Husky mix golden retriever & Everything you should know

We are surely lucky to experience some of the most unique and amazing pups of our time.

One particular breed being the husky mix golden retriever, which can be also referred to as the Goberian.

Its been around 10 years to the date that the first husky mix golden retriever was publicly acknowledged.


These beautiful pups are created from a cross-breed of the golden retriever and the Siberian husky.

Appearance-wise you will find that they have a long thick coat from the golden retriever with wolf-like features from a husky. Most of the husky mixed golden retrievers that I have seen also have stunning blue eyes.

Whether you’re looking to purchase one of these beauties or just simply looking for more information on them. Then keep reading to find out more about this new unique pup.

What does a golden retriever mix with a husky look like?

They usually have a long snout for a mouth oppose to the shorter mouth of the husky. In regards to color, well you can find many different colors for this breed of dog. Here are a few I have come across so far:

  • Blackish white
  • Browny white
  • Salt and pepper
  • Cream
  • Blackish brown
  • Golden too!
golden goberian


These dogs are very strongly built with a muscular build and long thick double coat to keep them warm. The color of their eyes are usually found to be blue but I have also seen brown & grey or one of each as well.

Yes, that was not a typo, I am literally talking about a dog with to different colored eyes. Whilst the majority of Goberians have the thick long coat, you may also find some with shorter medium double coats from the husky.

It’s quite interesting to see when having a golden fur with short-medium length oppose to what you may find commonly familiar. Depending on the dominant gene will depend on the color a Goberian will turn out.


How Goberians differ from other breeds

An interesting fact about these dogs comes from their parents. As if you were to trace the history of a golden retriever. Then you would find that they were originally bred for a Lord back in the 19th century to retrieve shot waterfowl.

Goldens are naturally built to be loving caring, follow instructions and please their owners. On the reverse of that, you find that Siberian husky was used to keep us warm back in the Siberian winters.

These dogs are used to roaming free in leading in packs whilst exploring. Oddly enough there has been no found evidence as of yet to prove that a Goberian has taken both traits of the parents.

Instead what you will find is that they usually will have the direct personality of one of their parents. So this makes the subject of personality very subjective to each specific dog. You may find that when is very independent whilst the other is very parent oriented.


Other differences include…

Secondly, you will find a clear distinction in this breed to other dogs as they simply look very different. There have been other cross-breeds made with the husky but when you chase back the golden retriever they too are mixed.

The golden retriever was initially bred from the yellow retriever and the Tweed water spaniel that is now extinct. The initial purpose was because Lord Tweedmouth and the other royals needed a dog that could retrieve whilst in water efficiency.

As a result, the beautiful golden retriever was born.


Size and weight of Goberians

The Goberians weight for an adult can range from around 35 and 80 pounds. Again, depending on the parents will depend on how big you can expect them to grow. The measurement of these dogs is around 20 to 24 inches tall for a male or female.

There is no doubt about it that these dogs were going to be smart. With the Golden Retriever being a very smart efficient dog able to retrieve and help the less fortunate.

Huskies, on the other hand, can be a bit more difficult to train. It is known that huskies are not designed for first-time dog owners.

Usually, when they go through training classes you will find that they learned very well and then fail to implement anything when they get home. This is because they have a very dominant personality so you have to establish yourself as the pack leader in the early stages. 


Track records prove it!

They are fun-loving dogs and have the ability to learn effectively. So if you are implementing training from a young age then there is no reason why they shouldn’t be great dogs as an adult.

From the Golden Retriever, they have traits that are very kind and caring intend to be gentle and good around children. If you go down the route of dog obedience training then you should start from around as little as 8 weeks old.

A few things to know about their health

Golden retrievers are considered to be very healthy. However, over the recent few years, you will find that a terrible disease has been wiping out these dogs in their older ages.

They are very susceptible to hip dysplasia, cancer and I sections that have become more common in the millennium years. A


How long can this dog live?

It is highly advised that you pay close attention to any symptoms that may pop up to catch them early. In regards to how long these pups can live while the golden retrievers on average on living currently from 10 to 12 years.

Whilst you find that Siberian huskies live from about 12 to 14 years. So you can expect this little beautiful part 2 live anywhere between those two figures. Professionals tend to round it off at around 10 to 14 years as an expected life expectancy for this dog.

Grooming a Goberian

Grooming is dog should be genuinely easy as they do not shed as much hair as a Golden Retriever. That means you won’t be needing to take the vacuum out three times per day. As you would need to if you owned a Golden Retriever.

Trust me I would know! You should be able to follow the genuine guideline before washing them once every two weeks or so. Make sure that their fur is kept brushed and detangled depending on what coat they have. And just the genuine clipping of the nails and cleaning their ears.


The truth about how much energy they have

Who be a silly thing to think that these dogs do not have a whole lot of energy. With a Golden Retriever being a very outside dog and a husky being that too. There is no room left for this stuck to end up being lazy or relaxed. Most owners that had these dogs tend to find them self-exercising a lot more.

And you will need to as they require taking out for a walk several times a day. Depending on your specific dog and your lifestyle.  will depend on how many times per day you go out for a walk.


Be careful of leaving these dogs on a leash as they are known to break Free and jump over fences. Not that they would get into fights with other dogs, but just the fact that they may try to escape in the early stages.

These traits are more found from the Siberian husky as they can be quite stubborn in learning anything they don’t want to.

cool dog

Keep It Cool

As he never really guessed that these dogs prefer to be in a Cooler environment.  This is because they have a thick double coat that keeps them warm during cold temperatures. For that reason, it makes it very difficult for these dogs to stay in hot climates. 

It’s highly recommended that you keep them in cool environments such as under 18 degrees.

If you find yourself having to deal with your dog in hot temperatures. Then it is highly important for you to keep them hydrated at all times. This involved providing additional refills inside of their water bowl and making sure that they have access to a shaded area at all times.

Training a Goberian

Training a husky mix golden retriever should be a straightforward process as they are very willing to learn. I recommend you get started with obedience training, its a great way to start implementing a few commands and teach your dog some cool tricks in the process. A great program I recommend is called brain training for dogs. It teaches you everything you need to know in a quick video format, right from the comfort of your home. Check out my review for more details.

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How much does husky golden retriever mix set you back?

A lovely little husky mix golden retriever can set you back anywhere between $250 to $1,500. Make sure to do your due diligence before making a buying decision on a beautiful little part.

There are many reputable dog breeders that you can find online but as you know with the internet you need to be very careful. It’s highly important to make sure that they have had all their jobs and their first trip to the vets.

And a good breeder will always provide all certificates for the dog as well as any relevant information about the appearance. The last thing you would want is to buy a dog and end up with a whole bunch of problems.

It is something that is quite common in this current climate and I highly recommend you do your research first. Below I have listed as some of the most reputable online dog breeders of where you may potentially be able to purchase this stop.


The husky mix golden retriever is not recognized by the American Kennel Club, as it is considered to be a hybrid breed.  

However, this breed is recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC), Designer Dogs Kennel Club (DDKC), Dog Registry of America, Inc. (DRA), International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR).

Are these dogs family orientated

These dogs are genetically built to be loving and caring as you can find from looking at the golden retriever.

They are very good with children and rarely will challenge authority. In other words, they know who the buses and it’s your job to keep it that way. Dog obedience training is a great way of implementing your Dorothy from the earliest age.

And 8 weeks or so is the recommended age to start implementing the training. These dogs are fun to be around the family and loved being a part of a pack.



There’s no doubt about it that these little cute dogs are a bundle of fun.  the husky mix golden retriever is a very unique text on the market today.

They have very interesting characteristics and more interesting looks. As both, the parents are different in so many ways. If you are thinking of buying a husky mix golden retriever then I highly suggest that you do your research first.

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Jerry Mathis

Jerry Mathis

Jerry M. Mathis is a freelance lifestyle writer, based in California, who writes at Dig Doggy. He has been writing about pet-oriented topics since 2012 and during her career, he has been the editor and contributor for Yahoo’s Canada Pets’ popular website. His most enjoyable activity is giving advice on how to give your animal friends a happy and comfortable life.

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Jerry Mathis

Jerry Mathis

Jerry M. Mathis is a freelance lifestyle writer, based in California, who writes at Dig Doggy. He has been writing about pet-oriented topics since 2012 and during her career, he has been the editor and contributor for Yahoo’s Canada Pets’ popular website. His most enjoyable activity is giving advice on how to give your animal friends a happy and comfortable life.

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