organization that helps rescue dogs in bad conditions.

This alone was a good buying option for me but to my surprise, their product later also became an Amazon Choice bestseller…So I guess the product was really good too.

I have used the roped for around 7 months now and nothing has been damaged to my awareness. Overall a great product for your pup.

5. Nisosy Dog Toothbrush Chew Toy


The first thing that I found funny about this product was the fact that they called it a toothbrush when it looks more like a cactus to me. But who am I to comment. But the toy definitely does what it says on the in as my golden Bella would not let me get to her teeth.

Which then led me to search for a product that she could play with and brush too. So the way the toy is designed is so that you can fill it down the middle with toothpaste and then give the toy to your dog to chew on.


Whilst they chew, they will also get out a part of the toothpaste little by little that will help to clean their teeth. Which of course would explain why they have called it a toothbrush chew toy!

dot-toy-image-2-tothbrush-1 (1)


This is a nice vibrant toy that will attract the attention of your dog time and time again. It even looks edible to me at times… but on a serious note, it is definitely a great looking product and works well with Bela when I need to clean her teeth.

The little rubber fangs that are placed inside of the center of the toy is where your dog’s teeth are cleaned. When they try to go down the middle to get out the toothpaste their teeth are polished in the process too. This is a great product that is useful for you to use several times a year.


So there you have a complete list of toys for your golden retriever that you can get started with right away. Golden retrievers are fun-loving dogs that require a ton of stimulation each and every day, so making sure you have some toys is absolutely essential.

Rachael Summers

Rachael Summers

Rachael Summers is the Founder and Senior Editor at Dig Doggy. She is a lifelong canine enthusiast and adores dogs of all shapes and sizes! Rachael also loves iced coffee, hammocks, and puppy-cuddling!

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Rachael Summers

Rachael Summers

Rachael Summers is the Founder and Senior Editor at Dig Doggy. She is a lifelong canine enthusiast and adores dogs of all shapes and sizes! Rachael also loves iced coffee, hammocks, and puppy-cuddling!

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