Top 9 Best swimming pools for dogs (2021 Review)

What better than taking a dunk my furry friend on a hot summer day.

Sitting around in the house got the point of becoming unbearable and we needed something to do.

I mean, we really, really needed a new activity.

No. Really.

Other than eating and sleeping, we needed something both invigorating and exciting.

That’s when it hit me. What better thing to do than to wade around in a pool? One for him and one for me. After all, you can only play fetch about a hundred times a day. It was time to hunt for the best pool money could buy for my fur children.

In this article, I hope to share all the information I gathered in my hunt for the perfect dog swimming pool.

Included are some of the safety tips I learned along the way, usually the hard way. Frequently Asked Questions, what to look for and the best overall choices are all included below.

The Best dog swimming pools of 2021

Editor’s picksBrand
Best Overall YAHEETECH Red Foldable Hard Plastic Swimming Pool
Runner UpAlvantor Portable Pet Swimming Pool
Best Budget Croci Pet Tub Swimming Pool
Best Indoor PoolAIIYME Dog Swimming Pool
Best Pop Up PoolPetsfit Pop-Up Swimming Pool

Best Overall (editors Choice): YAHEETECH Red Foldable Hard Plastic Swimming Pool

Top Pick
YAHEETECH Blue Foldable Hard Plastic Dog Swimming Pool 11.8 inch,XXL
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05/23/2021 11:54 am GMT

I find that among all the dog pools, this one by YAHEETECH is the over v all best because it’s easy to use, portable and durable.

What I like best about this is that it comes in three sizes so my Chihuahua, German Shepherd, and 1-year old Golden Retriever can all swim in their pool if they want, or join the big dog in his bigger pool.

The largest pool is fifty-five inches across, 11-inches deep, and is big enough even for my adult German Shepherd. This pool is easy to store and is quite durable with its PVC exterior and bottom that keeps your pooch from slipping.

Key Features:

  • Made of sturdy, quality materials
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Comes in different sizes

Runner Up: Alvantor Portable Pet Swimming Pool

Runner Up
Alvantor Pet Swimming Pool Dog Bathing Tub 63" x12"
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05/23/2021 11:56 am GMT

PVC backing and ripstop oxford 300 density fabric make the Alvantor plastic pool stable, durable, and leak-proof.

All you need to quickly drain water away is to push on the edge with one finger. Measuring a foot deep and sixty-three inches across, this pet bathtub fits puppies, big dogs, or even cats.

It pops to open so you won’t have to drain or air it. This Patent Pending exclusive style pops up easily and can be folded up with an elastic band.

Portable and easy to carry, you can bring this pool to travel with you so your pet can enjoy swimming anywhere, anytime.

The best part is that it is one hundred percent satisfaction guaranteed.

Key Features:

  • Conveniently pops open
  • Extremely portable
  • Comes with a one hundred percent guarantee
  • Quick, hassle-free drain

Best Budget Buy: Croci Pet Tub Swimming Pool

Croci Foldable Dog Pool Kiddie Pool, Portable PVC Hard Plastic Pool
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05/24/2021 12:57 am GMT

Priced at around twenty dollars, this collapsible bathing pet tub by Croci is something both your fur children and actual children can enjoy.

The plastic drain valve helps you drain water out quickly, so there is no heavy lifting required.

Just thirty-two inches across and eight inches in height, you can be sure this dog pool is space-saving and easy to store.

Pets up to fifty pounds will love splashing around, especially when you throw in their favorite rubber bone.

Key Features:

  • Easy on the pocket, price-wise
  • Quick and easy to drain
  • Easy storage
  • Saves space

Best Plastic Dog Pool: Starplay Apple-Shaped Swimming Pool Sandpit

Best Plastic Pool
Starplay 35515 Apple Pool, Large
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This large apple pool by StarPlay is a hard plastic puppy pool designed for babies.

My fur kids, however, love this plastic apple pool which holds twenty-two gallons of water. It is made of durable, strong hard plastic and is incredibly affordable, so you get your money’s worth. It is also claw proof and teeth-proof and I can’t ask for anything more when it comes to swimming pools for my dogs.

Key Features:

  • Cute plastic apple shape
  • Made for human babies but sturdy enough for fur kids
  • Holds up to 22-gallons
  • Extremely durable

Best Indoor Pool: AIIYME Dog Swimming Pool

Portable Pool
AIIYME Dog Pool, Pet Pool Dog Swimming Pool (32X8inches/80X20cm)
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If you live in a state with inclement weather and prefer to let your pet swim indoors, you can’t go wrong with this small dog pool by AIIYME.

This collapsible, leakproof tub even comes with a small pet brush for your smaller dog as well as four repair patches for the pool.

No wonder it has a 5/5 rating by happy fur parents. Suitable for small dogs and even small cats, it can also be used as a puppy bed, sandbox, and even a ball pit.

Bring this to the beach or keep this in the yard. I put mine in the bathroom and it fits in my shower easily. This way my fur child can swim, rain, or shine.

Key Features

  • Leak-proof and collapsible
  • Comes with a free pet brush
  • The highest possible product rating
  • Portable and easy to carry

Best Portable Pool: NHILES Portable Dog Swimming Pool

NHILES Portable Pet Dog Pool, Collapsible Bathing Tub
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05/23/2021 11:57 am GMT

This small-sized foldable dog pool by NHILES is just thirty-nine inches across and almost twelve inches deep.

Fold this up in just a few seconds and pack it in your suitcase or tote when you plan to travel with your pooch.

The plastic valve drain is made for easy drainage so you don’t have to lift the pool to empty it.

Hot summer days are going to be much more fun with your fur child now that you have this ultra-portable, foldable dog pool.

Key Features:

  • Easy drainage means no heavy lifting
  • Foldable, portable dog pool
  • Folds into something that fits in your suitcase

Best Pop Up: Petsfit Pop-Up Swimming Pool

Petsfit 41"X12" Foldable and Portable Pet Non-Inflatable Swimming Pool
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05/23/2021 11:57 am GMT

This portable, foldable swimming pool by Petsfit is a good forty-one inches across. It is durable for rambunctious pups and is a convenient, easy setup.

Suitable for small to medium dogs, this twelve-inch deep pool needs no air as it pops into place. Heavy-duty lining inside prevents punctures from nails.

Key Features:

  • Easy set-up
  • Does not need air, pops into place
  • Heavy-duty lining
  • Foldable and portable

Best Heavy-duty: One Dog One Pool Paw-Shaped Swimming Pool

One Dog One Bone Paw Shaped Play Pool for Dogs, White
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You can’t get more heavy-duty than this dog pool by One Dog One Bone. Aptly shaped like a paw, this pool can fit any size of a dog.

UV-resistant, this pool is made from the same heavy-duty truck bed plastic, making it chew resistant as well.

You and your pooch will be sure to enjoy summer after summer playing in this pool in your backyard.

Key Features:

  • Paw shape makes a cute additional feature for your yard.
  • Heavy-duty truck-bed plastic
  • Chew-resistant
  • Claw-resistant

Best For Small Dogs: KOPEKS Foldable Dog Swimming Pool

3 Sizes Available
KOPEKS Round Heavy Duty PVC Outdoor Pool
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05/23/2021 09:54 am GMT

You won’t necessarily need a ginormous pool for say, a Chihuahua. A more compact, smaller pool will let your fur child enjoy a bit of swimming without the hassle of storing a larger pool.

This tub is an easy setup and collapsible, perfect for small-sized furry swimmers.

With segmented, foldable size, this tub by KOPEKS is forty-seven inches across and is twelve inches deep.

Key Features:

  • Easy to Clean
  • Collapsible for easy storage
  • Durable enough for hyperactive pets

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Buyers Guide: Important Features to Consider


My fur children tend to get quite hyperactive when it comes to water. I learned my lesson years ago and find the most durable pool I can find.

I found out early in the day that an inflatable pool is just not going to cut it. Make sure your dog pool is made of durable materials that can withstand your pup.

Storage is a major consideration for me. The reason is that I don’t use the dog pool the entire four seasons of the year.

Pools left outside in cold weather tend to develop leaks. Easy storage is something you want when it comes to shopping for your very own dog pool.


The capacity and size of your dog pool do matter. Do you want your dog to paddle or swim across or would you prefer a more limited space just for your pooch to cool off?

Smaller breeds and toy dogs do have the luxury of being able to swim across a bit of space, no matter how small the pool is.

Measure the length of your dog before going shopping for a dog pool. This way you can get an idea of the size and fit of the pool for your pooch.


Most pools for dogs come with a drain. Some drains need to be manually unplugged. Some pools don’t have a drain so you have to manually lift it to drain out the water.

Decide whether you want one with a drain or prefer one without. Some pets chew on the valve and some pet owners prefer to keep their garage free of water. Needless to say, the choice is up to you.

Ease of entry

Teach your dog to enter and exit the dog pool safely and easily. If you have a ramp or wide steps for your pooch to walk up and down from the pool, even better.

Ensure your pet’s nails are trimmed since sharp nails could puncture PVC.

Once they figure out the entry and exit method, your dog is likely to remember it and enjoy his fun day in the sun even more.


The material your dog pool is made of is important. Metal or plastic makes a more rigid dog pool that is hard to transport or store.

Plus, these tend to be heavy. Inflatable or foldable dog pools are usually made with strong PVC panels that are semi-rigid, durable enough to withstand the claws of your pooch.

Inflatable dog pools are made of polyurethane plastic and my experience with them was that these punctures easily so if this is the kind you get, you need to be vigilant about trimming your dogs’ nails.

Types Of Dog pools

There is not just one type of dog pool. Knowing all the different types of pools will help you narrow everything down into a short list of what will most likely work with your own pooch.

The types of dog pools you need for your own dog will depend on whether you plan to travel frequently or not.

If you plan to keep your dog at home when he swims, then you have the option of finding a metal or even hard plastic pool.

Those who plan to travel with their dogs and pools will need a collapsible, portable type but still durable enough to withstand teeth and claws as the dogs romp around in the water.

Inflatable pools

Inflatable dog pools come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. Even if these look like they will be able to stand up to a puppy that plays rough, in my experience, this just isn’t the case.

An inflatable dog pool just won’t hold up very well to puppy play. Select a more durable pool material for your dog such as PVC.

Folding pools

Folding pools are usually made of heavy-duty PVC materials and are collapsible for easy storage. As far as dog pools go, this one’s my favorite type.

The reason is that not only can the durable collapsible sides hold up to the paws of my pooch, but these can also be used indoors and outdoors, which are water-resistant and anti-skid.

It is easy to fold up and bring to another area in the yard or my house. Industrial strength PVC lasts year after year, which gives you your money’s worth.

Rigid Pools

Rigid pools made of metal or fiberglass are most definitely puncture-proof.

These are durable, last for years, and can be used for other things once your dog outgrows it.

The downside is their weight and since these are so heavy, you will need to set it up in a permanent place in the yard.

Benefits of Dog Pools

Once your dog gets the hang of swimming in his own pool, and you begin to incorporate a swim into his weekly or even daily routine, you will notice significant improvements in the health of your dog. The benefits of swimming are well-known for both humans and fur kids.

Not only is your dog’s health going to improve, as you spend time setting up the pool, wading in the water with your fur child as you teach him to exit and enter, and all the splashes you both will make, you may end up much healthier, as well.

You will see your own health improve in the process, especially on hot summer days when there is nothing better to do than to wade in some cool, refreshing pool water.

Mentally stimulating

Swimming is one of the most complete forms of dog exercise, including mental exercise. Just one minute in the pool brings several benefits to your dog.

It not only improves his circulation, but it also increases metabolism, decreases inflammation, improves muscle tone, and is quite mentally stimulating.

Your dog will love splish-splashing around in the water and all that energy he uses up will improve his mental well-being.

Dogs need stimulation mentally inf the form of playing and a swimming break may just be what the doctor ordered.

All the pent-up energy dogs collect when they are leashed can now be released in the form of swimming. A dog pool is a way to restore your dog’s mental as well as physical well-being.

Relief from hot weather

When the weather gets really hot, particularly in mid-summer when there just seems to be one ninety-degree day after another., nothing can be as relieving as jumping in a pool of cool, refreshing water.

Witness the pure joy of your dog as you throw his tennis ball into his pool and watch him belly slam into it to catch it.

Dogs do enjoy a variety of activities and on hot days, nothing can be quite as cooling as a dip in a cool pool.

A great form of exercise

Swimming improves mobility, builds strength, works the muscles, and improves the life quality of dogs. It is also easy on the tendons, ligaments, and joints.

Swimming gives your pooch a fun cardiovascular workout without any stiffness or pain. It tones his body and gives him an outlet for all the pent up energy.

Water-resistance makes your fur child work hard “running” in the water than on land. The best part is that your dog can work out his respiratory and cardiovascular systems with no impact.

According to Vet Surgeon and Canine Psychologist Dr. Arleigh Reynolds, it takes one minute of swimming to reap the same exercise benefits of running on land.

Can be used for bathing

You can also bathe your dog in his own pool. The way I do it is I first fill the pool with warm water.

Make sure the water touches your dog’s stomach. Make sure there are 2 towels within your reach and dog shampoo.

Apply shampoo evenly on your dog and if he is used to swimming around in his pool, let him do this after his shampoo. He will feel like he’s playing when really, he is getting a bath.

Drain your dog’s swimming pool and rinse him off with the garden hose before drying him off. Your dog won’t even realize he just got bathed!

Safety when using

Safety precautions come with all sports, including swimming. Keep your dog and yourself safe at all times by going through and reading what the different safety precautions are.

Make sure no one slips on slippery steps going to and from the yard. Keep yourselves hydrated on a hot day and above everything else, don’t forget to use sunscreen.

Swimming can be a source of extreme fun for your furry little mermaid. However, it is a good idea to take some safety precautions before you even teach your dog to get in the water.

I used to think all dogs were natural-born swimmers. That is until I threw my cousin’s dachshund into the pool. It turns out, that isn’t always the case. Not all dogs can swim.

Keep a close eye

Place your dog’s pool in a spot that is peaceful, away from sharp edges, and preferably in the shade.

Keep a close eye on him and if you can get into the water before they do, that will make them feel safer. Lift your dog’s hind legs as his front legs paddle. This will show them how to float.

Use sunscreen for dogs with thin or short hair

Dogs with short or thin hair will need sunscreen. Use sunscreen for sensitive skin, as the dog’s topmost skin layer is thinner than humans.

Baby sunscreen will work as well. Keep a calm demeanor the entire time your dog is first introduced to the water will also help keep him calm as he learns this new activity.

Keep the water temperature pleasant

Dog’s cannot handle extremely cold or extremely warm water. Keep your pool’s water lukewarm or slightly cool. This way it does not shock his little tummy the moment he gets in the pool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a dog’s nails tear a pool liner?

A thin pool liner won’t hold up against the sharp nails of your dog, especially when he gets hyper while swimming like my dog.

However, dog pool makers probably realized this because I noticed more and more pool liners made of thicker PVC material rather than thin polyurethane plastic. Thick PVC holds up pretty well against the nails of a dog.

You will know how well a pool holds up based on the ratings given on each product. After going through a lot of pools and a lot of breeds of dogs, your best bet is to find thick, durable, or even solid dog pools that have a lifetime guarantee.

Dog pools made of metal or hard plastic will not tear. However, if you want foldable dog pool versions, make sure you find one with an extra-thick, durable pool liner.

Can dogs swim in above ground pools?

Dogs can swim in above-ground pools. Rather than just throwing your dog into the water, it is better to have a ramp. Teach your dog how to get into and out of the water calmly.

Your dog does pick up your emotions and anything less than calm could throw him off. Rather than a ladder, a wide wooden ramp or a small wide set of portable stairs will be better.
Once your dog gets the hang of it, you may have a harder time getting him out of the pool rather than into the pool.

How do you keep a dog pool clean?

To clean a dog pool, empty if of water. Scrub the interior section of the pool with a brush and a solution of one part bleach to ten parts water. This will disinfect the pool.

Some owners choose to soap the interior before rinsing it off with the bleach solution. Others go straight for the bleach solution. Once your pool has been bleached, you can now fill it up with regular tap water.

Make sure the water you use is not too cold or too hot. A comfortable temperature will be much more relaxing for your pooch as he splashes around his pool. Make sure to clean his toys as well before you throw it into the pool for him to fetch.

Can dog hair ruin a pool pump?

Even if dander and dog hair can be hard on a pool’s filter system, it does not cause serious damage with the right maintenance.

You can use a skimmer sock to catch the hair of your dog so you can get it out of the pool before it reaches the filter system. When you do this, you can be sure your filter system will run smoothly.

Is there a difference between dog pools and children’s pools?

Believe it or not, there is a difference between pools for children and pools for dogs. Pools for canines are specifically made with the dog owners and the dogs’ needs in mind. These are created to be able to stand your pooches’ high levels of activity as well as sharp teeth and nails.

Different breeds of dogs are taken into consideration and so these come in different sizes. Other features such as sprinklers, ramps, continuously flowing water, and sloping sides are all made with dogs rather than children, in mind.

Is chlorine safe for dogs?

Chlorine is safe for dogs that are generally healthy and cared for properly. Putting the minimum ratio of chlorine into your dog’s pool water will keep your dog disinfected and safe. In fact, he may end up cleaner than when he first comes in.

What is more important to watch out for is whether or not your dog can actually swim. Don’t assume he can, just because he is a dog. Guide him gently and show him exactly where to exit anytime he needs to.


So there you have it, some of the best dog swimming pools money can buy. I wanted to share not only my own experience with buying a pool for my pooch, but also give you some of the safety tips I learned along the way, the hard way. I hope to spare you the hard-earned lessons I had to learn on my journey towards finding the best pool for my fur children.

Jennifer Cosculluela

Jennifer Cosculluela

Jennifer Cosculluela graduated magna cum laude in Marketing from the State University of New York’s F.I.T and was a Presidential Scholar, specializing in Shakespearean Studies. She also has an AB Psychology Degree from De La Salle University Bacolod and when not writing, loves to spend time with her daughter Margarita and bake cookies and lasagna for her loving husband Sebastian.

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Jennifer Cosculluela

Jennifer Cosculluela

Jennifer Cosculluela graduated magna cum laude in Marketing from the State University of New York’s F.I.T and was a Presidential Scholar, specializing in Shakespearean Studies. She also has an AB Psychology Degree from De La Salle University Bacolod and when not writing, loves to spend time with her daughter Margarita and bake cookies and lasagna for her loving husband Sebastian.

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