How Much Exercise Does A Pomeranian Need?

Want to know how much exercise Pomeranians need? 

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Not exercising a Pomeranian may lead to weight gain, boredom, and frustration. 


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In this guide you’ll learn:

  • The suitable amount of exercise for Pomeranians 
  • Signs your Pom needs more exercise 
  • Factors that affect this breeds ability to exercise 

And much more!

What's In This Guide?

      How Much Exercise Do Pomeranians Need?

      The Pomeranian is a tiny pooch but he is one of the most energetic ones out there!


      An active breed, the Pomeranian does best with 30 minutes of daily exercise, which you can split between two walks.

      A few extra minutes running around the yard would also prove beneficial for a healthy adult Pom.


      A good rule of thumb for walking a Pomeranian puppy is to add two minutes of exercise for each month of age until they becomes an adult. For instance, a walk of 6 to 8 minutes around the yard would be enough for a three-month-old puppy.


      The elderly Pom does not require intense physical exercise. Walking around the house is already a workout for him.

      What Should You Know About Exercising A Pomeranian?

      The Pomeranian has descended from a remarkably long line of Arctic working breeds that were developed to withstand subzero temperatures.

      Although the modern-day Pom does not hunt or pull sleds, these dogs still sport a warm, insulating coat. As a consequence, Pomeranians are susceptible to heatstroke and this is especially the case during the summer months.

      The normal body temperature of a Pomeranian is around 101 F. Being five degrees higher pushes your dog’s body into a heatstroke. So watch out for temperatures of 105 to 110 F.

      I personally use a forehead thermometer for this. 

      Regardless of the season, it pays to know that your dog is always at risk of overheating.

      To avoid the dangers of heatstroke, it is wise to walk your pooch early in the morning or late in the evening. It is also important that you bring water on every walk.

      Stop immediately if your pet’s mouth is foaming or drooling as these are signs of overheating and dehydration.

      When Should You Start Exercising Pomeranian Puppies?

      While puppies need to explore the world around them and get used to being walked on a leash, you will have to wait until your Pomeranian puppy completes the necessary vaccination shots. Puppies under three months should not be walked in public.

      Bear in mind that mental stimulation is crucial for puppies and it can tire them out just as much as physical exercise.

      Enrolling your puppy in a doggie daycare would be ideal, especially if you find yourself needing to leave your Pomeranian home alone.

      image of The name of the breed is derived from Pomerania, a region of Northern Europe where these fluffy dogs originated.

      What Are The Signs That Your Pomeranian Needs More Exercise?

      Oftentimes, we express our love for our furbabies by spoiling them with food but small breeds like the Pomeranian can get morbidly overweight fast.

      Since Poms sport a double coat, it can be a challenge to tell if your pooch is indeed carrying extra pounds or it’s just the fur making him appear pudgy.

      To be sure, you will need to weigh your dog regularly as soon as he hits the two-year mark. A healthy adult Pomeranian will weigh anywhere between three and seven pounds.

      Other indicators that your Pomeranian needs more exercise include:

      • Panting during playtime
      • Struggling to groom his coat or scratch his ears

      If you have confirmed that your Pomeranian is overweight, you will need to start a new diet and exercise plan, preferably with the help of your vet.

      What Affects A Pomeranian’s Ability To Exercise?

      As with any breed, the age and health condition of your Pomeranian will determine the amount of exercise they need. 

      Geriatric Pomeranians may still appear cheeky and energetic, but they don’t require the same level of physical activity as they used to during their prime.

      A 10-minute walk in the morning or at night is enough for most senior Poms.

      Anything vigorous such as running or even roughhousing with other pets may put them at risk for broken bones and ligament damage.

      Moreover, the breed is prone to developing luxating patella, an orthopedic condition that affects small canines regardless of age. Affected Poms often skip a step or run on three legs.

      Surgery is often required to relieve pain and improve mobility. The quicker you are able to identify the problem and access the appropriate treatment, the quicker your furry pal can bet back on all four feet.

      How Is Exercising A Pomeranian Different From Other Small Breeds?

      The tiny Pomeranian cannot handle the same walk that a large canine will be able to take. What feels like a brisk walk to a German Shepherd will be more like a fast run to a Pom.

      So if you want an exercise partner for your pooch, the following small breeds in the table below are good candidates.

      Canine Breed Recommended Exercise Needs Can Run at Full Speed at Long Distances
      Boston Terrier 30 to 45 minutes No
      Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 60 minutes No
      Chihuahua 30 minutes No
      Corgi 60 to 120 minutes No
      Dachshund 60 minutes No
      French Bulldog 60 minutes No
      Jack Russell Terrier 60 to 120 minutes Yes
      Papillon 30 minutes Yes
      Pekingese 20 minutes No
      Pomeranian 30 minutes Yes
      Pug 30 minutes No
      Rat Terrier 40 minutes Yes
      Shih Tzu 70 minutes No
      West Highland Terrier 60 minutes Yes
      Yorkshire Terrier 30 minutes Yes

      The majority of these canines have similar exercise requirements as the Pomeranian. However, you cannot expect brachycephalic dogs to run as fast as your Pom.

      Even if they can, these squishy-faced pooches will exhaust quickly and their facial structure puts them at a higher risk for respiratory and cardiac issues.

      Final Thoughts On Exercising Pomeranians

      Pomeranians might be tiny balls of fire, but surprisingly, these dogs only need a moderate amount of exercise with a few minutes of play sessions in between. 

      Here’s what to take away: 

      • Thirty minutes daily is enough time to release pent-up energy and keep your furry pal at a healthy weight.
      • Two walks are better if you can manage it.
      • Ideally, you will want to walk your Pomeranian during the coolest parts of the day. This breed is prone to overheating due to its double coat.
      • Maintain a proper pace in order to find your dog’s balance.
      • Allow your pooch to rest if he is showing signs of exhaustion. Consider getting a pet carrier for when your Pomeranian needs to rest.
      • Exercise-wise, the needs of puppies and seniors are lower. Avoid vigorous activities that will put a strain on joints and bones.

      So if you are looking for a forever friend that is undemanding on the exercise front, the Pomeranian fits the bill perfectly.

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      Lara, a.k.a Alpha Mama, is a great dancer and belter singer, although the world tells her otherwise. However, her greatest pleasure is working with animals. If the Alpha Mama is not being delusional, she manages to create informative articles and clear-cut buying guides. She also likes to share her personal experiences that may ignite your soul or possibly change your life!

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