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Golden Retriever Mixes that You never heard of

All over the internet, you may find that there are many new golden retrievers mixes all over the web. I have seen the cocker spaniel, Border Collie, Black labs you name it.

However, until I came across this one mix I did not truly know what real beauty was. I mean, I have seen some beautiful mixes in my time. But this one particular breed has stood out to me.

I bet your thinking OK, tell me already what the blasted breed is! And I have great news for you. I will be doing just that in the following section of this post.

Best breed

The breed in this discussion on that I am referring to is the Border Collie golden. Before I get started in this post I just want to ask you a question before you think I am crazy about these dogs.

Not that you would be wrong as I literally am…But the question is: have you actually even seen one of these dogs? For those of you that have seen these dogs already. Well, you would know why I think this greatly of this dog’s beautiful aesthetics.

husky retriever mix

Do you see what I see?

Do you see what I’m talking about? They are by far one of the most beautiful dogs I have ever seen. The funny part is that I had once seen one many years back but I never knew what it was.

I guess I just kind of thought it was golden with a twist of some sort but didn’t question it and continued on with my day. Over the last decade or so these dogs have become more popular as you will see many breeders now offering these beauts for sale.

Currently, you can expect to pay anywhere between $500 to $1500 for a designer dog like this. And to be honest I think for what you get that is a very reasonable price.

It’s not all about good looks

Although I find these dogs amazing looking it does not mean that I would overlook the fact of behavior. Before delving into more info about this dog, I think it is the first most important that we take a look at the behavior.

Discussing this topic is not set out in order to imply that these dogs have bad behavior. It is more focused around discussing the behavior of these dogs and going through the pros and the cons to each.

golden goberian

Let’s talk behavior

So first things first and that means talking about the behavior of each dogs parent. As you look more and more into mix breeds you will find that a lot of information online would like to talk about the personality of a dog based on their breed.

Whilst there is some truth to that it is surely not the way to look at a dogs behavior. The breed can indicate the level of energy that you can expect to deal with our natural instincts as such.

But when it comes to personality, then it is better to base it on each individual parent of a mix to see what their potential behavior could be like.

I always like to make the comparison of ethnicity or race. As you would never like someone to include you and your behavior in a group based around negatives of others.

Especially when those others are people you don’t even know and are unrelated as such.

What behavior do these dogs have?

Well, the great part is that from monitoring this breeds behavior over a period of time from many different breeders.

We can see a few common characteristics that may be present in most golden retriever mixes. There no denying that if we look at the track record of golden retrievers, then you know any breed that is to do with them will have a high energy rate.

This means that if you find a golden retriever mix with husky, then you probably are going to have a very energetic dog. The Siberian huskies trace back to 1909 of when the people of northeastern Asia used them as sled dogs.

They are very strong with high endurance, so you could say that they have high energy too. 

The reason I do not categorize their energy in the same bracket as a golden is because although they are very outdoor dogs. It is not expected that they will be jumping around the yard from morning tonight.

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How about puppies?

This is the same for puppies to as they will generally follow the footsteps of their parents. The Siberian husky is a beautiful medium to a large-sized dog that can live for up to 15 years.

It was great to decide to then mix it with the golden retriever. As you can find online, a golden retriever mix husky now lives up to 15 years on a better end. Oppose to the 10 to 12-year decreasing lifespan of goldens.

Training your dog

Because of the nature of the Siberian husky. It is highly recommended to start obedience training from as early as 8 weeks old.

Again, this is totally subjective and down to what type of parents the specific dog you buy has. A good breeder will always inform you of the track record of the dog’s parents and further if possible.

You should always expect your dog to have already been taken to the vet for their first set of jabs as well as a certificate provided on purchase.

With the internet growing as an open gateway it is your job to do your research on how to keep yourself safe. Dogs are usually bought through an emotional decision and it’s important to not let that blind you when you see a puppy that you like.

tweed water spaniel

What is a golden retriever mixed with?

A golden retriever is a mix of a yellow-colored retriever and Tweed water spaniel which is now extinct. 

They were originally bred to retrieve shot water foul for Lord Tweedmouth back in the early 1900s. Since then they have become one of the American favorites with us finding multiple uses for such a smart beautiful breed.

Another golden retriever mix…

The other Golden retriever mix that I love is the Border Colie mix. This is also a new breed that has not been around for much longer than a decade.

My reason for also choosing to discuss this dog is because of how interesting this breed is. On one side you have the golden retriever with a lot of energy, smarts, and love.

Then you have the border collie which is smart, loving and used for herding sheep. To think that we now have a mix of the two is very interesting to see. And from what I have dug up online they seem to be very beautiful dogs too!

border collie retriever mix

What does a Border Collie mix retriever look like?

You will find that the border collie retriever can come in many different colors. A few of the main colors that I have seen to pop up time and time again are:

  • Black
  • Yellow
  • Pale White
  • Brown
  • & Chocolate

You will also find that color is not the only difference you will see in this breed. As their marketing and also dramatically different from one dog to another.

This type of hybrid dog that we often refer to can set you back around $800 according to When you think about the type of dog you’re getting it is worth every cent. I would buy a dog like this in a heartbeat but first I must get hold of a golden retriever mix husky.

Good for the Family?

Both breeds that have been discussed in this post are great around the family. They have been reported to be good with children and nice and caring towards parents.

Siberian husky is quite commonly known for being a little cheeky on the other hand. As they may sometimes find it hard to stick to the rules.

Whilst there is nothing too drastic about that it is important to make sure they know whose boss. They are natural leaders and it’s your job to make sure that they can only go so far with that in mind.

golden retriever mix brain

The mindset of a golden retriever mix

You will find that genuinely most dogs that have been bred with a golden will have a calm caring personality. That does not mean you should overlook the fact that they may have a badly behaved parent.

If you were to take one aggressive dog and breed them with a well-behaved pup. Well, you could still find yourself dealing with an angry bi-product of the two.

I would always stick to my guns when I say that you should do your research before buying any dog. A great way to avoid any of the problems that you might run into with private breeders is to just go public.

I recommend many different reputable breeders across my website such as the American Kennel Club (AKC) listed breeders.   



This post was not made to be totally biased as I intended to do so just a little…I still cannot get over the fact of how beautiful Husky retrievers are and I hope I was able to give you an insight as to why I think they are.

What’s more interesting to see is the potential breeds we have coming in the future. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see them all!

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