How Much Exercise Does a Standard Poodle Need?

Naturally bred to be working dogs, Standard Poodles are high-energy dogs that are easily bored when not being mentally or physically challenged. 

Being the second smartest dog behind the Border collie, they require an outlet for their natural eagerness to learn.

Black Standard Poodle, Adult running on Grass

This can be delivered in the form of jogging, long walks, swimming, and exercise which is the reason to keep reading this post.

Today, in this guide, you’ll learn

  • The minimum amount you should be exercise a standard poodle per day
  • Factors that affect the amount of exercise a standard poodle needs
  • Why you should take exercise seriously with this breed

And much more…

What's In This Guide?

      How Much Exercise Does a Standard Poodle Need?

      An adult Standard Poodle requires exercise around 2 – 3 times per day totaling 45 – 60 minutes.

      Female standard Poodles will grow to around 60 lbs while males can reach up to 80lbs and both require daily exercise to manage their weight. 

      You could divide this into 2 walks of 30-minutes each or even 3-walks of 20 minutes each. 

      There is no fixed formula here: the exact amount of exercise for each Poodle depends on its age and overall health.

      Regular walks will also help to keep strong joints, prevent bloat which this breed s prone to, as well as keep out unwanted behavior.

      What Factors Decide How Much Exercise a Standard Poodle Needs?

      The following factors influence how much exercise a Standard Poodle needs:


      The age of your dog plays a major role in its exercise needs. 

      Puppies (up to 12 months of age)

      Standard Poodle puppies are surprisingly bigger than most people expect and can weigh up to 26lbs at just 3 months.

      Based on this, walking your dog at least twice per day for around 15 minutes is a great place to start.

      For a Poodle pup, it is a good idea to include shorter though more intense exercise sessions. These can include running, fetching, etc.

      Remember that you will also be training your puppy so that too will help it burn off that extra energy.

      Adult dogs (over 12 months of age)

      Once your pup reaches 12 months, you can start to bump up to daily exercise to 60 minutes per day with a minimum of 45 minutes.

      Senior dogs (over 7 years)

      A senior Poodle over the age of 7 years might not be able to run as energetically as it once did.

      That said, you should still engage them both mentally and physically with puzzle games, regular walks, and swimming.

      You can use dog booties to help with mobility, as older Poodles tend to experience more pain and are more prone to injury.

      This can be a good time to start using food supplements and senior foods that are specially formulated to help older dogs.

      Talk to your vet about how much exercise is right for your senior Poodle. Always keep an eye on your pet. If it shows signs of discomfort, you may want to limit its exercise accordingly.

      health of your Poodle

      Standard Poodles are prone to bloat, ear infections, and neurological issues such as epilepsy and seizures that can all affect how much they should walk.

      The obvious would be to reduce the amount of exercise your dog takes part in in the event they are experiencing pain or discomfort during exercise.

      Your vet can guide you regarding the exact amount of exercise your buddy needs.

      However, it’s just as important to gauge from your own perspective by reading your dog’s body language or behavior.

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      black standard poodle running through grass

      What Happens if Your Standard Poodles Does not Get Adequate Exercise?

      Just like people, Poodles can show several negative effects stemming from a lack of exercise:

      Destructive behavior

      According to Dr. Stanley Coren (the author of the 1994 bestseller Intelligence of Dogs), Poodles are extremely smart dogs.

      Naturally, this intelligent dog needs a job to do, without which, it can get extremely bored. Bored Poodles tend to indulge in destructive behavior like ripping furniture or bed linen, chewing up the slippers, or digging up your yard.

      A well stimulated dog is far less likely to participate in such behavior.

      Lonely and withdrawn

      Walking your Poodle is also spending time with your Poodle and a great way for bonding with your pooch.

      This is specially important in the earlier days as Poodles will usally take a while to familiarize with the family.

      So its probably best to allow several members of th family to take them out for a walk in order for each member to establish a personal relationship with your dog.

      Regular walks is something your dog will look forward to and a great time for your dog to socialize, learn and explore the outdoors.

      Without exercise and daily walks, Poodles can become socially withdrawn.


      Poodles that do not get adequate physical stimulation are also more likely to display hyperactivity and restlessness. You might see your pet getting over-excited at small things. 

      It might bark at other dogs at the window or get terribly hyperactive on a routine visit to the vet.

      Some Poodles may also pant or show signs of tiring quickly because they lack stamina due to a sedentary lifestyle. 

      Health issues

      Any Poodle weighing more than 20% above their natuela body weight is showing clear signs that more execrixe is needed.

      Being prone to bloat, you may quickly notice our dog become gassy, less hungry or generally uncomfortable when walking.

      Poodles naturally have muscular builds that will start to look oval and round when overweight. Spot the signs and make the changes.

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      Tips for Exercising Your Standard Poodle

      How Much Exercise Does My Standard Poodle need Daily is a question foremost on the minds of most Poodle owners. 

      To start with, take your Poodle out for a walk for at least 30-to-45 minutes. In addition to walks, there are countless other ways to exercise your buddy. Here are our favorites:


      Most Poodles love swimming. They have even been gifted with a coat that dries quickly and can be maintained easily even if it gets wet.

      Swimming is a great low-impact activity for dogs which means that it is especially beneficial for dogs having joint issues or limited mobility. 


      Hiking is another great activity for Standard Poodles. Most Poodles love the great outdoors so grab a map, a water bottle, and get exploring!

      This is a great way to bond and allows your dog to push themselves for long-distance walks in order to achieve physical satisfaction. 


      A game of fetch is the best way to get your Poodle off the couch. If you have kids, encourage them to toss a ball or Frisbee and have your Poodle fetch it.

      This particular game plays into a Poodles natural hunting and agility capabilities and is guaranteed to deliver high levels of stimulation.  

      Basic dog training

      Dog training is an ideal way of burning off calories – for both you and your Poodle.

      It is especially beneficial to younger Poodle puppies as it helps you mold it into the companion dog you’ve always wanted. 

      Teach your pet basic obedience commands like ‘Come, Sit, Heel,’ etc. Be consistent and patient.

      Once your pet excels at these basics, you can go in for advanced tricks like twirling, weaving, etc.

      Enroll your pet in training classes

      A great way to get your Poodle to exercise is to enroll it in agility, puppy obedience school, lure coursing, agility, or flyball classes.

      Many Dog Parks in your area will offer these activities. They can help your pet burn excess energy, get more confident, and also help it socialize with other dogs.

      Indoor exercise

      If you live in an area having extreme weather, exercising outdoors may not always be feasible. Too hot or cold weather can be detrimental to your Poodle’s health. 

      Here are some fun activities to do indoors with your fur baby:

      • Hide-and-seek – This is a great game to mentally challenge your Poodle. 
      • Stairs – Going up and down the stairs is a fun way to exercise as long as your pet is physically fit and up for this strenuous exercise. (Make sure your pet is healthy for this activity). 
      • Tug of war – Get some rope toys and play a game of tug of war. Most Poodles enjoy this game as it is challenging and fun. Your Poodle will also benefit from cleaner teeth with this game!

      How is Exercising a standard poodle Different From Exercising other breeds?

      See how the requirements for this breed measure up against other similar breeds. 

      Canine Breed Recommended Exercise Needs Can Run at Full Speed at Long Distances
      Shih Tzu 70 minutes No
      Corgi 60 to 120 minutes No
      Jack Russell Terrier 60 to 120 minutes Yes
      Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 60 minutes No
      Dachshund 60 minutes No
      French Bulldog 60 minutes No
      West Highland Terrier 60 minutes Yes
      Standard Poodle 45 to 60 minutes No
      Rat Terrier 40 minutes Yes
      Boston Terrier 30 to 45 minutes No
      Chihuahua 30 minutes No
      Papillon 30 minutes Yes
      Pomeranian 30 minutes Yes
      Pug 30 minutes No
      Yorkshire Terrier 30 minutes Yes
      Pekingese 20 minutes No

      Final Thoughts On Exercising a Standard Poodle

      Most Standard Poodles will benefit from a walk of 45 to 60 minutes on a daily basis. You can divide this into two or three shorter walks.

      Remember – there are no fixed rules here. The exact amount of exercise for your Poodle also depends on its age and overall health.

      While walking remains the best exercise for this breed, you can also consider other activities like swimming, hiking, and agility training or obstacle courses.

      Even basic obedience training and teaching tricks can benefit your buddy mentally and physically and also help you bond with your pet.

      We hope this guide helps you decide exactly how much exercise your Poodle needs. If in doubt, don’t forget to check with your vet.  

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      Rachael Summers is the Founder and Senior Editor at Dig Doggy. She is a lifelong canine enthusiast and adores dogs of all shapes and sizes! Rachael also loves iced coffee, hammocks, and puppy-cuddling!

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      Picture of Rachael Summers

      Rachael Summers

      Rachael Summers is the Founder and Senior Editor at Dig Doggy. She is a lifelong canine enthusiast and adores dogs of all shapes and sizes! Rachael also loves iced coffee, hammocks, and puppy-cuddling!

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