Gifts For Moms that Love Dogs (2021 Update)

Looking for dog mom gifts? You are not alone. Most dog moms have already bought everything they need for their pooches.

The question is, what gift can you give the dog mom that has everything? I needed a dog-mom gift the other day for my friend who was throwing her new pet a birthday party and wondered what the perfect present would be. 

Let’s face it. Dog lovers really are a breed apart from the rest. Dog loving moms have no problem asking strangers on the street if they can pet their dog.

Some dog moms will actually cross the street to get a puppy fix. In fact, on National Dog Day, these are the same people who post pics of their pooches all over social media.

If you have a dog mom in your life, here is a list of dog-mom gifts that are sure to be a hit.

dog gifts

The Best Dog Mom Gifts In 2021

Who For? Brand
For Older Moms Canines of New York
For New Pet ParentsPhysically I’m here Mentally I’m with my dog T-Shirt
For Big FamiliesVet’s Best Flea and Tick Home Spray

 Dog training supplies for dog moms include:

  • Barriers
  • Harnesses
  • Collars
  • Leashes
  • Portable mats
  • Treats
  • Target stick
  • Clickers
  • Treats as rewards
  • Toys
  • Snacks
  • Potty training pads

Presents For Older Moms

The Book Canines Of New York By Heather Weston

Canines of New York
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What dog mom does not love curling up with a hot cup of tea and reading a great book about dogs. Canines Of New York By Heather Weston is a coffee table favorite among dog lovers of the world.

This makes a great present for older dog-moms who love whiling away the hours by looking at page after page of her favorite topic: dogs. The canine crowd is featured in this book along with no less than five hundred photos. 

These include a showcase of snapshots that feature city dogs’ lives in the city that never sleeps. If you plan to give a gift to someone that loves both New York AND dogs than this gift can’t be beaten. 

This book visually celebrates New York City’s dog community. Remember that books are a great way to pass the time, keep your mind active and that reading is something you can do anywhere, anytime.

No matter what the situation is like in the outside world, you always have great books to turn to to keep you entertained, just like this one. A collection of over five hundred photographs taken by Heather Weston, an acclaimed photographer based in Brooklyn featuring each borough in the city that dogs love.

Every part of the Big Apple showcases pups from the brownstone steps of their owners to iconic landmarks. Every pet parent deserves a gift this good. 

Presents can be a: Baseball Hat by ChoKoLids Dog Mom Hat Polo Style

Dog Mom Cap
ChoKoLids Dog Mom Dad Hat Cotton Baseball Cap Polo Style Low Profile
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It is hard work being an older dog mom. This buckle-closure, one hundred percent cotton Dog Mom hat is perfect to keep your skin safe from the sun. Dog Mom is printed in big, bold embroidery right in front of the hat so everyone knows exactly who you are. 

Easy to stuff in a travel bag, jacket pocket, or backpack, this packable, portable breathable and soft hat goes perfectly with your outdoor outfits no matter what season it is. Premium embroidery features clear letters in this high-quality product.

On each side, there are holes embroidered to allow air ventilation. This reduces sweating and keeps your head cool. 

There are various distinctive colors this hat comes in and you can pick your favorite one to give. Designed by ChoKoLids for long term wear, style, and comfort, this is the gift that is sure to put a big smile on your recipient’s face. 

Ultraviolet radiation comes from too much sun exposure, which can lead to skin cancer. Baseball hats are a great way of protecting your neck, face, ears, and head. Use this hat combined with high SPF-ratings on your sunscreen to stay protected from the outdoor elements. 

Be The Person Your Dog Thinks You Are Journal Notebook Gift

Be The Person Your Dog Thinks You Are
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This gift is perfect for every dog parent who loves their dogs more than themselves! Well-designed, this journal stands out from the crowd, making it perfect for planning your dog walks, writing notes, your to-do list, planning dog training days, and being the best dog-mommy ever!

The handy six by nine-inch size is perfect to bring in your tote, car, backpack or anywhere you go. 

One hundred twenty pages are more than enough room to write down even your longest, most thorough lists! Aside from owning a pet, you love, remember that journaling helps dog-moms prioritize concerns, issues, and goals.

Learn better ways of dealing with the stress of daily life. 

This journal gives yourself the opportunity to self-talk in a positive way, identifying any behavior or thoughts you need to work on if any. Identify what causes your every feeling and what triggers you each day. Reduce stress and resolve every problem.

Remember, a journal is one aspect of a healthy, stress-managed lifestyle. 

Presents For New Mom Pet Parents

A T-Shirt That Says: Physically I’m Here Mentally, I’m With My Dog T-Shirt

Physically I'm here Mentally I'm with my dog T-Shirt
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What do you give the dog-lover that has everything? What else but a shirt that expresses exactly the right words. This shirt took the words right out of my mouth. What dog-lover would not love this shirt, that speaks a message every dog-obsessed person feels. 

This classic fit t-shirt is lightweight and has a bottom hem and a double-needle sleeve. This shirt is for dog parents is machine washable with similar colors, imported and made with one hundred percent cotton.

Breathable fabric is comfortable any time of the year and is hypoallergenic, compared to other fabrics made of man-made materials. 

Each word is clearly printed and this product is made to last. Expressing how you feel does not only communicate with others your exact feelings but also motivates and enables others to respond and be informed about you.

The best part is that not only is this shirt easy to care for, but it also comes in black which is a color most people love and it goes with every outfit. 

Custom Illustrated iPhone Case With Your Dog’s Photo

Make Your Own Protective Hybrid Phone Case
Guard Dog Custom iPhone 11 Pro Max Cases - Personalized
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Families that love their dogs will love this iPhone case. This case reveals to everyone else that your world really does revolve around your pup. The great part is that you can give this gift to someone who hates leaving their pooch.

This way, they can be with their beloved pet’s photo at any time of the night and day. Both useful and thoughtful, this hand-drawn iPhone case is the gift that every dog-loving family will love. 

The best part is that no one else is going to have the same iPhone cover as you. Illustrated based on the exact photo of your dog, this custom illustrated dog iPhone case fits the exact size of an iPhone and is waterproof to keep your smartphone safe.

What better way to protect the exterior of every family member’s iPhone than with a custom drawn illustration of their favorite canine family members? 

Smartphones do not exactly come cheap these days and you can help preserve the durability of an iPhone by giving a great-fitting case to your recipient.

Arguably, phones are considered to be one of the more devices that people own and definitely worth protecting!

Starbarks Coffee Collection Haute Diggity Dog Unique Plush Dog Toys Canine Caffeine Your Dog Can Take!

Plush Toy
Haute Diggity Dog Starbarks Coffee Collection
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New parents are going to need toys that will keep their newest member of the family active and busy! Fetch it, throw it, paw it, hide it, do anything but don’t spill it! These durable toys are plush and teach pups not to tear apart and chew your other stuff.

The unique parody of the brand makes it a fun gift gag for loving dog families. It provides tons of video ops and endless photo ops! 

Grab real Starbucks and pose with your pooch’s star barks coffee to share on social media! Watch your followers increase with this cute way of showing how many things you have in common as a family!

What a great way to introduce your brand new pet to the world! Eye-catching, squeaky plush parody toy lets your pooch be just like you, getting his morning fix. 

Remember, play is natural for animals, just like it is for baby humans! Dogs are creatures that love playing. Just as you and I need to have fun and unwind, dogs need to play for their emotional health.

Even when I can’t spend the entire day with my pooch, I make sure that I leave him with a favorite collection of toys to keep him busy. In particular, puppies need to play constantly, particularly when their teeth start to grow. 

Sore gums can cause your pup to chew on furniture, shoes, and anything they can lay their paws on. Giving them their own toys may be the best thing you ever did for your furniture!

Keep chewable plush toys and other toys close by for your puppy to cuddle with. Soft plush toys are perfect sleeping companions for dogs, too. 

A Dog Mom Gift For Big Families 

Vet’s Best Flea And Tick Home Spray

Flea Treatment Spray
Vet's Best Flea and Tick Home Spray
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Containing certified organic oil, this flea and tick home spray will spare every member of your family from having any flea bites. Naturally removing ticks and fleas with no artificial chemicals and only natural extracts repel and kill every pest.

The combination of clove and peppermint in this natural tick and flea spray does protect you and the entire family from pests. 

When you need total protection on your yard, your home, or on your pet, this product line does get you covered. This effective solution has more than one product in the line.

I’ve tried them all and happen to love this one best of all, although, all of it is pretty good. This tick and flea spray is eight ounces by Vet’s Best. 

A blend of eugenol derived from cloves and peppermint kills ticks, flea eggs, and fleas on contact. It is also a mosquito-repellant. Proven effective and independently tested, mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas are repelled and killed instantly.

This includes the family carpets, curtains, sheets, and everywhere you can think of within the home. Safe to spray around children, the non-staining formula is perfect even for flooring, furniture, and even your wooden floors! 

Other Gifts You might like

Dog Mom Gifts: Black Charcoal Puppy Pads by Glad For Pets 

Puppy Training Pads
Glad for Pets Black Charcoal Puppy Pads
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These training pads neutralize and absorb urine instantly. A large family means a clean house is essential to stay sane. Glad For Pets has come up with the perfect odor-neutralizer and potty training pads for every pet.

No family can ever get enough of these, which is what makes this the perfect gift. The pheromone attractant lets the dog know exactly where to go to do their business. 

Suitable for every type and variety of dogs, these training pads can be used on either senior dogs or new puppies. Perfect for using with pup crates, you can take your pooch with you on a family vacation and the car will still remain odor-free.

Use these pads as a liner, in a puppy crate, or on their own in your home. Made with five strong layers, these pads by Glad ensure stain and leak protection. 

The layer of polymer absorbs and turns into a gel for an easy clean. Pet odor and urine won’t be detectable in your home no matter how big your family is because your pets do their business neatly and cleanly right on these pads.

These are obviously the perfect gift for the family that has everything.

Dog Mom Gifts: Classical Music For Dogs

Classical Music for Dogs / Various
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Nothing has a more calming effect on dogs than classical music, I find. The stress levels of my own pooch significantly decrease whenever I play classical music.

I also noticed less braking, less hyperactivity, and all-around more calmness in my furkid so that’s why I couldn’t think of a better gift for a big family that loves dogs more than this. 

Plus, families with children will probably notice the same soothing, calm effect this has on their kids. Do you notice that your pets get stressed when there are loud noises such as in a thunderstorm? This should tell you that pets are sensitive to sound.

A calming environment with classical music will help your pet relax, and the entire family as well. 

Classical music has always been my go-to for anxiety and stress, and it really comes as no surprise to me that this works on animals, too. In fact, most vet waiting rooms play soothing music, I’ve noticed recently.

This is probably to calm everyone down as they wait. Also, whether or not your pooch will love the music, you can be sure that it will be soothing for you to hear.

 Best Places To Buy Dog Mom Gifts

  • There are a few websites every dog owner needs to bookmark. New owners are faced with the challenge of exploring new territory. Here are my favorite sites for their unique selection of dog presents and great customer care. 
  • Chewy is an online retailer for pet-related and food products. Chewy has purchased PetSmart so you find great gift ideas on the website. Browse through their offerings to find the perfect gift for dog parents that seem to have it all!
  • BarkBox- spoil your dog-loving friends with the monthly surprise gift boxes that Bark Box sends straight to the indicated addresses without breaking the bank! Such a novel, a fabulous way of giving gifts. 
  • Amazon- folks who have not to time to shop for gifts for dog lovers will love all the dog-gift ideas and easy delivery on Amazon, the world’s largest marketplace. 
  • The Dog People- this is a 1-stop shop for wellness advice, health advice, and dog stories you will love. Not only will you find great products to give as gifts, but you also get articles, training tips, and lifestyle tips. 

Buyers Guide

Choosing the best training supplies for your dog:


Your main concern should be safety. Does your gift meet all the safety standards of the USA? Check to see what country they are made in and whether they have met the safety requirements of America.


You want a dog-gift that lasts long. Dogs do get attached to the toys and gifts they are accustomed to. Bad quality can be bad for a dog’s health and result in a gifted product that does not last very long. 


Durable toy-gifts or other items will last through the years and this is what you want to look for. After all, you get value for money when you find a durable gift for your favorite dog lover’s dog. 


It won’t make sense to give an ineffective gift to your favorite dog-lover. You want an effective product that has been tested and proven to work.


Dog toys, gifts, and other products need to be suitable for their ages. Senior dogs are not going to like the same products as puppies.

Also, if you give a new plus squeaky toy to your favorite dog-lover, make sure that their pet is not overly attached to their current squeaky toy. 

Things to avoid when buying dog gifts for moms 

What out for things to avoid when buying dog gifts for moms. Anything with hard edges is not suitable to give moms for their fur kids. Untested, unregulated items may be made of unsuitable material. 

Buy from reputable places such as the ones mentioned above. Find products from suitable manufacturers that know, understand, and meet all the US regulations for canine safety.

When buying dog gifts for moms, make sure they don’t already own the gift you plan to give. You can hint around and check to see if they have it already or not. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a dog mom?

This is an affectionate, informal term for all female dog-lovers and treats her pets like her children. Some owners of dogs never equate their canines to the level of children.

Dog moms, on the other hand, do just the opposite and treat their little pooches like little bundles of joy. Some synonyms of Dog Mom include Matron of Mutts, Head of the Howlhold, and the Pupper Parent.

Is there a dog mom’s day? 

In the month of May, on the second Saturday, there is a National Dog Mom’s Day. This is the time to send out howls of praise, barks, and yelps to every hardworking, well-deserving dog-momma.

This day, officially called National Dog Mom’s Day, does recognize the bond women share with their fur children. Go ahead and send your favorite dog-mom a Happy Mother’s Day card on National Dog Mom’s Day aside from the actual Mother’s Day!

 What Are Some Signs You Might Be A Dog Mom?

Some signs you might be a dog mom is that you bring doggy bags from every restaurant you go to because you know your dogs will love the leftover food. You might even refrain from ordering any dishes you think won’t be safe for dogs.

Another sign is when your dogs have the same last name as you do. 

Whenever someone asks you what the name of your dog is, you tell them the entire name of your furkid. The first name, and the last name. Another sure sign that you have evolved into a dog-mom is that you sleep with your dog and they have their own side or corner of the bed. 

You may even have moved on to better amenities for dogs such as stairs for enabling your pooch to come up onto your bed easily. You may even go house-hunting in a neighborhood that has an actual dog park. This is a sure sign you are a dog mom.


Okay, that just about covers the perfect gift to giving dog-moms. The dog mom gifts I have included in this list were the ones that really sparked joy in both myself and my dog mom!

Here we included a list of great training tools and the best gifts to give older moms, entire families, and new parents. I love going gift-shopping for all my dog-mom friends and I’m sure you would too!

I have included every resource you need to find the perfect gift for the dog mom that seems to have everything!

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