The Best Wireless Dog Fence of 2021

Dogs may be the perfect running partners, but it gets stressful if Doggo runs after every cyclist or mailman that whizzes by.

Carrying out a risk assessment of your premises is essential to keep your dog safe, especially if your home is near to a busy road.

Today the plan is to educate you on wireless dog fences to prove they are not cruel but instead provide your dog safety and freedom that being tethered does not.


That said, each of the products in our list of wireless dog fence reviews will factor in everything essential to keeping your dog escape free.

How to Choose the Best Invisible Fence

A wireless dog fence is an umbrella term for above-ground and in-floor pet containment systems. While both types of fences share the same goal, they differ in several ways. To find the best invisible fence for your home, you need to take into account the following factors:

Type of Landscape on the Property

Wireless fences work best on flat lands with minimal obstructions.

Steep hills and slopes in the yard pose a problem, even for the best wireless fence system, as radio signals travel from the transmitter to the receiver collar in straight lines. Large trees and metal blocks cause boundary fluctuations, as well.

On the other hand, in-ground fences do not have this issue. Hence, I recommend you opt for an underground fence if you live on uneven terrain. Although the installation requires arduous work, it is a little price to pay for the stable connection you will get.

Breed of Dog

You should be wary of large canine breeds that are exceptionally smart, as they tend to be more stubborn and determined. These dogs will often test their limits and search for loopholes in the system. If this sounds like your pooch, you might want to try out a unit that is specially crafted for such dogs.

Then again, some breeds are downright impossible to confine with a wireless dog fence. Massive dogs bred to fight and hunt big game, such as the Neapolitan Mastiff, Perro de Presa Canario, and Tosa Inu, will most likely give static corrections a brush off. Not to mention, these dogs have oversized necks.

Number of Dogs and Collars Included

Invisible dog fence kits include one collar, but you can purchase additional collars for both above-ground and in-floor systems should you wish to adopt more dogs in the future.

Coverage Area

Wireless dog fences offer expandable coverage, but each model differs in terms of maximum range. The bigger the radius, the more room Pupper has to roam around and play.

So before anything else, you need to measure your yard from one end to the other so that you can choose a unit whose maximum range matches the size of your property.

You may also add more transmitters if you have a substantial estate. But because wireless systems are limited to creating circular boundaries, simply overlapping barriers do not allow you to make most of your space. There will be certain corners where your dog is not permitted to go.

As such, it is wise to install an underground fence for properties that span several acres. Since you can customize the shape of the barrier, your dogs can freely roam around every nook and cranny of your property.

Ease of Installation

Wireless dog fences are a no-brainer to install and configure, which makes them a hit among dog owners. All you need to do is mount the transmitter near a standard wall outlet away from large metal objects and put the receiver collar on your dog.

Some pet parents even brag how their four-legged kids learn how to use the fence on their own with little to no training.

The Best Wireless Dog Fence System In 2021

Editor’s PicksBrand
Best Overall Wireless Dog FencePetSafe Wireless Dog Containment System, PIF-300
Runner UpPetSafe Stay & Play Compact Wireless Fence Kit, PIF00-12917
Best Budget Wireless Dog FenceFeeke Pet Wireless Pet Containment System
Best Portable Wireless FenceFeeke Pet Wireless Dog Fence with IP67 Waterproof Collar
Best 2-in-1 Hidden Dog FencePetSafe Pawz Away Outdoor Barrier Complete Kit
Best for Stubborn CaninesPetSafe Stay & Play Stubborn Dog Wireless Fence
Best Wireless Dog Fence for Small DogsPetSafe Free to Roam Wireless Fence for Dogs and Cats, PIF00-15001

Best Overall (Editor’s Pick): PetSafe Original Wireless Dog Containment System, PIF-300

Best Overall
PetSafe Wireless Dog and Cat Containment System
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05/23/2021 09:54 am GMT

Let’s kick things off with the overall best fence on this list, which is no other than the PetSafe Wireless Dog and Cat Containment System. If your four-legged kid insists on working part-time as a traffic enforcer, you can only stop him with the help of this system.

The transmitter sends 17.5 kHz radio signals as far as 90 feet in all directions, creating a secure circular boundary of ½ acre. Although this unit is not that promising in terms of area, the price is hard to beat.

However, I must warn you not to park your car within your dog’s safety zone. Nor should you allow him to enter the garage or metal shed. Any huge mass of metal could block the signal between the collar and transmitter.

Moreover, this portable system is perfect for family outings. As long as you have a power source, you can create a secure barrier to prevent your canine adventurer from wandering off. Having the ability to add more collars is also a feature I like about this unit.

The waterproof collar fits most dogs weighing at least 8 pounds with a neck size from 6 – 28 inches. Although the batteries that power the collar can only last about two months, the peace of mind it offers should be worth more than a five-dollar battery pack.

At least the collar has a low-battery indicator, right?

What’s more, the collar offers sound-only correction and four levels of static so that you can choose the appropriate correction for each dog. If your pooch does make a booboo, he can come back to you without getting zapped.

The static correction shuts off automatically after 30 seconds without activating again for another five minutes.


  • The best wireless dog fence in terms of quality and price
  • Provides a tried-and-tested secure ½ acre barrier
  • Can be used anywhere with a power source
  • The waterproof collar offers a total of five correction options
  • Compatible with other PetSafe pet containment systems and collars


  • Not suitable for toy breeds
  • A power outage causes the collar to deliver a tone or static correction
  • The transmitter is bulky and has no alarms
  • The collar requires new PetSafe® replacement batteries every 2-3 months

Runner Up: PetSafe Stay & Play Compact Wireless Fence Kit, PIF00-12917

Runner Up
PetSafe Stay & Play Compact Wireless Fence for Dogs and Cats
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05/23/2021 09:54 am GMT

Stay & Play is a more recent model compared to the PIF-300, but it also costs more. Among many things, the extra money you shell out will give you a coverage area of ¾ acre and the ability to use the system for toy breeds weighing at least five pounds.

If you wish to extend Pupper’s safe zone, you can do so by adding another transmitter. While the Stay and Play Fence transmitter is more powerful than the PIF-300, it is about 50% smaller than the original, and it also weighs half as much.

PetSafe also added Power Loss Alarm and Transmission Failure Alarm to the transmitter, which you will not find in the PIF-300.

Another thing I like about this model is its rechargeable collar. Instead of relying on replaceable batteries, you can charge the collar whenever you take it off your dog. The collar also includes short and long contact points, so you won’t have to trim off the neck area of a fluffy, long-haired pooch.

The collar has a beep-only correction and five levels of correction so that you give the appropriate discipline to devious canines who hang out at the edge of their safe zone to wear down the battery.

But unlike the PIF-300, your dog can get a correction for up to 15 seconds before the Over Correction Protection safety feature kicks in. Likewise, there is a sound-only correction for puppies.


  • The transmitter is about half the size and weight of the original
  • Two audible alarms are added to the transmitter
  • Covers a maximum of ¾ acre
  • Comes with a waterproof collar with rechargeable batteries
  • Includes short and long contact points
  • Small breeds and pups weighing at least 5 pounds can safely use the collar


  • Typical risks of interference
  • Costs $50 – $100 more than the PIF-300

Best Budget: Feeke Pet Wireless Pet Containment System

Budget Choice
Wireless Dog Fence, Pet Containment System
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An energetic puppy is nearly impossible to catch. If you are at your wits end, how about you try this alternative model from Feeke Pet? This wireless system boasts of a maximum coverage of 78 hectares, but you may adjust the radius to a minimum of 25 feet.

It also features a sleek and user-friendly base and a matching collar that will surely look good on every pet. The durable TPU strap supports dogs weighing at least 10 pounds with neck sizes from 8 – 28 inches. Made with IP67-rated materials, your pooch can play in the rain or jump in the pool without trouble.

The only difference between the two Feeke products is that the transmitter of this model does not have a built-in battery that could otherwise keep the transmitter on in case of a power failure. But if you have a reliable generator at home, you should be able to save a couple of bucks from this unit.


  • Features a compact, modern-looking transmitter with LED and buttons
  • Offers a radial coverage of 78 hectares
  • You can charge the transmitter and collar via a power bank, computer, etc. using the included USB cable
  • Any excess of the TPU belt can be cut off
  • Suitable for dogs who like to play with water


  • Does not provide emergency power during a brownout

Best Portable: Feeke Pet Wireless Dog Fence with IP67 Waterproof Collar

Best Portable
Wireless Dog Fence, Pet Containment System
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If transmitters have to look like filter pumps, of course, you have all the reason to hide it in the basement! The downside is that accessing the transmitter can get really inconvenient. No wonder the Feeke Pet Wireless Dog Fence gets all the rave with dog owners today.

Not only is the transmitter aesthetically pleasing, but it is also user-friendly to boot. The thoughtful design of the transmitter includes an LED screen that shows the exact coverage.

Given that there is no signal interference and obstacles, this system can cover up to a whopping 78 hectares or 192 acres, which I bet is more than you actually need unless you have a ranch.

Best of all, the transmitter has a built-in 2600mAh lithium-ion battery. Therefore, you need not worry about power outages that could otherwise affect the signal. The collar also has a high-capacity battery that is rechargeable to boot.

Rain or shine, the collar will be fine. Made of IP67-rated material, it offers improved resistance to rain and moisture. Pupper can enjoy his new freedom to the fullest but stops on his own where the invisible line is drawn.

While I find the collar rather bulky, I like that you can cut the belt to ensure a snug fit. The best part is that the prongs are not metal, but silica gel. So if you think this collar will painfully zap your beloved pet, why not give them a try and see for yourself?


  • Features a compact, intuitive transmitter with LED and buttons
  • Offers a radial coverage of 78 hectares
  • You can charge the transmitter and collar via a power bank, computer, etc. using the included USB cable
  • Ergonomic collar uses silica prongs, not metal
  • The collar can be submerged in water


  • Small breeds might find the collar too large and heavy

Best 2-in-1 Hidden Dog Fence: PetSafe Pawz Away Outdoor Barrier Complete Kit

Best 2-In-1 Hidden Dog Fence
PetSafe Pawz Away Pet Barriers with Adjustable Range
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05/23/2021 09:54 am GMT

Nope, this is not a rock, but I do admit I got fooled into thinking this was a coconut husk! Comical as it looks, the PetSafe Pawz Away Outdoor Barrier has the power to knock off unwanted outdoor behaviors in dogs.

Although it is not the best wireless fence system in terms of coverage, its goal is to keep mischievous paws off certain areas within the yard.

As you may already know, dietary indiscretion and canine coprophagia are a thing in dogs. Not to mention, canines love to dig a hole all the way to China! Thankfully, you can place as many barriers as you need to prevent dogs from raiding trash cans, gardens, and other places you want them to avoid.

The transmitter creates a circular barrier of eight feet. Since it is designed to look like a rock, it blends seamlessly in any landscape. On top of that, you have the freedom to create a custom-shaped enclosure up to 150 feet by purchasing the PetSafe Boundary Wire Containment Fence.

My only gripe is that the collar only has one level of static correction, which might not be enough to alert a large, brawny dog. If you have a long-haired pooch, you might need to trim off the neck area for the prongs to contact the skin and take effect.


  • Creates an 8-feet wireless circular enclosure to protect a particular outdoor space
  • Can be used with as an in-ground fence to create a custom-shaped barrier with greater coverage
  • The transmitter camouflages as a rock to blend with the surroundings
  • Both the transmitter and collar are waterproof


  • Pins on the collar might not reach the skin of a dog with long, thick fur
  • The static correction might not be as effective when used for large canines
  • Use of (4) D-cell batteries adds to the maintenance costs

Best for Stubborn Canines: PetSafe Stay & Play Stubborn Dog Wireless Fence

Best For Stubborn Canines
PetSafe Stay & Play Wireless Fence for Stubborn Dogs
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05/23/2021 09:54 am GMT

Do you have a brawny, bull-headed pooch whose energy equals to that of a Tasmanian devil’s? Regular wireless fence systems might not cut it, but the PetSafe Wireless Stubborn Dog Wireless Fence should do the job.

Feature-wise, this system comes with many of the positive points of our best wireless dog fence, the PetSafe PIF-300 model. In fact, the collar of the Stubborn Dog Wireless Fence is compatible when used with the said system, and vice versa.

Similar to other PetSafe units, it also comes with a sound-only correction, plus five levels of static correction. What makes this unit unique is that the corrections have higher intensities and frequency to make stubborn canines yield.

While some have criticized this method, many pet owners can attest how this form of tough love has saved their beloved pets countless times.

Nevertheless, you can rest assured that even the highest setting is tolerable.Lastly, this fence also covers up to ¾ acre of land, which is 25% more than the original model.


  • Offers tone-only mode and five levels of static correction with higher intensities and frequencies suitable for large, stubborn dogs
  • Maximum circular coverage of ¾ acre
  • Completes a full charge cycle within two hours
  • Dogs are not get corrected during re-entry
  • Compatible with other PetSafe wireless fence systems
  • Compact and portable transmitter


  • Some users reported that it isn’t effective for Rottweilers and other strong, large breeds

Best For Small Dogs: PetSafe Free to Roam Wireless Fence for Dogs and Cats

Best For Small Breeds
PetSafe Free to Roam Dog and Cat Wireless Fence
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05/24/2021 12:58 am GMT

Another option from the respected brand PetSafe is the Free to Roam Wireless Fence for Dogs and Cats. With no trenches to dig or wires to bury, it takes only about one to two hours to set up this invisible enclosure.

The Free to Roam Wireless Fence system covers a circular area up to ½ acre or 180 feet in diameter. This unit is also compatible with the PIF 300 model and Pet & Stay Wireless Fence should you wish to increase the size of your pet’s safety zone.

Similar to other PetSafe containment systems, it has a no-shock re-entry feature that could otherwise deter pets from coming back to their safety zone.

So, what makes the Free to Roam different from the others? For one, it boasts of an ergonomically designed collar that is 20% smaller compared to other PetSafe collars. As such, you guarantee it will not sag or serve as a hindrance during playtime.

You can choose among five levels of static correction, plus tone-only mode, which warns your dog with a beep. If you like to add some flare to the collar, you may simply replace the band with any ¾-inch non-metallic strap.

What’s more, the collar has an on/off button, so you won’t have to turn off the transmitter each time you need to walk your dog. Speaking of the transmitter, it now features a Power Loss Alarm. My only gripe is that the Free to Roam uses PetSafe RFA-67 batteries, which only last for 1 -2 months.


  • Has a maximum coverage of ½ acre
  • Transmitter has a Power Loss Alarm feature
  • Can be used for small breeds weighing as little as five pounds
  • The Free to Roam collar is 20% lighter and smaller than other PetSafe collars
  • Interchangeable collar strap
  • Includes long and short probes
  • Compatible with PIF-300 and Stay & Play


  • The battery is not rechargeable

Buying Guide: Features to Consider

As with any product, price is the biggest determining factor. But once you have a budget in mind, it helps to go through the list below so that you can find a worthy investment.


Your dog is free to wander outside the boundary as soon as the system fails. So, it is crucially important to find a transmitter that can withstand extreme temperature changes and will not die out quickly due to overheating or power surges. So, how do you spot a durable product?

Look for its warranty. The warranty speaks volumes about its durability, as it demonstrates the company’s confidence in their products. And since your dog will be spending more of his new freedom outdoors, a waterproof collar is also equally important.

Battery Life

Naughty canines will attempt to drain their collars by hanging out near the border. Doing so will keep the collar beeping, so it consumes battery life fast. Hence, look for a collar whose battery life should at least last for a week before needing to recharge.

Some systems still use collars that run on disposable cells that could run for two months or longer. But in comparison, a rechargeable is better since it saves you from maintenance costs.

Know that some wireless fence systems, such as the Feeke Pet Wireless Dog Fence and SafePet Petz Away, also feature battery-powered transmitters. Any of these units is an excellent fit if you live in an area where power outages frequently occur.

Size and Minimum Age for Use

In general, wireless dog fences are not meant for puppies below six-months-old, as they may not yet fully grasp the purpose of the training and the reason behind the static stimulation.

Still, you can’t use a wireless fence to any adult dog as there are minimum weight requirements for each model. For example, a wireless fence designed for large canine breeds is overkill to a Chihuahua.

Correction Level and Duration Time

Some canines can be more sensitive than others due to various reasons, including past trauma. And so, the ability to pick different levels of correction is an indispensable factor when getting the best wireless dog fence system.

Also, some breeds are fluffier than others, so it helps to have a collar with varying prongs. Otherwise, the contact points may not penetrate the skin and become ineffective. The collar should also fit snugly around your pet’s neck.

Last but not least, consider how long the static correction is given to your dog. Ideally, the cut-off time should be 30 seconds or less. This duration is enough to startle your canine buddy without causing unnecessary discomfort.

Things to Avoid When Buying an Invisible Fence

You should not get a product from an unknown brand, especially one that does not offer a warranty. Many wireless dog fence systems in the market promise to deliver the same performance at a fraction of the price, but they will eventually run your wallet dry due to repairs and replacement costs.

Why Use a Wireless Dog Fence?

There are many benefits to a wireless dog fence. After reading this section, anyone on the fence will come out in favor of this type of enclosure.

Prevents Unhealthy Confinement

Being confined inside a 2,500-square feet home during the COVID lockdown has driven many people depressed, anxious, and stressed. The mental and emotional pain we feel is the same as what our canine companions experience. How much more if Doggo is being chained the entire time and only has a square meter of space?

Chaining a dog does more harm than good, and it fosters behavioral issues. Sporadic and destructive behaviors likewise stem from being locked up inside the house for an extended period, as you are depriving your dog of sufficient mental and physical stimulation.

Unfortunately, building a fence is easier said than done. You will need to ask permission from the landowner if you are a tenant, seek approval from your local government, and so forth. Not to mention, most residential areas have strict guidelines regarding fence heights.

Now, if you have an athletic Belgian Malinois capable of jumping and climbing a tree, you will be in trouble! But by installing the best wireless dog fence, your entire lawn can become your dog’s oasis.


Helps Control Predatory Chase Drive

The beauty of having furry family members is that you also get an efficient security system. In general, dogs alert their humans of suspicious activity and act menacing for a bit to intimidate an intruder. However, some breeds tend to chase away the bad guys and attack them if need be.

Guard dogs, in particular, are devoted to protecting their turf and family, which also puts them at risk for vehicular accidents. Whether Doggo is chasing after a criminal or a tomato-stealing critter, he is difficult to stop once he has an outburst of predatory chase drive.

Since our canine companions are doing their utmost best to keep us safe, it is our duty as their guardians to impose precautionary measures.

By choosing the best wireless fence system for your home, you can allow the natural, predatory instincts of canines to flourish without worrying that he might stray away or get involved in a vehicular accident later on. Your dog will receive a mild wake-up call if he tries to push past the boundary.

Most Practical Type of Fencing

Installing a traditional fence around your property may cost an arm and a leg. But if you don’t mind working with your hands, you could create a safer environment for your dog without spending so much.

Another benefit of a wireless system is that it is affordable, and it incurs fewer maintenance costs. Although there are less expensive options of conventional enclosures, a wireless fence is still cheaper even when professionally installed.

If your family needs to move out, you can take the wireless fence with you and reuse it.

Does Not Interfere with Scenic Views

April showers bring May flowers, but dogs and gardens can be a tricky combination! If you already have an enclosed home, installing a wireless dog fence around your garden will deter the merciless paws of digging canines without interfering with the landscape.

Although the outlined flags are an eyesore at first, you can remove them once your dog learns the boundaries of the wireless dog fence.

Wireless vs. Underground Dog Fences

The biggest issue with an underground dog fence is its time-consuming and labor-intensive installation. You have to dig trenches in which to lay the wires. If you are a physically challenged or busy individual, it might not be possible unless you ask professional help.

Another problem with this older generation system is that in case of physical damage, it is nearly impossible to find the broken area. Also, an in-ground fence is not portable. If your family needs to move out, you will have to leave the wiring behind.

But if there is one thing that stops pet owners from buying wireless fences, it is the fact that they are limited to a circular-shaped boundary. This could be a major drawback if you have an odd-shaped yard or if you live in a close-knit neighborhood. Consequently, you can’t leave your dog with as much space as you would like.

If that sounds like your situation, installing an underground dog fence might be a better choice. Another drawback of a wireless system is that large metal obstructions, such as cars and metal sheds, could interfere with the signal. Anything that interrupts the signal will activate your dog’s collar.

Thus, he might get a static correction, although he is within his safety zone. That is why many people assume that an in-ground fence is a better solution for canine escape artists. However, outside forces, such as the weather and small burrowing animals, can cause the underground wire to break and lose its stability, as well.

As you can see, both fences have their pros and cons. Whether or not you opt for a wireless dog fence should depend on the place you live in.

Traditional Wire Fence vs. Hidden Fence

A traditional wire fence is unreliable as many dogs, particularly large breeds, can get through them by jumping, climbing, or by digging underneath. Not to mention, chain links spoil the look of your home and landscape.

While a wireless fence remains invisible to the naked eye, it keeps your dog within a defined space. Since this fence works efficiently without being seen, it is ideal for subdivisions that prohibit traditional fencing.

How Does a Wireless Dog Fence Work?

A wireless dog fence consists of two pieces of equipment: a transmitter and a receiver collar.

The transmitter sends out radio signals to create a circular containment. That said, it is ideal to plug in the transmitter inside the garage, basement, or attic so that it covers both the front yard and backyard. Depending on the fence you get, you can adjust the range from several feet to a few acres.

While your canine buddy won’t see the fence, the collar they wear will recognize it for them. Your pooch can play on a spree as long as the collar is picking up signals from the transmitter. But if your dog gets too close to the correction zone, the collar will beep continuously, suggesting that they make a U-turn.

If your furry pal continues to dash towards the boundary, the collar will deliver a mild electric stimulation. The contact points of the collar should sit against your dog’s skin to be effective. The purpose is not to punish your stubborn pooch, but to urge him to return to his safety zone.

Besides, the shocks are tolerable and adjustable to boot. But since many pet parents oppose the idea of static correction, some collars offer alternative methods, such as vibrations and audible cues.

How to Train Your Dog to Use an Invisible Fence

Training on both the dog and pet parent is crucially important. Otherwise, the fence becomes ineffectual. While the training is simple, the duration will depend on how cooperative your pooch can be. Nevertheless, there are tips to make the transition progress without much difficulty.

1. Introduce the Fence and Correction

Using a leash, walk your canine trainee around the perimeter. Pull him back each time he is statically reminded and issue the “sit and stay” command. His first reaction to the correction is either fear or confusion.

Hence, you need to be there to deter panic and help him become accustomed to the correction. Your dog will eventually understand that the boundary flags and beeping noises mean he needs to turn and retreat. As with any training, positive reinforcement is the key to success.

2. Test Your Dog

Test your pooch as soon as he has learned the first two steps. Place treats and toys beyond the perimeter to show him that regardless of the temptation on the other side, he is bound to observe boundary rules.

3. Introduce the Invisible Gate

Choose a spot where your dog can exit the safe zone. Remove the collar. Using a leash, cross the exit point with your dog, and vice versa.

Repeat this a few times. Doing so will teach your canine companion that there is one entry/exit, but he cannot leave the yard without you.

Best Practice When Using a Wireless Dog Fence

Tip #1: Accustom Your Dog to Wearing the Collar

Have your dog wear the receiver collar for at least three days before activating the wireless fence. Doing so will prevent your dog from associating the static correction with the collar. Be sure to remove the collar at night, as the prongs might cause skin irritation.

Tip #2: Find the Right Level Correction for Each Pet

Determining the right correction level is an individual process since some canines have a better pain tolerance than others. For example, a Samoyed might only perceive a level 1 shock stimulation as another annoying bug since he has thick fur.

Likewise, some dogs may work well with a certain level of correction until distractions come into play. On the other end of the spectrum, sensitive pooches may need not to move beyond level 1 stimulation.

Therefore, it is crucial to begin with the lowest setting to avoid a negative association with the training. The only way to determine the right correction level is when it gets your dog’s attention and redirects his focus without causing agitation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the average cost to install an electric dog fence?

A wireless above-ground dog fence costs between $100 to $400, depending on the number of collars included in the kit.  

How old does my dog have to be to start wireless dog fence training?

To stay on the safe side, you should put off training until your puppy is six-months-old or older. During this stage, it is also wise to limit correction to vibration and audible cues until your pooch is old enough to learn complex commands.

Is there a maximum age for dogs to use electric fences?

You can use electrical containments for senior dogs. But as expected of an elderly pet, training might take longer than usual. Likewise, an electric fence should not replace walking sessions with your dear ole canine companion.

Are wireless dog fences safe?

Wireless dog fences are safe, although many people still misunderstand that it is cruel to let dogs wear static correction collars. However, these non-existent barriers do not guarantee that your pet is safe from roaming predators.

Will the static correction be painful for the dog?

The induced shock had to be impactful so that dogs will realize that crossing the border is wrong. Since canines have different tolerance to pain, you need to find the right level of correction for your pet. Otherwise, your canine buddy might associate the static correction as just another insect bite.

Do wireless dog fences work on hills?

Wireless systems work on mildly sloped yards, but the signal can get weak on steep downward slopes, especially if there are many obstacles.


Our canine companions are happiest when taken out for walks, but they also love to explore the great outdoors on their own. However, a loose dog opens up the possibility of tragic consequences, such as getting involved in a car accident or a fight with another dog.

Usually, building a physical fence is the first option that comes to mind, but full-yard fences are expensive and sometimes, forbidden by certain community standards.

That is why many pet owners resort to getting the best wireless dog fence. Contrary to what others believe, this type of enclosure is safe for adult dogs weighing as little as five pounds. The collar will beep to give your dog a warning that he is approaching the boundary. 

He will not receive static correction, unless he attempts to escape the safe zone. The light static energy pulse will make your dog realize that he is about to do something wrong, but that is all.

To stay on the safe side, you should only choose a wireless dog fence system that is time-tested by consumers, such as the ones mentioned above. PetSafe, in particular, is an industry leader known best for their quality products and excellent customer service. Feeke Pet is a less recognized brand, but they have built a strong following over the years, as well.

Lara Writes

Lara Writes

Lara, a.k.a Alpha Mama, is a great dancer and belter singer, although the world tells her otherwise. However, her greatest pleasure is working with animals. If the Alpha Mama is not being delusional, she manages to create informative articles and clear-cut buying guides. She also likes to share her personal experiences that may ignite your soul or possibly change your life!

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Lara Writes

Lara Writes

Lara, a.k.a Alpha Mama, is a great dancer and belter singer, although the world tells her otherwise. However, her greatest pleasure is working with animals. If the Alpha Mama is not being delusional, she manages to create informative articles and clear-cut buying guides. She also likes to share her personal experiences that may ignite your soul or possibly change your life!

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