Big Barker Dog Bed Review (TESTED)

There’s no denying it, our four-legged friends love to sleep just as much as we do. So it’s super important to have a bed that gets them off to sleep just right, each and every night.

I decided to recently purchase a new bed for my dog, and so I set out to do some research.

It’s important for you as a parent to give your dog the best home environment. This also means investing in bedding too!

image of girl sleepng on dog bed

In this Big Barker Dog Bed Review I will be sharing my own experience with buying the bed and comparing it to the Friends forever orthopedic dog bed.

What is the Big Barker Bed?

Big barkers were originally created for the larger breeds of dogs. And as you may know, it can be a real pain in the butt to find beds for big dogs. Big barker beds are supposed to be the best beds around for big dogs that separate themselves from the competition by the foam that they use.

And to be honest when you feel the bed you almost want to lay in it yourself haha.

What dogs are big barkers for?

The big barker beds are made for the larger breeds. I have a golden that I would say is relatively large and she needed the smallest size they offer. That should put things into perspective of how big they go. They designed the bed to cater for bigger dogs mainly because they tend to suffer from joint pains as they get older.

Because of that, this bed claims to help reduce those pains and prevent any existing problems from becoming more severe. From what I’ve read online they seem to be a very reputable company, but were will have to see how good they really are when put to the test…

Features of the big barker

The bed offers some great features that you can also find listed on their site. But just to give you an insight, here are a few:

  • Support & Comfort Foam. 7 inches of USA, high-quality comfort and support foam.
  • 100% Won’t Flatten Guarantee (10 yrs). Big Barker is guaranteed to not flatten – if it goes flat within 10 years, you get your money back.
  • Made in the USA. Big Barker beds are completely made within the USA, from USA-sourced foam to zippers!
  • Easy To Clean: machine washable. 100% Microfiber cover. Soft to the touch.
  • Owners Support: This product has over 300 reviews on Amazon and sits currently above a 4-star rating. It’s very obvious that this product is of the peoples choice on Amazon.


How can this bed help your dog?

  • Dogs with ACL injuries
  • Dogs recovering from surgeries or injury
  • Senior dogs
  • Large and extra large dogs
  • Arthritic dogs
  • Dogs suffering from hip dysplasia

A few things that I found better with this than others

Well, the first reason is the fact that they have specialized in one particular field. Its too often these days that you get businesses that want to become the jack of all trades. Instead of making one great product, they usually make a bunch of average or ok ones. (stick to your craft!!!)

I found this bed to be really good for the fact that it had a 10-year guarantee, brilliant reviews, and a foam mattress made 100% in the USA.

big-barker-sizes copy

Now, these beds are not cheap but I’m a strong believer in investments. So if you were to buy it then it’s not something that would need replacing anytime soon.

A Big Bed With A Big Price

This bed doesn’t come cheap as you would expect for all the materials used.  However, if you want the best, then in this day and age you got to pay for it. In other words, put your money where your mouth is.

Whilst this can be one of the more expensive beds in the range, it is also definitely one of the best your money can buy. My dog has been using this bed for around 3 months now. I would say this is a dream bed for my Golden as she spends a lot of her in her bed.

This Bed May NOT be For You

big barker sleeping lol image

This bed is not for everyone. Firstly because of the price and secondly because it mainly caters to bigger dogs. Whilst you can buy a big dog for a small dog and still get away with it.

It may not be the best idea to buy a big bed that is also pricey that doesn’t cater to your dog specifically when you can get one for half the price in the right fit etc.

Materials used in the big barker bed

The materials used in this bed are made from all American crafted foam. There is also a 100% money-back guarantee for if your foam goes flat, which the company states is not possible.

To be more specific, the foam should hold around 90% of its shape over the next 10 years of your owners or your money back. When you put it like that it wasn’t really a hard decision for me to make.

Whilst most beds come with a 3 to 4inch depth. The big barker comes in at 7 inches thick to simply trump on its peers.


Layers of Foam in big barker

The whole bed consists of a 3” foam that is stacked with a 3” and 2” on top. The also a headrest edition that I didn’t buy, unfortunately. But I found that it would have included an additional 4” headrest too. To sum it up there is lots of comforts placed into this bed for your pup.

How these beds are tested

When this bed was manufactured. Big barker made sure to go the extra mile and pressure test these beds against regular foams. The results were very alarming:

This is how the big barker bed compared to the others:

Shocking right. Now I’m not one for science but this is a good indication that this outperformed the others in this test.

Cleaning the big barker

This bed is super easy to clean as I’ve already washed 3 times. Cough, Cough OCD haha. But yes, if you are anything like me then this will be one of your most important factors for making a purchase on a product.

I’m always asking the all-important question. So how can I clean this thing? Well, it couldn’t be easier than just bunging it into the machine and then hanging it out to dry.

It’s really easy and simple to unzip the removable over and then you can re-zip it back onto the foam after it has been washed.

The things you get for the price

Most definitely you get a guarantee that your money will be spent well.

There are not many other companies that place such bold statements on their products and after using this myself I can see why. This is a high-quality product that consists of materials that are used in modern-day couches.

You will also know that your larger dog will have a good fit for a bed that you might not need to replace for many years to come. It’s stylish and comes in a variation of burgundy, charcoal grey, chocolate & Khaki.

big barker dog bed products

Where to get hold of a big barker bed

You can currently buy this big bed on some of your favorite online stores such as:

There you will see a full review of the product as well as feedback from some of the customers that have also purchased this product.

It is also currently listed as an Amazon choice product which is a great bonus as Amazon only put their stamp on products that are truly great.

How Big Do They Go?

So as you may know this bed was made for the biggest of dogs. My Golden Retriever stands around 52cm and she snuggles right into this bed comfortably. To give you a perspective of the sizes you can find in this bed.

If you buy on Amazon, there is also a size chart that covers how you should select the right size for your pooch.

I went for the one that was listed for my breed and the sizing seemed to be nothing short of perfect.

Only The Best All American Foam

Hands down I would say this is one of the best orthopedic dog bed for large dogs. Big Barker foam is manufactured in the USA and is certified CertiPUR-US – an independent, non-profit group that evaluates foam durability and safety.

With the counterfeit products that are cheaply made in China, you could end up in big problems with dangerous chemicals. Not just that, but you can also expect your money not to stretch as long. Because a majority of the cheaper made beds tend to go flat in as little as 6 months.

There are no guarantees or customer-backed satisfaction. So buying the more expensive product could be the best choice you make. This specific foam is tailored for providing support and is NOT the same as memory foam.

So whilst may go out and search for memory foam as that’s what you search for when bed hunting…

Well, that will not be the case of when it comes o your dog. As I always say. There’s just some stuff you should leave down to the experts.

Recap Of The Big Barker Dog Bed Review

Overall you can expect to pay a little more than expected for a bed of this quality. But your money will most definitely go very far with this product. There are multiple reasons why this is a great purchase.

My golden retriever has been using this for around 3 months now and she absolutely loves it. The material is super easy to clean with the removable covers and the support foam has still remained in perfect condition.

The company offers a 100% money-back guarantee and to be honest if you check it on Amazon then you will see the satisfaction from others who have purchased.

Overall its a big YES from me in regards to this product and keep reading to see the next runner-up in the list that I considered before buying this.

Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed Review

Making a decision on buying the right bed for your pooch can be as hard as deciding what to eat for dinner each day.

It’s a tough choice…And our furry friends don’t make it any easier, as they urge the need for a good bed with all the sleeping that they do.

That’s why I decided to put up the big barker against the Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed in this review. And I aim to give you my honest opinion on each!

There are so many variables to consider, such as size, color, durability, the list goes on… So we are going to tear these products apart to find out all the ins and the outs of each.

What is the Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed?

These beds cater to a range of sizes for different dog breeds. Whether you have a small chihuahua or a larger German shepherd, this bed will most definitely be the right fit.

Orthopedic beds are also designed in a way to help dogs that are recovering from surgeries or suffering from pains such as hip dysplasia.

As it is quite common for older dogs to get joint pains or arthritis, this bed is usually one of the first recommended for senior pups by professionals.

Features of the Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed

There are some brilliant features to this bed which makes it a very competitive choice up against its more expensive peers.

Here are a few features listed out for you to see why:

  • Human grade mattress foam: A combination of pressure-relieving foam with memory foam and a  9” thick sidewalls
  • 1-year durability guarantee: Guaranteed to provide full support and no flat bedding for a period of 1 year or your money back
  • 100% machine washable: Easy to remove covers that can be washed in the machine at any given time
  • Full head, hip and bone support: designed to provide support for all pressure points on any sized dog

Who does the Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed help?

  • Dogs recovering from surgery
  • Dogs suffering from hip dysplasia or arthritis
  • Small dogs with pains in the joints
  • Smaller & larger dogs
  • Dogs with ACL injuries

How is this bed better than others

Well first is the fact that this bed caters to all sizes of dogs. This can be a great pro for when looking for a new bed as it may save you a ton of time and hassle. However, one thing that is specified in the manufacture of this product is the needs that it caters to.

With the bed being having an orthopedic design it makes it a great choice for any dog suffering from pains or recovering from surgery. I thought this bed had a smart design with the memory foam and support foam combined to provide maximum comfort for dogs. Whilst having all of these benefits, this bed also comes in at a reasonable price too.

Bed on a budget

A huge difference with this bed to the big barker right out of the gate is the price. Whilst the big barker can almost break the bank, this bed is a more reasonable price that fits all.

Depending on what qualities you are looking for will depend on the bed you select. Both have great pros but one of the cons to this product is the fact that the warranty is only 1 year whilst the other comes in at 10.

But if you take into perspective the qualities that you get for the price here then that decision could edge towards the other way.

Is this the best choice for you?

Well, this will totally depend on what type of budget you have. This bed you can currently find for under $150 on most retailers sites, whilst the big barker will breach the 200 range. In regards to the qualities that you get, well big barker makes a bold claim that memory is not the foam that should be used for dogs with pains.

However, support foam is the foam that should be used. What makes this choice even more difficult is the fact that these friends forever bed uses BOTH!

What’s it made of?

This bed is made up of a combination of pressure relieving memory foam and support foam to provide maximum comfort to your dog. There is also a 100% money back guarantee that covers the bed for up to 1 year

And the company claims there should be no decrease in quality within this time. The covers are made up of durable & comfortable polyester (65%) & cotton (35%). This ensures to provide long-lasting covers even when washed several times over the next 12 months.

Diving in a little more, you will notice that the covers are complete tear resistant as well as water resistant too. All zippers are manufactured with durable metal to prevent any breaks or damage to the bed when changing the covers.

Cleaning the Friends forever dog bed

This bed is super easy to clean as all you need to do is remove the covers using the industrial metal style zippers. Once you have unzipped then it’s easy to remove the 4” memory foam base and the 9” wall tubing from inside.

All the covers are 100% machine washable and simple to clean or remove hairs. This is probably one of the most important things I look out for as my dog can tend to drool from time to time.

Sizings that are currently available

You can get this bed in a current 3 different sizes which are the following:

  • Small
  • Large
  • X – Large

And if you go directly to the official website they also offer a JUMBO sizing which can be great if you have an above-average sized dog.

Heres a quick shot of the sizing chart currently listed on their site to give you an idea of what you may need.

Where can you buy this now?

Currently, there are two main places where you can buy this bed. The first place being my absolute favorite as I go there for almost everything. And that’s Amazon.

The next place you be able to buy this bed is from the official website directly. The only downside to this is you have to be careful about the pricing. As I’ve seen some huge prices on there compared to what you’d pay on Amazon.

What I chose and why?

So as you may have gathered already from this post I did not actually purchase the friends forever dog bed. The main reason behind why I chose the BigBarker was purely on the basis that they offer a 10-year guarantee.

Whenever a company offers such a big guarantee it is a good indication that they believe in their product. The only way they can believe in their product is if it’s proven them to be correct through testing and multiple customer reviews.

This for me was one of the reasons why I decided to pay the additional money and buy something that I would use rather as an investment than a short-lived expense. I’m a strong believer in the saying that you get what you pay for.

Which is why I had a clear winner when it came to choosing these two beds.

What other reasons did I have?

But the other reason for me was the fact that the FriendsForever used both support and memory foam for dogs. After researching some of this information, I was able to find that memory foam is in fact not the greatest material to use in dog beds.

Especially when we’re talking about dogs with pains such as joint pains and arthritis. The last reason for my choice was because the bed comes in all different sizes and claims to cater to all different breeds of dogs.

Like I said in the first product review I do not look for people who are the so-called jack of all trades. That for example, you would never go to an Indian restaurant asking him to make Chinese food.

So I much prefer when I get a specialist in a certain area that caters specifically for whatever problem that I have to solve. Just a generic rule of thumb that I use that is never filled me in the past.


That is no doubt about it that there is a clear winner in this comparison. The Big Barker bed by far has ticked many more boxes than it’s competitors in this comparison. Not only has it been great throughout the time that I’ve owned it, but it also has had the same effect on many other dog parents too.

The customer reviews are absolutely brilliant on all sites where you find the product listed. As well as the product also being selected as an Amazon choice which is always a good sign for me. Whilst I believe friends forever have a great product, my loyalties lay with the big barker as they have completely won me over with the qualities they hold over their peers.

A 10-year guarantee is a bold statement in my opinion, but so far they have been able to back it up.

Picture of Rachael Summers

Rachael Summers

Rachael Summers is the Founder and Senior Editor at Dig Doggy. She is a lifelong canine enthusiast and adores dogs of all shapes and sizes! Rachael also loves iced coffee, hammocks, and puppy-cuddling!

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Picture of Rachael Summers

Rachael Summers

Rachael Summers is the Founder and Senior Editor at Dig Doggy. She is a lifelong canine enthusiast and adores dogs of all shapes and sizes! Rachael also loves iced coffee, hammocks, and puppy-cuddling!

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