The 8 Best Insulated Dog Houses: Super, Heavy Duty & Outdoor Kennels

SO I finally moved to Vermont this year and brought my beloved pooches with me as always.

The only thing was, I was worried that they wouldn’t be warm enough in their current dog houses and wanted to get insulated dog houses for each of them. I was wondering if there was anything on the market safe enough for my fur pups in near enough freezing weather. 

It’s known that setting up a good winter dog house will protect your pooch from hypothermia. That led me to look for the dog house for winter available online.

I compiled a shortlist of the best ones I tested that actually worked well for my two furbears.

This comparison should give you a clear idea as to what house will best suit your dog and provide the top insulation at the same time.

The Top Dog Houses with Insulation This Year

Editors choice: Indigo Super Insulated Dog House With Microban – Super-insulated House

Petmate Indigo Dog House All-Weather Protection Taupe/Black 3 sizes Available
  • IGLOO DOG HOUSE: This heavy duty dog house for large dogs provides insulation in hot & cold weather, & an offset doorway that shields pets from rain. The roof has vents on the top of the house to circulate fresh air.
  • DIMENSIONS: 43.8" x 34" x 25.8" | Weight: 50 lb
  • LARGE DOG HOUSE: The raised floors & side moats of the outdoor pet house drains water & keeps pets dry. Features Microban Antimicrobial Protection to help prevent the growth of stain & odor-causing bacteria
  • KENNELS & HOUSES: Crate & kennel training is vital for dog safety & comfort. We provide traditional travel carriers, wire training & exercise kennels, play pens, barn-style dog houses & more.
  • Petmate: For over 50 years, we at Petmate are passionate about our dogs, cats & furry friends in general. Starting with the very first dog kennel, we've produced plenty of eco-friendly products that pets will love.

Overall, I really like the super-insulated dog house of Petmate called Indigo Dog House. This super-insulated shelter provides comfort for your pet all year round. Some of its top features I found to be that it was constructed with heavy-duty construction materials so you know it won’t fly off with stronger winds. 

Warm in the winter and yet cool in the summer, this dog house is super-insulated with an offset doorway, an outdoor extension to help protect your pet from rain and wind. There is ventilation on top to promote airflow. The igloo shape helps circulating fresh air within.

The floors are raised, too with moisture-free side-moat features to keep everything dry. 

Odor-causing and stain-causing bacteria are prevented by the micro ban antimicrobial product protection. This dog house is available in extra-large, large or medium to accommodate pets that weigh between twenty-five to one hundred seventy-five pounds.

I even customized my Indigo Dog House with accessories such as the Indigo Pad by Petmate and the Indigo Door by Petmate. 

I do encourage other pet parents to do the same, so your pooch gets the best super-insulation home available in the market today. This home for your fur child is a patented dome design that keeps everything stable no matter how high the winds get. 


  • Patented design will look great in any yard
  • Enough room keeps your dog from feeling cramped
  • Great for outdoor use
  • Easy to clean


  • Higher price than most other similar insulated pet homes

Budget Choice: Petmate Aspen Pet Petbarn 3

Petmate Aspen Pet Outdoor Dog House, Extra Small, For Pets Up to 15 Pounds
  • Durable Protection: This Dog house's all plastic construction and rear air ventilations system prevents fleas and provides long lasting protection; Also useful for outdoor cats and strays; For pets up to 15 pounds
  • All Weather Outdoor Dog House: This extended roof guard rim and raised interior floor helps keep pets dry; Pet home assembles with quick snap latches, no tools necessary; 26.5 X 18 X 16.5 inches
  • Kennels and Houses: Crate and kennel training is vital for your dog safety; We provide traditional travel carriers, wire training and exercise kennels, play pens, barn style dog houses and more
  • Aspen Pet: We provides every day essentials for pet parents, dogs, and cats; From leash cable tie outs, litter box accessories, pet toys, gravity water/food bowls, pet beds, dog shelters, carriers and more
  • Just For Pets: Petmate makes a variety of pet products for dogs, cats, birds, and other furry friends; Check out our brands such as Aspen Pet, Arm and Hammer, Boada, Chuck it!, and more

I find the Aspen PetBarn 3 by Petmate perfect for budget-conscious pooch lovers that still want to give their pet the best home without having to break the bank.

Available in various sizes to suit all breeds of dogs, Petmate Aspen PetBarn 3 is made of rot-resistant, durable plastic featuring protective, sturdy framing that keeps your fur-child safe and sounds no matter how harsh the weather elements become. 

There is a rim that diverts rain making sure your beloved pooch stays one hundred percent dry. The wide door is comfortable enough for your pet and there is tons of room to walk around and lie down. Your dog will have tons of circulated air so he or she can breathe properly.

No wonder the testimonials on this product are wonderful, with over a four-star rating from more than two hundred consumers. You can’t go wrong and I do believe this is the top budget pick pet home you will ever come across. 


  • Made for warmth and maintenance-free design
  • Easy to clean and has a raised floor in the interior 
  • Great house for winter


  • No door flap

Some folks feel that less price means less quality but that isn’t necessarily soy. With this product, you get what you pay for. 

Best for Larger breeds: Extra Large Pets Imperial Insulated Wooden Norfolk Kennel for Dogs

Pets Imperial Extra Large Insulated Wooden Norfolk Dog Kennel With Removable Floor For Easy Cleaning
  • Two Support rails allows kennel take weight up to 154lbs. Removable Floor for easy cleaning, maintance and pest control. Roof that opens, with 2 locking arms.
  • External dimensions of Norfolk Dog Kennel: 3ft 8" (W) x 2ft 5" (D) x 2ft 7" (H). Internal dimensions: 3ft 3" (W) x 2ft 1" (D) x 2 ft 3" (H).
  • All panels are Insulated. Insulation consists of timber (tongue and groove) 0.47", then 0.51" of Styrofoam, then 0.08" of plywood board. Keeps your dog warm in winter and cool in summer. Walls 150% thicker than other kennels.
  • Adjustable rot free plastic cap feet. height of the dog kennel legs are adjustable this allows your Norfolk Kennel to be level, even on uneven ground
  • Made from animal friendly treated timber, designed to last for years.Raised floor, 2" ground clearance, allows air to circulate under Kennel keeping the floor dry and comfortable.

I have large breeds and I have found this product to be outstanding. Built to last, this extra-large Norfolk Kennel consists of actual timber.

Yes, you heard right- real wood that lasts through the year. Plywood board and styrofoam plus tongue and groove timber thick enough to keep your extra-large bundle of joy warm in the winter and yet cool in the summertime. 

One hundred and fifty percent thicker than other similar products. This dog shelter has a removable floor that every dog kennel should have, for hygienic purposes. You get easy maintenance and easy cleaning with a removable floor.

Pest control is also easy to do since parasite, tick, and flea infestations can be treated with ease with more ventilation plus the removable floor. The roof also opens with two arms that lock. Your little giant can enjoy a den to sleep in and feel secure at the same time.

Animal-friendly treated timber, a raised floor featuring a two-inch clearance from the ground and circulating air keeps every extra-large pooch dry no matter what the weather is like outside. 


  • 150% thicker than other kennels and adjustable legs keep the floor even on uneven ground.
  • House is made of plywood, Styrofoam, and timber
  • Great house for winter & cold temperatures


  • More quality also costs more most consumers find this to be well worth the price.


  • 3.8feet tall by 2-feet wide
  • Product weight is 88.2-lbs
  • Roof opens with 2 locking arms

Best for Small Breeds: Petsfit Wooden Outdoor Dog House For Small Dogs

Petsfit Outdoor Wooden Dog House for Small Dogs, Light Grey, Small/33 L x 25" W x 23" H
  • ✓ SMALL DOG HOUSE: Dog house's sealed protective coating, raised floor, & slanted asphalt roof provide protection from the elements and keep the cabin comfortable & dry. Features an interior door so pets can get away from wind & rain.
  • ✓ DIMENSIONS: Outer size 33"L x 25"Wx 23"H, Inner size of living space: 16.5"L x 18"W x 16"H, Door Opening 9" W X13" H, Balcony size: 12"Lx 18"W. The outdoor dog house accommodates small dog breeds.
  • ✓ DURABLE: With solid wood & stainless-steel hardware, the outdoor dog shelter is strong & sturdy for long-lasting protection.
  • ✓ WITH BALCONY: The balcony provides dog a cozy & safe place to rest and enjoy sunshine. The kennel is also with plenty of room for your lovely pets to rest and play.
  • ✓ MULTI-FEATURES: -Raised floor removable and top opening for easy cleaning. -Adjustable feet allow you to level shelter on uneven ground. -Pre-drilled holes make you easy to put the house together in just few steps.

I love the kiln-dried planks made of cedar they used to make the Petsfit Wooden Outdoor Dog House. Available in either Light Grey or Red, there are three sizes you can get this house in.

You can purchase an insulation kit to make it suitable for winter however, it is so durable and weather-proof I felt that it was a suitable addition to this list. The plastic flap-door blocks the wind which helps cancel the wind-chill factor during the winter.

Your tiny little furkid will love the ground clearance which keeps the interior of this dog home warm and cozy through the seasons. A hinged roof also opens for ease of access. There are pre-drilled screw holes.

This home is easy to assemble and is one of my most recommended dog home choices for smaller dogs. 


  • Constructed with quality and quite a cute addition to your yard.
  • Keeps dog very warm in freezing temperatures
  • Entirely waterproof


  • Airs can pass through the small gaps in the floor slats but you can add a blanket for more comfort


  • Natural color stain
  • easy assembly
  • pre-drilled
  • weatherproof
  • 33Lx25Wx23H inches
  • The inner room is 16.5x18x16-inches dimensions

Best for Medium-Sized Breeds: ASL Solutions DP Hunter DogHouse With Floor Heat

Designed for medium dogs, this product is smaller than other similar products on the market. ASL solutions DP hunter house also includes foam insulation within the ceiling and the walls, which I love.

I actually prefer a house that might be too warm in the winter rather than risk my small dogs feeling cold in winter temperatures. Raised four inches off the ground this dog house has a drain hole and a sloped floor to keep your puppy warm all season long.

You can remove the pad for heating in the summertime. Open each window for air ventilation in warm weather.

The removable plastic exterior is made of water-resistant polystyrene. 


  • Lifetime warranty against breaking and cracking 
  • Can be used all year round
  • Easy to clean


  • Heating mat not wall-to-wall and some dogs chew on it 


  • 25 pounds in weight
  • 30Lx23Wx15H inches
  • Expanded polystyrene foam insulation
  • Molded Plastic shell

Best House for winter: ASL Solutions Deluxe Insulated Dog Palace With Heated Floors

By far, the absolute best winter insulation house is the ASL Insulated Winter Dog House.

Each of the details has been engineered to protect your home comfortably from harsh elements and cold weather. A floor heater operated electrically has been embedded within the actual dog house to provide warmth that is sustained no matter how cold it is outside. 

Plus, each wall is stuffed with Styrofoam material called EPS that is of professional-grade. In most real-life buildings, it is the same water barrier and thermal insulation used, so you know this dog home is going to keep your little BFF warm and safe at below-zero temperatures.

The door is self-closing so you won’t have to keep checking whether the door is closed. There are no spare spaces between the door and the frame, unlike most other products that use flaps.

A see-through window on the front door enables your pooch to look outside and enjoy winter’s first snowfall. Plus, to train your dog about getting used to his new home in the wintertime, you can remove the entire palace’s upper half. 


  • Drain holes mean an easy-clean up using a water source
  • Great house for winter
  • Self-closing door


  • Higher quality means this is more expensive than other dog homes


  • 47.5Lx31.5Wx38.5H-inches
  • Sixty-six pounds
  • 2-5″ of real panel insulation made of foam

Best for all year round: Confidence Pet Outdoor Waterproof Dog Kennel

Confidence Pet Large Waterproof Plastic Dog Kennel Outdoor House Green
  • WATERPROOF – Re-engineered design helps to keep your dog dry during rain (though we’d advise bringing them in during torrential weather)
  • Made of tough and durable plastic for a comfortable, personal space for your Pet
  • Large room and internal volume for your dog
  • Please confirm the product dimensions are adequate for you size pet before purchase
  • Entrance Size (Large): 13 x 20.5in

This waterproof, innovative dog house by Confidence Pet is the best all-weather dog kennel I found on the market. It has earned its spot at the top of the list with ample room within its interior.

You can add in as much or as little insulation as you want. This pet home has no leaks and provides the sturdiness a dog owner looks for. You get effective leaning from the plastic construction and the way it resembles a suburban, conservative home is quite appealing. 

The tough, durable plastic material creates a personal, comfortable space for your beloved pooches. The design ingeniously withstands every condition of the weather. Before you know it, your precious pals are going to feel very comfortable in their “home away from home.”


  • Hygienic and the interior space make it easy to add extra insulation or a heating pad
  • Super easy to clean


  • Smaller dogs may not feel comfortable in such a roomy, large home


  • 10.5×17-inch entrance

Climate MasterPlus Dog House

Made from cedar wood and PanelAbode, you might feel this addition to your backyard is just too expensive. However, I can tell you that its durability and the way it protects your pooch makes it all worth it. 

A laminated special panel is what the house is constructed with. This keeps it warm even up against the harshest elements and keeps it standing strong. To further insulate your dog, the door slides open or shut. 

The interior is spacious enough for dogs that weigh up to 222-pounds. The walls look like there is foam between two wooden panels and this is what Panel Abode looks like.

The roof panels also open up for easy ventilation in the summer. The Climate MasterPlus Dog House is beautifully made with great reviews regarding protecting your dog in the harshest of winters and it isn’t hard to see why. 


  • Tight insulation that looks the same as the insulation in your own home.
  • Easy assembly and beautiful to look at
  • Very easy to clean


  • The cost is higher than most other products but the quality does provide value for money.


  •  3.3feet in length x 3.1feet width x 3.2feet height

How to insulate a dog house for the winter

For winter, it is important that your best fur-friend has a good dog house that will keep him warm in extreme temperatures. Setting up your dog house designed specifically to keep our fur-children warm is the easiest way to insulate your dog for the winter. 

There are many methods of physically warming up your dog’s home as well. You can do this whether or not you plan to use electrically. 

Reflective Foil

Reflective foil attached to the interior walls of your dog’s home will help reflect heat back to your dog’s body and keep him warm. Products such as reflective insulation are highly effective, relatively affordable, and easy to install.

You can use foil and adhere this to your dog house’s walls and follow this with a fiberglass foam layer as well for maximum warmth. Keep the fiberglass in place with plastic panels or wooden panels.

Aluminum Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap can make a great insulation device and is not that hard to install. I am not talking about regular bubble wrap. Instead, there is a special bubble wrap that has a coating of a thin aluminum layer specifically designed for applications such as insulation.

Glue, staple or tack the bubble wrap in its place. Prevent your dog from chewing the bubble wrap by sealing it behind some plastic or wooden panels. 

Fiberglass Insulation

This is a good option to insulate a dog house. It’s very easy to install and is relatively affordable. Identical to the pink stuff you see in the attic. It will keep your dog’s house pretty cozy and warm. All you need is a pair of scissors to cut and attach this to the inner walls of your dog’s home. 

Accessories To Help Keep Your Dog Warm

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Buyers Guide

Why buy an insulated dog house over a normal dog house? 

Unlike a normal dog house, a dog house with insulation protects your pooch from extreme changes in temperature and weather. Whether it is cold or hot outdoors, insulation within your dogs’ home keeps everything comfortable and constant. 

It can be dangerous for your dog to be exposed to extremes cold or heat. Also, exposure to snow and rain without protection can weaken your pooch’s system of immunity and make him susceptible to illnesses.

Compared to normal dog houses, a dog house helps with insulation helps to regulate the temperature your dog is exposed to. You end up with a healthier dog when you keep his environment under control. 

What type of flooring is best for your dog in the winter?

Insulated, raised floors to keep insects and moisture out and helps preserve a wooden base against the wet ground. Find raised flooring when you shop for a dog house as this helps preserve the house so you and your pooch can enjoy it year after year.

Important Features to Consider When Buying A Dog House

Construction material- Most dog homes are made out of wood, plastic, or a combination. You can decide what to buy based on the look you are going for. Not to forget that an aesthetically-pleasing, beautiful little dog house can add value to your front yard, and your home in the long run. 

Is it raised? The floors of a dog house with insulation need to be raised for extra warmth and protection against the elements. A wet ground can feel cold to your dog, even if it has insulation. 


Important for both cold or hot climates, ventilation is necessary to keep your dog’s environmental temperature stable. In colder areas, ventilation is needed to avoid extra moisture from the breathing of your pup.

Look for small windows near the dog house’s top or slotted openings. Consider installing flaps made of vinyl over the door to provide the flow of air. 

Insulation thickness

R-Value is the measurement of how well barriers resist conductive heat. In other words, you get better insulation with higher R-Values. 

Cleaning and maintenance

Low R- values mean that the insulation does not work as well as higher R-values. With an R-value of 2.5 for half an inch, you will need a one-inch thick Styrofoam layer to reach an R-Value of 5. 

On the other hand, a half-inch thick layer of foil bubble wrap will provide you with a 7.5 R-Value so your dog’s house will remain warmer. Pink Fiberglass has an R-Value of 24. As you can see, insulation thickness requirements do vary depending on what you use. 

Suitability for weather

All year-round, the suitability of a doghouse will be tested with different weather conditions. Your dog’s home is a refuge and a shady spot for summer.


Ventilation and fans can be added depending on what is necessary. Insulating materials are going to be needed for the winter. Durable materials that are weatherproof and able to withstand every climate condition where you live are ideal.

Surrounding activities such as yard play, temperature, rain, wind, and snow all affect the durability and safety of a doghouse. Find a dog house with the highest rating for your particular climate. 


When it comes to dog houses, bigger is not always better. In essence, your dog’s size will determine the size of the house you will need to buy.

Some dogs feel safer when they live in a more compact space. The correct home size should be comfortably big enough for your pooch to turn all the way around and stand up, but not too much more than that. Also, when lying down, your dog should be able to stretch. 

Different types of dog houses

Metal Dog houses

Metal dog houses are incredibly durable and strong. Usually, these are used with larger dogs due to how strong they are. Metal is a heavy-duty material and is best suited for climates that experience strong rainfall, snowstorms, and gusty winds.

On the other hand, metal does get extra hot in the summer but if you get milder summers, it should be okay with the addition of ventilation.

Wooden dog houses

Wooden dog houses are tough, sturdy, and warm. Usually, wooden dog homes are made in quaint, attractive designs some of which have more than one floor. Wooden dog houses can add value to your home just for its sheer aesthetic appeal! Practical and stylish, many dog-owners prefer wooden dog houses for their beloved furkids. 

Plastic dog houses

Plastic dog houses are becoming quite popular due to their being easy to clean, light, and molded into various shapes such as an igloo. Your dog can enjoy more ventilation from less traditional house-shapes. Plastic is waterproof and snow-proof as well as being lighter in the pocket.

Find a plastic dog house for your beloved pooch based on his or her size for the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What can I put in my dog’s house to keep them warm?

Your dog’s home will stay comfortably warm with the right insulation. The best choice for your pooch’s home is foil insulation as these are not only very effective but also very easy to install. 

Is it OK for dogs to sleep outside in winter?

It is best to have your pooch indoors in the coldest winters and well-hydrated. If they must sleep outside in winter, a well-insulated dog house is best for keeping them safe and warm. Make sure there is a heating pad on the floor that is plugged and turned on.

Have a bowl of water nearby within their house. Proper insulation should make it OK for dogs to sleep outside in winter. 

Does putting a blanket over a dog crate help keep them warm?

Yes, cover your dog crate with blankets or old towels to help them stay warm. Also, dogs love being in an enclosed nook as this helps them feel safe. Most dogs consider their crates to be a happy, safe place. Leave the crate sides uncovered for ventilation. 

How do you keep dogs warm during winter? 

A dry, warm spot away from the wet and cold winter weather will keep your dog cozy. Provide an airtight, insulated doghouse that is raised up from the ground a few inches. Heating mats and door flaps are also great ways to maintain warmth.

Never use heating blankets for humans for dogs. Instead, find a dog bed or mat that is made especially for canines. 

Are Igloo dog houses better for keeping a dog warm in cold weather? 

Igloo homes have better insulation than traditional homes. Depending on the insulation used, an igloo home could be better than regular homes. On the other hand, a thickly-insulated dog house will be warmer than a thinly-insulated igloo home.

Find an igloo homemade particularly for winter weather for best results. 


That about wraps up everything you need to know the best-insulated dog houses on the market today. Frequently asked questions and the best methods of keeping your dogs home warm during adverse weather conditions.

There’s no excuse, you have the information and resources to make a decision today, get going and get your little one warm!

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Jennifer Cosculluela

Jennifer Cosculluela

Jennifer Cosculluela graduated magna cum laude in Marketing from the State University of New York’s F.I.T and was a Presidential Scholar, specializing in Shakespearean Studies. She also has an AB Psychology Degree from De La Salle University Bacolod and when not writing, loves to spend time with her daughter Margarita and bake cookies and lasagna for her loving husband Sebastian.

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Jennifer Cosculluela

Jennifer Cosculluela

Jennifer Cosculluela graduated magna cum laude in Marketing from the State University of New York’s F.I.T and was a Presidential Scholar, specializing in Shakespearean Studies. She also has an AB Psychology Degree from De La Salle University Bacolod and when not writing, loves to spend time with her daughter Margarita and bake cookies and lasagna for her loving husband Sebastian.

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