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The Best Designer Dog Clothes And Where To Find Them (2021 Update)

Designer dog clothes are all the rage!

Open up any social media platform and you will soon find fur children dressed to the nines in designer dog clothes.

These days, loving your pets can mean dressing them up as meticulously as you dress yourself and building your fur child’s wardrobe as creatively as you build your own!

Here is everything you need to know about dressing up your little furry fashionista.

The Best Places to Buy Designer Dog clothing In 2021

Type Of Dog ClothingMarketplace
Shop Replica DesignerAli Express For Puppy Jackets
Etsy Market For Designer Dog Clothing
Shop Gucci Etsy’s Online Gucci Selection
Shop Burberry BaxterBoo Online Store
Shop For Large Dogs Moncler Poldo Dog Couture
Shop Louis Vuitton Supreme Dog Garage
Hand-tailored Fashion Roxy And Lulu For Dogs

Best replica designer dog Garment

Ali Express Store
Best Value Puppy Jackets – Great Deals On Puppy Clothing
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Etsy Store
Designer Dog Clothes On
Shop Etsy Learn More
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Best replica designer dog clothes are the perfect way to match your dog’s outfit. Dog clothing no matter what brand they are provides your pet with the protection they need. You also get peace of mind knowing that your furry friend is protected against the elements.

Let’s face it, if you are going to be dressing your pet anyway, might as well dress them up in designer clothes. 

Coordinating your LV handbag with your pooch’s designer replica LV and even your own LV clothing is going to exude an absolutely well-put-together fashion statement that is hard to beat.

Impress the world and be instantly Instagrammable when you coordinate your outfits with your dog. Even if your pet wears designer replicas by himself, it does make a fashion statement that will be the envy of other Dogs Of Instagram the world over. 


  • Protects your dog from harsh weather elements while looking great
  • Gives a great impression and adds to your credibility as a truly caring pet-owner
  • Coordinating outfits make your pet easy to find in the event he runs off in a public place.


  • Your pooch may not like an extra layer of clothing in warm weather

Best designer Gucci for dogs

Etsy Store
Gucci Dog Clothes | Etsy
Shop For Gucci On Etsy Learn More
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Designer Gucci for dogs comes in a custom made dog hoodies, pet apparel, and even monogrammed dog clothing.

When cold weather sets in, what better way to protect your dog than by slipping him into an awesome designer Gucci that may even match your purse or shoes exquisitely.

Give the impression of high quality and an organized mind when everything you own matches, including your pooch. 

After all, if you are going to get pet clothes for your furry friend anyway, you might as well get the best. Gucci is a much sought-after designer brand that few other pooches are going to be dressed in.

Truly stand out from the crowd by dressing your dog in an extremely head-turning outfit that will be sure to wow the crowd, both online and in real life. 



  • More expensive than a regular raincoat for dogs.

Best designer for large dogs: Moncler Poldo Dog Couture

Moncler Store Online
Moncler Genius Poldo Dog Couture Project

Image Source: kidswear-magazine

Shop Moncler Learn More
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A luxury collection for larger four-legged friends, Moncler is a line made with Milan-based Poldo Dog Couture. This team specializes in refined dog clothing and has been in the biz since 2016.

The Poldo collection features accessories and clothing that embodies love for your best fur pal. absolute comfort and top quality materials have been used to create outfit after outfit for the larger dogs in your life. 

The brand itself was created in Monestier de Clermont in 1952. This is a small village in Grenoble mountains that focuses on mountain sports clothing.

When Remo Ruffini invested in the Group in 2003, brand re-positioning happened and every product by Moncler took on a more exclusive, distinctive style. 

Best Burberry for dogs: BaxterBoo Online Store

BaxterBoo Store
Pet Supplies, Dog Treats, & Dog Clothes at
Shop BacterBoo Now Learn More
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When it comes to fashion, why should you have all the fun? Your fur pal can make as many, if not more fashionable statements as you with great options of Burberry dog clothing at BaxterBoo.

Select from assorted and diverse dog jackets, dog dresses, dog hoodies, and dog shirts. Your stylish pup never looked so great. 

Dog apparel in Burberry comes in various designs and colors. When the temperatures drop, all you need to do to keep your fur child comfortably toasty is to slip on some fashionable Burberry. Even better if it matches your own.

There is even oversized dog jacked that allows a full motion range and yet full coverage as you and your pooch traverse cold April showers and drizzles. 

The “B Series” by Burberry is a concept for dogs launched in ultra-limited editions by Burberry. This brand extends its projects to canines to make your faithful companion the chicest canine of them all. B Series is under the creative direction of Riccardo Tisci for Burberry.

This collection is composed of a sweatshirt and a t-shirt adorned with the new B Series logo. You can match your pooch and wear matching outfits in the same series by Burberry. 


  • High fashion design and top quality materials were used to create this series.
  • Your dog will be both comfortable and fashionable at the same time.


  • More expensive compared to regular, non-branded clothing.

Louis Vuitton Dog Clothes

Supreme Dog Store
Pawton Louis Vuitton Style Dog Clothing Store
Shop Supreme Dog Garage Learn More
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Perfect for the Spring and Winter season, this designer dog sweater inspired by Louis Vuitton is made of one hundred percent fleece material and comes in two colors, orange and gray.

Available for medium or smaller dogs in five sizes, these also come in XXL which would fit a fully-grown Frenchie. Enjoy being part of the latest dog fashion trend as you dress your pooches in the latest sweater styles.

These not only keep your dog warm but keep them looking cool as well, season after season. Easily washable, your dogs will love the warm, soft comfort of their LV sweaters.


  • Globally recognized brand sets your pooch apart from the crowd.
  • Top-quality workmanship


  • Higher prices than regular off-the-rack clothing

Posh Puppy Clothing: Roxy & Lulu

Roxy And Lulu Store
Hand Tailored Fashion And Accessories For Haute Pups
Shop Roxy And Lulu Learn More
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Roxy & Lulu creates crystal-studded, brocade golden Victorian wedding dresses that could upstage any bride’s with price tags starting from a thousand dollars upwards, you can be sure that your pooch will be the most beautiful bride you could hope to imagine on her wedding day. 

A Canadian Lifestyle Luxury brand of Vogue Pet Fashion, Roxy & Lulu design pet accessories and pet fashion for dogs of all sizes, shapes, and walks of life. Known for innovative use of trims, fabrics, and creative designs, every piece is hand made in-house in Montreal.

There is a lot of attention to detail and workmanship that ensures every garment will be available in high quality to support the local industry.


  • In-house, hand-made clothing assures you of top quality every time.


  • Handmaid clothing is more expensive than machine-sewn clothes.

Do dogs need clothes? 

Yes, dogs need clothes, especially in cold weather. In cold winter months, your pooch still likes spending time outdoors. They will need protective clothing against the winter.

However, furry dogs may not need as much protection as dogs with a short-haired fur child. When making a decision about what style of clothing to buy for your dog, consider factors such as the temperature outdoors, your dog’s breed, and the size of your dog. 

The length of time your pooch plays outdoors and what the temperature happens to be will determine how much clothing to put on your dog. When the temperature is forty-five degrees or more, dogs with fur won’t really need clothes to protect them.

If your pooch will be outdoors for less than ten minutes, no clothing is needed either unless the climate you live in is extremely cold. 

Furry dogs such as Great Pyrenees, a Husky, Chow Chow, or Pomeranian generally won’t need clothes in the winter. Smaller dogs don’t retain body heat as well as larger dogs so a coat or a sweater would be beneficial.

This is particularly true if they will be outdoors for extended time periods. Shorter-haired breeds such as the Italian Greyhound, Chihuahua, or the Chinese Crested may need cold weather clothing more than other breeds.

Sweaters should not be worn indoors and only in extreme weather outdoors. Dogs that wear clothes indoors and you have the heat on may feel hot. Prevent irritation and chafing of the skin by removing clothes after your pet wears them for long periods. 

Top designer dog clothing brands

  • Louisdog
  • Susan Lanci Designs
  • Oscar Newman
  • Lucy’s Luxuries
  • Ruff Ruff Couture
  • Rororiri
  • Paris Erotica
  • Wooflink
  • Jax & Bones
  • Paul Frank
  • Dogs of Glamour
  • Ralph Lauren Pets
  • H&M
  • Moschino
  • Urban Outfitters
  • Barbour
  • Temellini
  • Heron Preston
  • Adidas

Luxury Pet Boutique

  • Luxury Pet Spa Boutique
  • Canine Styles Uptown
  • Zoomies
  • Posh Puppy Boutique
  • Fifi & Romeo
  • Tails In The City
  • Furbabeez Pet Boutique
  • Pawsdeluxe
  • Top Dogs Pet Boutique
  • The DOG Store
  • Emi Pet Salon & Boutique
  • The Urban Pet

Best Designer Dog Garment Wholesalers

When it comes to the best designer dog clothing, the top wholesalers for dog clothes include:

  • Amazon
  • Petsoo
  • Dogdug
  • Doggie Design
  • eBay
  • Hoopet
  • Alibaba

What to avoid when buying designer dog clothing

Here is a list of what to avoid when buying designer dog garment:

  • Don’t buy the wrong size. Make sure you measure your dog before ordering stuff online. In fact, you might want to order two different sizes and return the ones that don’t fit correctly. Remember that your dog should have an easy time breathing and going to the bathroom while wearing clothes.
  • Don’t let your dog wear clothing you haven’t washed yet. Especially with the hygiene advisories being broadcast these days, washing your pet’s clothes before and after they wear them is always more hygienic and healthier in the long run.
  • Heavy clothing in the wintertime is not a good idea. One sweater should be enough. If the weather is extreme, a heavy knit should do. Don’t pile on layers of clothing on your dog. These may look cute but maybe too stifling and suffocating, not to mention heavy to bring around. 
  • Avoid dressing up your dog in the summertime when the weather is extremely hot. Clothes are going to increase the body heat retention of your pooch and may cause a heatstroke when you put them on in the summer.
  • Avoid squeezing your dog into clothes that are too tight for them. This will hamper circulation and can cause your dog to lack much-needed oxygen. Also, if your dog is uncomfortable wearing a pair of booties or pants, for example, it is better not to force the issue for your dog’s mental and physical health.
  • Every dog is an individual and you will know from your dog’s behavior and state of health whether the outfit you put on him or her today is something they feel comfortable in. 
  • When your dog has a wound from an operation, grass allergy, or skin condition sometimes putting them in a t-shirt will prevent sores. However, make sure that the shirt is not too tight. Keep in mind that this is not a solution to the allergy problem or skin condition. 

Designer dog accessories 

Louis Vuitton Online
Baxter Dog Collar PM
Shop Louis Vuitton Learn More
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Your pooch will look great with the signature print on this Louis Vuitton collar.

The monogram brown trademark pattern is available not just for scarves, sneakers, jewelry, luggage, and purses but now also for dog collars. Currently, the Baxter collar is available for all your dogs to fashionably wear.


Moshiqa Store
Butterfly Effect Dog Harness– Moshiqa
Shop Mshiqa Now Learn More
We earn a small commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Paris Hilton and other stars purchase their pet accessories and designer clothing from Moshiqa, a high-end brand and lifestyle store for pets. Not only are their leather harnesses all the rage, but also their pearl necklaces for dogs. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How Can I Make Sure The Dog Clothing For My Pet Fit Perfectly?

Finding the perfect fit is important for your dog clothes to fit well. To find the perfect fit, Find materials such as cotton that is breathable and comfortable. Wool is warm but may cause itching. It is also a good idea to measure your dog.

Tight clothing will feel uncomfortable with your pooch. Needless to say, properly-fitting clothing will result in happier dogs. Make sure your dog can go to the bathroom as well, even while they wear clothing.

Reading testimonials and reviews will help you find the perfect clothes to add to your fur child’s wardrobe.

Does My Dog Need To Wear Shoes?

Because of their higher body temperatures, dogs don’t really need to wear shoes. Your dog’s paw is designed to protect your pooch from thirty-five degrees Celsius and upwards. Most dogs don’t like wearing shoes because they don’t feel natural.

However, if your dog’s outfit needs a pair of shoes to go with it for a pictorial, then wearing booties for a few minutes won’t hurt. 

Can Dog Clothes Really Help With Anxiety?

Aside from keeping your pooch warm, believe it or not, dog clothing can also help with any anxiety they might feel. The snug-fitting clothes that are not too lose or not too tight help dogs feel a sense of security that is soothing for anxious dogs.

Next time a fireworks show is coming to town or a thunderstorm is on the weather report, a vest or sweater will help your dog feel comforted and safe. 

How to Make Clothes For Dogs?

You can make your own dog clothing for your smaller dog. Make unique versions from the ones you get off the rack. These can help keep your pooch warm in cold winter months. When you think about DIY clothing for your pooch, a baby’s onesie is the perfect garment.

With just a few alterations, you can create a bodysuit or t-shirt for your fur child. Purchase a baby onesie at a thrift store if you don’t already have these on hand. Newborn baby onesies will fit dogs under fifteen pounds. Use larger onesies for larger dogs.

To create dog clothing, you will need a fabric pen, sewing machine, needle and thread, scissors, and a onesie. Place the onesie over the head of your dog and put the front paws into the armholes. 

To create a t-shirt, use the fabric pen to draw a straight line where you can cut off the bottom part of the onesie to make a t-shirt for your dog. Cut the line you drew and use the needle and thread to hem the t-shirt edge.

To create a bodysuit, put your dog into the onesie and use the fabric pen to mark where your dog’s tail is. Take off the onesie and cut a hole for the tail. Hem the edges of the hole for a clean look. Put back the onesie on your dog and fasten the snaps in place.

A onesie is perfect for long road trips when your dog is wearing a doggy diaper/nappy, as well. 


That about wraps up everything you need to know about building your dog’s designer wardrobe from head to foot. Knowing where to get the best designer clothing no matter what size your dog is will ensure a perfect fit. 

Also, the conditions in which your dog will need to wear clothes are important to take note of. I have also covered topics such as making your own dog clothing, a list of wholesale dog clothing stores, and more. These days, there is just no such thing as being overdressed, even if you are a furry fashionista!

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