Best Dog Toys for Chewers

Looking for the best toys for chewers? Great, as today I’ll be sharing the top dog toys that are making a statement in our market and changing the way dogs play.

Today you will learn:

  • The best chew toys for dogs
  • What to look out for when buying
  • What types of toys you should avoid
  • And much much more! 
Best dog toys for chewers

The best indestructible dog toys In 2024

Editor’s PicksBrand
Best OverallPetstages Dog Chew Toys
Runner UpFairwin Ultra-Durable Pineapple Dog Toy
Best Budget BuyNylabone Power Chew 
Best For Large Mapletsick Bacon chew toy
Best For Pups Szkokuho 17-pack Dog Toy Set

Best overall dog toy for chewers (Editors Choice): Petstages Dog Chew Toys

[lasso ref=”petstages-dogwood-stick-large” id=”37745″ link_id=”6149″]

Have you ever wondered if there were an alternative to your dog chewing up all the wood in the years? Petstages Dog chew toys certainly did, which is why they manufactured this toy to do just that!

From the assortment of built-in flavors for each, it can be fun to switch them from time to time. Since the toy is made from real natural flavors infused within a non-toxic synthetic material, they make a safe alternative to chew over wood.

Long gone are the days of worrying about choking hazards, as this toy is made from a blend of natural wood fiber and safer synthetic materials to mimic the texture and taste of real wood, whilst keeping your dog safe.

A great pro of this toy is that it prevents messy play due to the materials used to manufacture the chew. Currently, you can choose flavors such as wood, Mesquite BBQ, hemp, and mint. Its no wonder why dogs are loving this like the real thing.


  • Made from 100% non-toxic chewable material
  • Comes in natural realistic flavors
  • Doubles as a chew toy and throw-toy
  • 4 different sizes to choose from for your dog size
  • Made in the USA


  • Not indestructible and will still require some attention 

Runner Up:KONG Extreme Rubber Ball

[lasso ref=”kong-extreme-ball-dog-toy” id=”38569″ link_id=”6150″]

Simply put, KONG equals durable. That said, the KONG Extreme Dog Toy is no different as you can be sure this toy can be chewed, thrown, dropped, and if you’re lucky you’ll scratch the surface. 

This dog toy is puncture-resistant, great for fetch, and best suited for medium to large dogs. A few circumstances where you may find this toy useful would be with teething, crate training, weight management, and separation anxiety. 

The extreme bounce feature makes this a fun play toy that will keep your dog entertained, happy, and healthy throughout the day. 

KONG Extreme Rubber Ball key Features 

  • Puncture resistant 
  • Strong tough and durable 
  • Suited for any environment 

Best budget Pick: Nylabone Power Chew Variety Triple Pack

[lasso ref=”nylabone-power-chew-variety-triple-pack” id=”38572″ link_id=”6151″]

Nylabone Power Chew really took things to the next level with the triple pack. You can choose from bacon & peanut butter or chicken. On the surface, you wouldn’t expect this toy to hold up, but even the most aggressive chewer will have a tough time getting through.

Due to the nature of this toy, it presents a fun playful experience for your pup whilst cleaning their plaque and tartar to manage dental care in one. You can currently get these toys in 2 sizes that weigh between 15lbs and 25lbs.

Most dog owners have reported this toy to last up to 4 months long, which is very long in comparison to the average stuffed animal. Whilst three is the charm, you can also choose from a pack of one or two for this exact same toy, so if you have a smaller dog or just testing it out, you may want to exercise the option.


  • Prevents choking hazards
  • Made with tough durable Nylon
  • Promote healthy dental care
  • 100% Non-toxic


  • May be too tough for some chewers 

Best for dental Care: BMAG Pineapple Dog Chew Toy for Aggressive Chewer

[lasso ref=”add-a-link-title-2″ id=”38575″ link_id=”6152″]

Hands down for managing dental care the BMAG Pineapple Dog Chew is a great option. Its made from natural rubber that boasts to be ‘bite-resistant’ and has been tested on a number of breeds before being brought to market.

The product is described as nearly indestructible which in most cases means it’s very tough but can still be penetrated by the toughest of chewers. That said, the design is crafted in a way to keep your pup mentally stimulated from the constant attempt to get into it.

One aspect that I personally love about this toy is that it smells of pineapple. The best part is that you can fill it with food, which means your pup will spend hours trying to fish it out. Whilst described as an interactive dog toy, this proves to be a great option in calming down an aggressive chewer.


  • Scented toy (pineapple flavor)
  • Can be filled with foods
  • Promotes mental stimulation
  • Super durable


  • Color of the toy doesn’t look as in pictures (more mustard than an orange) 

Best for smaller dogs: Legend Sandy Dog Chew Toys

[lasso ref=”add-a-link-title-2″ id=”38578″ link_id=”6153″]

I’m sure at some point whilst on the hunt on Amazon, or Chewy, Or Walmart you have come across the LEGEND SANDY Dog Chew Toys for Puppies. Conversely, if you haven’t then it’s definitely worth checking out as you get an entire pack of toys for the price of an average dog toy.

It’s safe to say they have truly taken value for money into an account in the creation of this product. Power chewers love it, and so does any other type of pup that needs something to teeth on. In total, you get 14 toys that consist of 5 Tug of war rope toys, 5 rubber shaped toys, a spiky ball, a rubber ring, a frisbee, and 2 plush toys.

Chances are you wouldn’t be needing any more times for a while after this delivery!

All toys are 100% non-toxic, BPA Free, and somewhat interactive. However, a major let down to this product is that it simply isn’t made for aggressive chewers. But hey, what do you expect for a super reasonable price that comes with a truckload of goods for the price of afternoon tea.

That said, you still get a boatload of toys that will do a good enough job for the majority of pups.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Great selection of varying toys of all shapes and sizes
  • A great option for puppies


  • Only caters to puppies 

Best for large dogs: Benebone Maplestick/Bacon Stick Dog Chew Toy

[lasso ref=”add-a-link-title-2″ id=”38581″ link_id=”6154″]

Did someone say, durable, long-lasting, and bacon too? Benebone certainly heard me out, as the Mapletsick Bacon chew toy is all of that and then some.

Benebone boasts that this 100% real bacon flavored chew toy will last up to a period of 3 weeks. And what was once their focus of loud squeaks and neon colors has since been ditched and replaced with a tough durable toy that smells nice and tastes good.

Currently, this toy comes in multiple shapes and sizes as you can choose from the Mapletsick, Wishbone, or rolling dog toy (which looks how it sounds). You are also given a handy guide that helps you determine when to replace the bone, so you’re always on top of safety. Just something that I haven’t really seen in other products.


  • Comes in 4 sizes and shapes
  • Caters to all breeds and sizes
  • Super tough and durable


  • Due to the nature of shape, some pieces can crack and break off

Best for senior dogs: HeToo Interactive Dog Toy IQ Treat Ball

[lasso ref=”hetoo-interactive-dog-toy-iq-treat-ball-food-dispensing-puzzle-toy-for-medium-large-dogs-playing-chasing-chewing” id=”38584″ link_id=”6155″]

This has to be one of the most unique-looking toys I’ve ever come across, which is funny because its the toy that caters to senior dogs. Whilst the HeToo Interactive Dog Toy may look supernatural on the surface, it posses some very helpful befits to your dog.

Firstly the design allows for you to stuff the toy with treats, which then requires your dog to roll the ball in order for the treats to fall out. Not only can this help with anxiety, but it also provides huge amounts of stimulation to keep your dog mentally engaged whilst entertained in one.

In turn, this toy will work really well with older dogs that are interested in chewing on household items. It’s a way to keep them occupied whilst saving your goods at the same time.


  • Made of durable food-grade rubber
  • Makes a dual toy for aging dogs with an IQ game and chew toy combo
  • Can be washed in a standard dishwasher for cleaning


  • Whole only takes very small-sized kibble 

Best for puppies: Szkokuho 17-pack Durable Puppy Dog Chew Toy Set

[lasso ref=”szkokuho-17-packs-durable-pet-puppy-dog-chew-toys-set-puppy-teething-ball-toys-puppy-rope-dog-tug-toy-safety-design” id=”38585″ link_id=”6156″]

What do you get with the Szkokuho 17-pack Dog Toy Set? I’d say a lot more than you think, as this pack includes tug toys, ring toys, rope toys, and a dog bone. It’s the perfect gift for a puppy as it features a hard silicone design that will help with dental care and jaw muscle strength.

You can play inside and out or leave some in and come out, as you’ll have a bunch of toys to choose from and spread out across the yard. That said, you oddly have no control over the colors on the delivery. So you may get pink for a boy or a blue for a girl, either way, each is just as tough as the other and possess the same benefits.


  • Made with hard silicone
  • Designed and manufactured for puppies
  • Easy to clean


  • You have no choice of colors in order 

Best stuffed dog toy: GoDog Wildlife Toy with Chew Guard

[lasso ref=”godog-wildlife-toy-with-chew-guard” id=”38586″ link_id=”6157″]

Need a stuffed toy that can handle some pressure? No problem, as the GoDog Wildlife Toy was created to take on the toughest of chewers. With this product, you get the pleasure whilst resting sure it will hold up in the most extreme circumstances.

It’s manufactured with double stitched seams with a chew guard fabric body. Whilst this is not indestructible per se, it certainly is made to withstand tough playing and chewing for the most part.

Unfortunately, there is no stuffed toy that will ever meet the requirements of being chew proof, as fabric materials simply will never hold up against the sharpness of a dog teeth. Instead, this can be a great short term option to keep your pup occupied for a while.


  • has a built-in chew guard fabric body
  • Two sizes and three different animals to choose from


  • Not indestructible and will still tear eventually 

Best For Stimulation: Fairwin Ultra-Durable Dog Toy

[lasso ref=”fairwin-ultra-durable-dog-pineapple-toy” id=”38591″ link_id=”6158″]

Here’s one of the newer toys on market but does a great job providing good dental care, stimulating the brain, and holding up against aggressive chewers. The Fairwin Ultra-Durable Dog Toy is made from heavy-duty rubber that also non-toxic, BPA, and Phthalate-free.

Even the toughest of chewers will have a hard time destroying a toy this tough.

An interesting point to mention about this product is that Fairwin also provides a lifetime replacement for genuine purchases on this product. Surprisingly this toy comes under the label of ‘interactive’ that derived from the fact that your dog has to roll and bite the toy to release the treats you place inside.

It’s a simple toy with a whole lot of functionality for the price of an afternoon dinner. Its no wonder that customers are leaving brilliant reviews where you can get it on Amazon.


  • Super durable for chewers and gets replaced if otherwise
  • Mentally stimulating toy
  • Great for stuffing treats


  • Only takes small pieces of kibble so you may need to break it up to put inside 

Best interactive Toy: StarMark Bob-A-Lot Interactive Dog Toy

[lasso ref=”starmark-treat-dispensing-bob-a-lot-dog-toy” id=”37538″ link_id=”6159″]

If you’re looking for an interactive dog toy, then StarMark Bob-A-Lot is definitely a good shout. Not only do Starmarkproduce toys, but they also specialize in professional dog obedience training.

For the design to functionality, everything has been taken into account with this fun, stimulating, engaging dog toy. You can fill the chamber with up to 3 large cups of food or even just 1 cup for smaller dogs.

It’s as simple as unscrewing the yellow top and then filling up the toy with enough kibble to keep fido going for the next few hours. You also have the option of sliding access a small switch that will reduce the size of the exit for treats, that way your dog will need a little more effort in the attempt of retrieving treats.

This is a sturdy toy that will keep your dog stimulated for hours on end.

Key features

  • Holds up to 3 cups of kibble
  • Suited for all sizes and breeds
  • Made in the USA
  • Great for stimulation

Toughest Toy: Kong Extreme Toy with Tough Natural Black Rubber

[lasso ref=”kong-extreme-dog-toy-toughest-natural-rubber-black-fun-to-chew-chase-and-fetch” id=”38592″ link_id=”6160″]

Who doesn’t love a good Kong toy? From all the products on the list, the Kong Extreme Dog Toy is probably the most well-known product. You have the option to fill this with frozen peanut butter, cream, kibble, or treats.

Whether you own a german shepherd or chihuahua, Kong will be on the best indestructible dog toys you’ll ever come across. What more is that its dishwasher friendly, easy to fill and will keep your dog occupied for long periods of time.

and whilst this is not recommended as the most durable toy on the list, it certainly holds up against even the toughest of chewers. The only downside to this product is the sizing, so be sure to clearly check the measurements before buy.

Key features

  • Easy to Clean
  • Can be filled with just about anything
  • Great for playing fetch
  • Durable toy for aggressive chewers
  • Made in the USA 

Best rope Toy: Mammoth Flossy 3-Knot Tug Rope

[lasso ref=”add-a-link-title-2″ id=”38593″ link_id=”6161″]

It’s hard to believe that a simple rope toy could be so much fun. But the Mammoth Flossy 3-Knot Tug Rope does just that.  This 3-knot rope comes in assorted colors and a total of 5 sizes that range from X-small to X-Large.

The fibers in the rope are designed to floss your pup’s teeth whilst helping to build strength in the jaw, legs, and back. 

What’s more, is this product is made and dispatched from the USA and has been manufactured to hold up against the toughest of chewers. Whether out in the park or indoors playing tug of war, having a strong durable rope is always a great addition to the toybox. 

Mammoth Flossy 3-Knot Tug Rope Key features 

  • Available in 5 sizes 
  • Great for tug of war games 
  • Strengthens muscles and provides stimulation 
  • Made in the USA 

West Paw Tux Stuffable Tough Treat Toy

[lasso ref=”west-paw-zogoflex-tux-treat-dispensing-dog-chew-toy-interactive-chewing-toys-for-dogs-dog-games-for-aggressive-chewers-fetch-catch-holds-kibble-treats-made-in-usa” id=”38594″ link_id=”6162″]

West Paw strikes again with a unique designed stuffable Tough treat toy that’s guaranteed to keep fido content for a while. Tough chewers can gnaw away at this toy with the peace of mind that the strong plastic materials will not just hold but provide consistent levels of stimulation too. 

A few great pros to this toy are that its easy to clean (dishwasher safe), non-toxic, recyclable, and can be stuffed with your pup’s favorite treats. 

A toy like this is built to last and the FDA back that up too as it has their stamp of approval. This is a 3 point tough toy that is made to be chewed, entertain, and stand the test of time. 

West Paw Design Tux Stuffable Tough Treat Toy Key Features 

  • FDA compliant dog toy 
  • Dishwasher safe 
  • Unique shape to encourage long play 
  • Designed to be chewed on 

Hollypet Squeaky Armadillo Pet Plush Dog Chew Toy

[lasso ref=”add-a-link-title-2″ id=”38597″ link_id=”6163″]

Everyone knows how tough armadillos are already, so why not make a chew toy of one?

Not only does the Squeaky Armadillo Pet Plush toy look good, but it also feels good to touch. The rigidness of the back and softness of the stomach makes this a super calming soothing toy for your pup to play with.

There is a built-in squeaker that is made to sound Armadillo’ish and plush filled with what HollyPet calls durable materials. I would personally recommend this toy for smaller breeds or puppies, as you’ll find that big large dogs will still tear this apart very quickly.


  • Cool squeaking noise to engage the dog
  • Made with varying design patterns to create multiple sensations on touch


  • Inner squeak bag has a plastic bag inside the filling and can be a choking hazard

West Paw Bumi Tug-o-War

[lasso ref=”add-a-link-title-2″ id=”38598″ link_id=”6164″]

One key point to mention about the West Paw Bumi Tug-o-War is that it not only makes a great chew toy but can also be used for fetch or tug of war. 

Its sleek S-shaped design allows the toy to stretch almost twice the length which is the recommended way to use it. West Paw boasts this toy will hold up anywhere up to 20+ minutes at a time with a dishwasher safe recyclable dog toy. 

You can have fun with this in the snow, rain, inside, or on the grass as the vibrant colors make it easy to find during any out or indoor games. 

If you’re looking for an easy to store, multiple-use dog toy, then the Bumi Tog-O-War may be the option for you. 

West Paw Tug-o-War Key Features 

  • Last for up to 20 minutes at a time 
  • Dishwasher safe 
  • Can be used in all weather conditions 

Tuffy Mega Boomerang

[lasso ref=”tuffy-worlds-tuffest-soft-dog-toy-mega-boomerang-squeakers-multiple-layers-made-durable-strong-tough-interactive-play-tug-toss-fetch-machine-washable-floats” id=”38599″ link_id=”6165″]

TUFFY boasts the Mega boomerang is the toughest dog toy in the world. And to be completely honest, I can’t argue with that. This MEGA series dog toy is made with 7 layers of material and 7 rows of stitching for maximum durability whilst still being able to float in water. 

What’s more, is that its machine washable, fun to play with, and contains an additional web covering over the seems to make the toy even stronger. All of the above makes this a great toy for playing outdoors, whilst being super easy to throw in a bag and take to the park. 

Tuffy Mega Boomerang Key features 

  • Boomerang toy 
  • Made with 7 layers of fabric to reinforce strength 
  • Squeaker is sewn into a protective pocket 

TUFFY: World’s Tuffest Tug-O-War Squealer Toys

[lasso ref=”add-a-link-title-2″ id=”38600″ link_id=”6166″]

Talk about a company that makes it difficult to buy dog toys, as they’re so popular they’re never in stock. Tuffy is made so well that there’s a waiting list to get one that’s in stock! TUFFY has a reputation in the industry for being tough and long-lasting. The secret isn’t using Kevlar, but they get darn-close to it.

The Tug-O-War Squealer Toys outer layer is soft fleece but the real secret is underneath that. They put in a layer of durable luggage fabric and then a plastic-coated fabric. Which is the kind that’s used on many musical instrument travel cases. Not only does it last longer, but it also floats in water too.

This toy can be used for tug of war, tossing and fetching, whilst being machine washable, strong, and durable. you can choose from a range of colors or select from TUFFY’s other products such as the Tuffy ultimate ring, 3-Way-Tug, or Tug-O-Gear.


  • Made for rough play despite the outer fabric covering
  • Can be used in water
  • Squeaker sewed into fabric pockets for safety
  • Available in a range of colors


  • Always out of stock 

Kevlar Strength: Nylabone Original Flavor Extreme Chew Dental Dinosaur

[lasso ref=”nylabone-original-dura-chew-dog-chew” id=”38602″ link_id=”6167″]

Do you want near Kevlar-like strength in a dog chew toy that really works? Well it’s not likely you want to ever buy Kevlar for a dog chew toy, that’s insane for your pet and it’s also a bad idea.

Instead, the Nylabone Extreme Chew is made from a non-toxic nylon-infused flavor that is tough, durable, and tasty for your pup. They make all different sizes for every dog from puppies to extra-extra-large dogs. Nylabone is a tough brand name that should be on your list for quality.

This product is specifically designed to prevent plaque and tartar buildup, reduce stress and anxiety, help with weight management, and act as long-lasting.

Keep in mind that all dogs will show different kinds of chewing habits. Only select a Nylabone that is recommended for the specific level of chewing they are showing.

Key features

  • Excellent selection for varying levels of strength
  • Offers many shapes and flavors that are long-lasting
  • Made for dogs up to 23kg
  • One of the best indestructible dog toys

Homemade dog toy for aggressive chewers 

In this case, you’ll need to use natural foods like frozen carrots or dried foods that can go inside plastic 2-liter drink containers. You need to watch your dogs carefully since they can ingest plastic parts.

Polyethylene containers make a good alternative since they are tougher for chewing. If you want to have a safer alternative you can also use a tennis ball that is split open from the sides. Better yet, cut a round hole on one side to make the food roll around inside.

This way your dog can chew or roll the ball around to get little kibble falling out. Only use natural rubber balls that are nice and chewy and return to their natural shape.

Buyers guide

To help you make an easier and more educated buying decision. I decided to share a few tips on how to choose the right toy so you can be sure to pick the right one.

Without further ado…


Dogs are always getting into something and usually when you least expect them to. If there is a chance to get into trouble, they’ll find a way to make a mess.

The first rule of thumb is to supervise your dog at all times. Choking isn’t a common thing for pets, but cheaply-made toys can be more dangerous than you think.

Be sure to check out the potential choking hazards, materials, and functionality for each toy. For the most part, when buying toys for aggressive chewers you should be just fine. But, don’t overlook safety and definitely keep it at the top of the list when making a buying decision.


How long does a dog toy last is similar to asking how long is a piece of string? It all depends on your type of dog, and every dog will be different. This also is based on the type of material that is used. Silicone is a long-lasting synthetic rubber but the wrong conditions will reduce to dust in weeks.

The same applies to natural rubber from rubber trees. The UV light outside will break these materials down faster than nylon-based materials. When it comes to dog chewing habits, you’ll have to wait and see how long they last. There is simply no set rule on how long they last if your dog just likes to constantly chew.

What to avoid when buying dog toys

Don’t buy toys that are too small for your dog’s size. These can always be a fun toy for them but the risk of becoming a choking threat is too high.

Don’t buy from a dog toy seller that has a bad rating or unknown reputation. These can be imported copycat toys made from lesser quality materials. Not only is this dangerous, but you can also be angry that a product turns out to not have a warranty.

Most genuine vendors offer a money-back guarantee, which is always god to know in the event that you would need to make a return.

Materials to Avoid for Tough Dog Toys

Here we go through a few materials to steer clear of when buying a dog toy. Some may not be as harmful as others whilst others are merely materials you should be aware of. 

Let’s start off with… 

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

Whilst PVC may seem harmless on the surface it in fact contains chlorine, which produces dioxins that are dangerous pollutants. This is associated with reproductive problems and can cause health issues such as cancer or damage to the immune system. 

Bisphenol A (BPA)

BPA is particularly used to manufacture polycarbonate plastics which can usually be found in regular items such as car parts, bottles, and cosmetic packaging. 

The problem this poses to dogs is that it upsets the canine endocrine system as well as weakening the immune system. 

Whilst this can be found in a majority of products including the lining of canned dog foods, it is equally important to make sure there a no high levels of BPA in products associated with your dog. 


Lead is not only a threat t animals but can also be harmful to humans too. High levels of contact with lead may cause poisoning that can lead to (no pun intended): 

  • Lack of appetite
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Hysteria and anxiety, which could show as hysterical barking in dogs
  • Jaw champing (rapid clenching)
  • Salivation
  • Blindness
  • Seizures


Contact with this gas has the potential to bring on cancer whether inhaled, absorbed, or ingested. Moreover, it’s also the exact gas that’s used to preserve dog treats such as rawhide chews. 

The positive is that it takes long periods of time or high amounts of interaction for this particular element to become dangerous. Which is why it’s safe to use for most household products such as pressed wood, particleboards, and adhesives. 


Cadmium poses large threats to your dog’s joints, lungs, and kidneys. That said, it’s not hard to come across this element, as in just 2007 two Chinese-made toys tested positive for high levels of toxins found to be harmful by ConsumerAffairs. 

Be sure to read the small print on the chemicals and elements used in a toy before buying it for your dog. 


This compound is usually found in furniture foam which includes regular dog beds too. High amounts of Bromine can cause upset stomachs, vomiting, constipation, and muscle spasms. 

Ecology Centers tests that were carried out in 2009 confirmed that a whopping 93% of dog beds had a high level of bromine detected. I would imagine that a lot has changed since then, but be sure to look out for this before buying a dog bed. 

Materials That May or May Not Work for Power Chewers

Let’s dive into a few materials that are heavily used to advertise power chewers that may not really be the best option for your pup. I will share each material and then the potential dangers that each of them poses to help you make a better decision when buying. 


You may be thinking that I have a title in the list under Kevlar, but in fact, this is not the case as the product I recommend of similar strength, but not Kevlar. 

This can commonly be found in products such as bulletproof vests, sails, and drum heads because of its high tensile strength to weight ratio that is 5 times stronger than steel. 

Due to the nature of this material, it’s easy to understand why it attracts manufacturers, however in some cases even this tough material may not withstand the intensity of dogs chewing. 

Firehose Material

When the last time you picked up a firehouse? Probably never, but you know that the materials its made from a super dense, tough, and durable, right?

Well, that material is made from polyester and nylon filament that you would expect to hold up against a mere bite of a dog, but WRONG! 

In fact, there have been reports of dogs choking on this material resulting in inexpensive trips to the vets and worried dog owners. 

Approach with caution if you notice a dog toy is made with Firehouse material. 

Types of Indestructible Dog Chew Toys

What are the different types of indestructible dog toys? and how can you be sure that you’re getting the most durable materials in a toy that is not only safe, but fun to play with? 

Below I share a few types to be familiar with as well as the benefits and downsides to each of them too. 

Bone Chew Toys

Best suited purposes fr dog bones are for pups that like gnawing over long periods of time. 

In modern times you can choose from a variety of shapes and sizes and they hold up for days on end. 

On the flip side, this is not the type of toy that you would buy to provide stimulation or play fetch within the park. Bones instead work well with crate training, relaxing in the house or out in the yard. 

That said, this is still the consumer’s go-to option for a tough treat that provides dental care whilst strengthening the jaw. 

Heavy-Duty Tug Toys

These types of toys work best with power chewers. A few breeds that will need a heavy-duty toy would be Pitbulls, Rottweilers, American Bulldogs, and bulldogs. 

In most cases, a high tensile strength material is used to manufacture with a handle of some sort to allow owners to play tug of war. 

For more information on chew toys that offer heavy-duty features, refer to the list above. 

Indestructible Dog Balls

A classic example of a dog ball that offers indestructible features would be the KONG Extreme dog ball. They offer a great toy for fetch, work well in almost any environment, and built like bricks that could hold up the empire state building. 

Usually, you can fill these toys with treats, frozen treats, or foods and let fido play for hours. Whilst others are dense with the sole focus of standing the test of time. 

indestructible dog toys

Best Indestructible Dog Toy Brands

This is not to blacklist any outside brands, but there are a few manufacturers that seem to hit the nail on the head when it comes to producing indestructible dog toys that actually work. 


KONG was first founded in 1970 by Joe Markham and his dog Fritz that just loved to rip apart dog toys. It was not long after that Joe discovered that snowman-shaped rubber were the perfect toys that held up against dogs chewing. 

It wasn’t long before this brand became a household name for dog owners in the mid-1980s where Joe developed the product offering 3 additional sizes to consumers. 

KONG toys are tough, durable, and built to last. If you have a tough chewer, power chewer, and don’t have a KONG dog toy, then where have you been? 


Nylabone came around a little before KONG and was founded in Neptune City, New Jersey. These veterinarians recommended chew toys provide good dental care, occupy and entertain whilst discouraging disruptive behavior. 

They come in a variety of flavors, shapes, and sizes to better help your dog enjoy their time spent with toys that in turn will make your life easier. 

West paw design  

Throughout the list of recommended toys above, West Paw has shown up multiple times and there’s a reason for that. This company manufactures eco-friendly pet products including dog toys, leashes, and collars that are built to last. 

The company was first founded in 1996, and whilst the youngest of all 3 have proven to be a recognized competitor for indestructible dog toys. 

Everything said, what particular breeds will need an indestructible chew toy so to speak? 


This company unlike the others doesn’t share as much public information around their backstory. However, I could find that they are based in San Diego, California, and make dog toys with the sole focus of them being durable.

All toys are machine washable and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. For example, you can choose from a Mega ring, Bevo bull, hammerhead shark, and now the Tug-O-War, dinosaur, and many others.

Each toy is made different and falls in a different place on their TUFFScale grading system. It’s essentially a way for customers to gauge how tough a toy will be based on their placement on the scale (10 being the toughest).

One thing you have to watch out for on these products is resellers as when buying from 3rd parties you lose all the perks of warranty or guarantees on your purchase. 

Breeds That May Need Especially Tough Toys

Add any other breeds you feel need to be here. But leave it as this simple bulleted list. 

  • American pit bull terriers
  • American bulldogs 
  • Shiba Inu’s
  • Basset Hounds
  • Border Collies 
  • Boxers 
  • Dachshunds
  • Dalmatian
  • Doberman Pinschers
  • Great Danes 
  • Greyhounds 
  • Jack Russells
  • Shetland sheepdogs
  • Bull terriers
  • Jack Russel terriers
  • Labrador retrievers
  • Golden retrievers
  • Australian shepherds
  • American Staffordshire terriers
  • Beagles
  • Siberian huskies
  • German shepherds

Think we missed something? Email in and I’Il add the breed to the list. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Now its time to answer your questions. There are a few things that you may have felt we didn’t cover in this article… So to ensure we touch base on just about everything there is to know, I decided to answer a few quick questions to make sure that no stone is left unturned. 

Are deer antlers good as a chew toy?

No, and there are a few reasons for this. Deer antlers are made from Keratin, the material that fingernails are made of.The older an antler is, the more brittle it becomes. Fresh horns are more chew resistant through diet and age but not as an exclusive rule.

Deer are continually searching for food, so some periods determine the growth of their antlers. Some areas may be chewier and less likely to splinter, while other spots will shatter like wooden shards. For this reason, you cannot trust the level of quality this natural antler may turn out to be.

What real bones are safe for my dog to chew?

Natural bones are always a bad idea since they might shatter into long sharp shards. These can cause internal bleeding and your dog will need surgery to remove them. The only real bones that may be acceptable are cooked chicken bones since they are still fresh and don’t shatter.

They also have freshly cooked marrow which is healthy for your dog. Use discretion if you feed your dog a chicken bone and let them bite-off a chewable-sized chunk. Breaking a larger bone in half for large dogs is advised. This allows them to crunch a smaller piece instead of swallowing it whole.

What materials are safe for dogs to chew?

You must avoid natural hide skin, as these can be the worst thing to give your dog. The skin turns into a sticky mush and can get stuck in their throat. Antlers are too unpredictable and beef or pork bones are never recommended.

Only use natural materials such as frozen carrots, dried sweet potato wedges, or venison and pork ears. I personally like smoked and dried pork ears because my dogs smell like a BBQ afterward. These need to be smoked and dried so any salmonella is killed through this process. It’s also advised that anything that is sold as food-grade and non-toxic is essential.


That about wraps it up for the best dog toys you can buy, how to choose them, and what to consider. Dog toys are great for the most part, but just be sure to clearly identify the type of chewer you have the best toys that are suited to them. 

It’s far too often owners end up in more problems than anticipated when a good thing turns bad. Whilst toys can provide great benefits such as entertainment, simulation, and fun, safety should always be at the top of the list to ensure your dog remains healthy. 

Picture of Roy Breed

Roy Breed

Roy J. Breed is a freelance writer from Connecticut, working for Dig Doggy. Along with his wife and three children, a permanent and adored member of the family is a 100-pound lap dog. Through freelance writing, Roy likes to give advice, share experiences and recommend products that prove to be a helpful addition to any pet family.

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Picture of Roy Breed

Roy Breed

Roy J. Breed is a freelance writer from Connecticut, working for Dig Doggy. Along with his wife and three children, a permanent and adored member of the family is a 100-pound lap dog. Through freelance writing, Roy likes to give advice, share experiences and recommend products that prove to be a helpful addition to any pet family.

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